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Holiday Cottages, Country Houses in Spain

Holiday Cottages & Country Houses in Spain: 32414 offers for full rental country houses or guest houses-Bed & Breakfast, for a getaway in a charming rural house in Spain. Compare prices, reviews and areas for rural tourism. Book your Vacation Rental safely.

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Why you should visit Spain?

If you have chosen Spain as your holiday destination, you have made the best decision you could, as it is a country that offers an unbeatable variety of tourist experience.

Both the Peninsula and its islands open their doors every year to millions of travellers who come in search of a warm climate, spectacular views, and cities full of culture that have a wide range of tourist experiences.

But, what do I need to know to enjoy Spain to the fullest during my holidays? Mainly, you must define the type of trip you want to make. Both the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary or Balearic Islands are places that offer many contrasts where you can find beaches and mountains, and different activities that will complete your experience.

The most popular type of tourism you will find here is the one where sun and beach predominate, as this country is completely surrounded by kilometres of coast, and a landscape that varies depending on the altitude. For example, in the most northern area, in regions such as Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria or the Basque Country among others, the landscapes next to the beaches are usually a little rougher and have a colder climate but, on the other hand, the views are flooded by the most intense green colour.

In the Mediterranean area, which includes Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Murcia and Andalusia, the climate is much warmer, and its landscapes are bathed in the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Nor should we forget its islands, which are the star destination for tourists because of their landscapes and their relaxed, high-end life, especially in the case of Ibiza, one of the Pitiusas Islands.

But spending your holidays in Spain is not all about lying down and enjoying the sand of the Spanish beaches because, as we mentioned earlier, this is also a country where its history has been forging its personality. The peoples who lived in Spain centuries ago have also left their legacy, so you can still admire many walled cities and towns which have been preserved after centuries of Roman presence in the Peninsula, or mosques, like the one in Cordoba, and even Arab baths especially in the southernmost regions of Spain, which is where you can find most of these historical monuments.

Without a doubt, there are cities that you cannot miss, such as the capital: Madrid. A city that never sleeps and that will welcome you with dozens of many different places to visit, such as the Royal Palace, the Gran Vía or the Puerta de Alcalá among many others. And, of course, Barcelona, another key destination in Spain which combines its urban personality with the essence of its beach areas. Don't miss Gaudi's legacy in this Catalan city.

Another of Spain's characteristic features is its lively lifestyle, with a calendar full of festivities and a deep-rooted culture that its inhabitants are proud of. Some of the most striking festivals that attract tourists from all over the world are the Holy Week, which is how Easter is known in Spain’s Catholic tradition and is lived with great fervour, the bull-fighting and bull-leaping celebrations held during the Sanfermines in Pamplona, or the Carnivals, where colour, music and joy always become an essential part to enjoy them.

And of course, in Spain you will never be lacking flavours to add to your experience. Its gastronomy is one that is well known and valued for its variety of its products as well as for its quality, both of which will get you hooked in its contrasts.

Some of the most well-known dishes are perhaps the Valencian paella, the famous cocido stew in all its variations, or the fabada from Asturias, but in every corner you will find a typically Spanish recipe that will make you enjoy your stay even more. All of it always washed down with the best wines, cider or beer.

What else could you ask to have a perfect trip around Spain?

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