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Welcome to La Rioja

Are you a fine wine lover? If the answer is yes, then you will love La Rioja. If the answer is no, then you will also love La Rioja, since this Spanish region, with the city of Logroño as its capital, has red wine as its main pride, but it will also make you fall in love with its culture, traditions, and nature.

There's no need to say that, of course, this province is big on enotourism and has some of the best wine cellars in Spain. But there's more to that since, visiting La Rioja means getting lost to find yourself; it means cooking yourself some holidays with the best and most varied ingredients.

You will find your recipe for turismo rural en la Rioja does not lack architecture either, such as the Camino de Santiago Riojano which is built both in the romanesque and gothic style. You won't be missing nature either, since you will find lots of it in Sierra Cebollera and the natural reserve of los Cameros, where you will find many pine tree woods.

Before you put an end to you trip, how about visiting the Valle de Leza and smelling its dozens of sweet aromas?

Explore La Rioja

Who hasn't heard of this province? Surely you have enjoyed one way or another of the many things it has to offer, and if you haven't then don't waste one more second to do so.

One of the provinces with the largest amount of wine cellars, more than 500, where you can follow each of the steps of the elaboration of the most important product of this region:, wine, which has made this a renown region internationally because of it.

It is located in the north of Spain, and it provides tourists with a very wide cultural and gastronomic scene, which makes for the perfect combination to enjoy staying a few days in this area.

There are more and more tourists coming each year to discover this province, and to enjoy of the lifestyle here, as the people here are always happy to open their doors to visitors.

If you're thinking about visiting La Rioja, don't hesitate and come here to explore what it can offer, you will love every bit of it!

About the region of La Rioja

If La Rioja is known for something, is for the quality of the wines here, famous both in Spain and internationally. Tourists often come here to find out its secrets, which is the reason why wine cellars are one of the most popular activities to do here. A visit to the wine-making cellars, followed by a wine tasting afterwards, will make for a great plan to spend the day if you come here.

But it's not all about wine here, since you will also find a stage of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage goes through La Rioja, which is why you might come across some pilgrims around, and lots of accommodation options for them.

You will also find here a great number of natural spaces that make of La Rioja an excellent destination of high natural interest for nature-lovers with places such as the natural reserve of Sierra de Cebollera, and the Protected Biosphere of Arnedillo.

With so much to do, we don't see any reasons why you shouldn't make this the destination for your stay.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in La Rioja

La Rioja has so many places that are not just worth a visit, but deserve an entire holiday stay! Because it has so many charming villages around of the capital that you won't get enough of them. Nevertheless, Logroño is still one of the main tourist destinations in the area, which is why finding accommodation here might be more difficult, since it has the highest demand. But the rural accommodation here is not only is a good alternative, but it is also an option many people seem to prefer more and more often, and has nothing to envy to the capital.

The small towns and villages around here have a very unique and charming character that you will be able to experience if you go to places such as the area of Ezcaray, a small town that receives more visitors each year and which offers a great view of the river Oja, and where you will also see many vineyards. Imagine walking by such romantic views! Santo Domingo de la Calzada is another destination connected by the Camino de Santiago, and which also has a spectacular historical heritage starting with the impressive cathedral and the Plaza Mayor. We also invite you to discover the secret behind the local legend of the hen and the cock.

Calahorra is also home to many spots where you will be able to see many remnants from the time the Muslim and Jewish communities were in Spain, just like Arnedo, another interesting destination where you will be able to go up the castle viewpoint, which will offer you some of the best

What to do

What to do in La Rioja

La Rioja has a great variety of options for tourists to enjoy of the true essence of the province, its culture and tradition. Both during day, and at night, it will open you its doors to many celebrations and events that you cannot miss.

Even though it is the second smallest autonomous community of Spain, there are many things to visit here because some of the best things come in small packages.

If we start with the capital, next to the river Ebro, we have some of the most impressive monuments of the city, such as the palace, or the concatedral. To enjoy of its gastronomy, walk by Laurel street, one of the most iconic and typical ones, showing the true Rioja essence.

If you want to visit a place full of the regional character, Briña is your place to go, close to the city but far enough if you want to take a break from city life in this peaceful village of just 300 inhabitants.

For those who would prefer to be surrounded by nature, the Sierra de la Demanda, and the natural reserve of Sierra de Cebollera will add an exciting touch of adrenaline to your stay.

What to eat

What to eat in La Rioja

Eating in La Rioja means enjoying of the pure essence of this region. A province of deep-rooted wine-making tradition that will make for the perfect combination to enjoy of your trip.

The recipes here have maintained the essence of its past, without many modifications and which has used the same techniques for generations, and only with natural products that are always elaborated respecting each part of the process.

Vegetables, together with the main local ingredients result in the most traditional dishes of this area, always accompanied by the local wines with La Rioja PDO status.

Amongst the delicacies from this province you will find the local variety of 'chorizo', Camerano cheese from the mountains where it is elaborated, and sweet 'morcilla'. You can't leave without trying 'patatas a la riojana', a tasty morsel that will surely make your mouth water.

'Menestra' and meats prepared in the 'riojan' style of cooking, are the result of a deep-rooted gastronomical tradition.

Our festivities

Festivities in La Rioja

The local festivities in La Rioja are, without question, one of the highlights of this region, and the perfect chance for you to get to know in depth the culture and tradition here.

You will find special festivities are spread throughout the whole year, with different occasions to celebrate either for religious or historical, or just for having fun.

If you decide to visit San Vicente de Sonsierra, we recommend you do so when the Fiestas de los Picaos are held, during Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. This is one of the most important local festivities in La Rioja, so much so, that it has been declared of National Tourist Interest.

In Calahorra, Easter is also widely celebrated with great fervour, with activities such as religious parades and processions, amongst which is the Magna Procesión del Santo Entierro, considered one of the most famous processions celebrated in the north of Spain.

In June, do not forget either to check out the Jornadas Medievales that take place in Briones, which is also one of the most popular events in the province.

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Enrique Palma

8 Great

La Casona de Aldealobos
Review translated from Spanish

We have been very satisfaced.   It is a very well equipped house and in a very beautiful environment.   Ana, the owner, was waiting to see if we were okay, even though...


8 Great

La Carpintería del Abuelo
Review translated from Spanish

The best thing about the house is the people who wear it. Educated and attentive.   They leave you with everything: lentil, toilet paper, or kitchen roll, which are those things that...


10 Excellent

Villa Liquidambar II
Review translated from Spanish

The house was great, with everything you need. In addition, both Paloma and Joaquà ¥ n treated us very well and were aware of everything we need.   The village very nice and quiet....

Ana María Perez Madrid

8 Great

Vintage II
Review translated from Spanish

The apartment very well located near the center of Haro. Very clean and well equipped. I recommend...


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