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Welcome to Ceuta

Away from the Iberian peninsula, here at Ceuta are plenty of touristic offers waiting for you. It is a place where you can enjoy and observe very different cultures, as are proof its gorgeous mosque, the Arab Baths or its great cathedral.

This region also has a beautiful seaside with many beaches where you can take a dip in the water, and an spot where you can see the city walls, and explore the moat.

Explore the region

Ceuta is a province that borders with Africa, where you'll be able to enjoy its marine essence, where many cultures come together, and where its cultural agenda is probably greater than you can possibly imagine.

It is part of Tingitana peninsula, located at the edge of the Strait of Gibraltar, and where you can find many options for water activities. Ceuta is a place yet to de discovered, where you'll be able to enjoy of its tourist offers and atmosphere.

Away from the Iberian peninsula, awaits for you a region with great possibilities; natural areas, viewpoints and other traditional and emblematic elements from its past and its recent history. Don't forget, of course, to enjoy of its local celebrations, its tradition, and its ever surprising cuisine, with a strong influnece of arabian gastronomy.

About the region

It's a unique region, where Europe and Africa are met. A space that shows a striking contrast with the life and tradition of the rest of Spain, a charming place that never fails to surprise its visitors.

Here there's place for everything and everyone, and proof of it is how muslim, christian, jewish and hindu traditions have cohabited during ages, and how such different cultures have left their mark in the city with its historical and religious monuments.

Nevertheless, Ceuta is slowly becoming a more popular tourist destination thanks to its close proximity to Africa, which catches the attention of many curious visitors with its spectacular views of the land. It is also a destination frequented by cruises due to the closeness between the harbour and the historical center of the city, making tourism in the city easier for everyone.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Ceuta

If you want to enjoy of a getaway in this region, you need to take into account the different areas in which it is divided, to find more easily the right accommodation for you.

Ceuta is not that big, so wherever you stay, you will not be far from the main tourist attractions and monuments that this province can offer. If you're a sun lover and live for the moments you can relax under its beams, you can do so near the beaches of Ribera or Chorrillo, where you'll be able to enjoy of their warm waters while facing the scenic views of the city and landmark monuments of this area.

Next to the harbourside you will also find plenty of possibilities for accommodation, such as hotels, apartments and hostels.

In general, the tourist offer here is at an upper-medium standards and hosts different types of tourism, foreign or not. So regardless of the time you're visiting you will always find an ideal place to enjoy of your holidays.

What to do

What to do in Ceuta

Ceuta always manages to surprise from the very moment you step on it. It has a great amount of places of cultural interest, but of natural interest too o that you can engage in tourists activities actively.

To begin with, for those who want to get to know the local culture in deep need to look up places such as the Museum of Archaeology with two different exhibitions, a the very center of the city. Another must in Ceuta is a visit to the city walls, and its moat open for tourists to explore, and take in the impressiveness of its walls. It is one of the main areas in the province that attract the greatest number of tourists.

The House of Dragons is, perhaps, one of the bulding that catches the attention of visitors the most, you will be able to see engraved in its front several dragons that seem to be guarding the building.

The small fort of Aranguren or the Trujillo building are two other attractions that people enjoy the most, as does the mix of cultures that the Muley el-Mehdi Mosque and the cathedral show. Last but not far from being the least, if you're looking for a more relaxing activity you can't miss out the Arab Baths.

Apart from that, we'll leave for you the views of one of the city's most impressive viewpoints.

What to eat

What to eat in Ceuta

As we were saying, thanks to its great location, this is a region with a big influence from each of the cultures that surround it, making it a city of impressive and striking contrasts.

With a very vast and varied recipe book fit for products both from land and sea, it will give to you a chance to try many different flavours, smells and local customs.

The influence of andalusian cuisine, together with arabian, and more and more often hindu, results in a great variety of very different dishes.

From the sea, fish such as tuna, cooked or preserved and salted, are some of the main courses you'll find on a table in Ceuta. There's also, thanks to the seaside, a great variety of seafood.

On the side of meat, we must highlight chicken and veal, usually served in a skewer.

Some of the dishes on the highest demand are chicken hearts, and prickly pears when they are in season.

Our festivities

Festivities in Ceuta

The most important celebrations in Ceuta are spread throughout the year, so that whenever you decide to visit this province, you will be able to enjoy the experience and learn its culture to the fullest.

We start with carnival, which takes place in February with its ?chirigotas? (street bands that sing satirical songs) and carnival parades. Also, if you're visiting during this time of the year you will be able to enjoy of the ?mejilloná?.

During Easter, the province comes to life with its religious processions. Near the summer season, on the 13th June the ?Romería de San Antonio de Padua? is celebrated, giving way to the celebrations , on the 5th of August, of the Virgin of Africa, the patron saint of the city. Due to this mixing of cultures, the Eid al Adha, Januca, and hindu tradition of Diwali are celebrated too in the city.

As you can see, this area offers a great variety of cultural and leisure activities throughout the year with celebrations almost each season of the year.

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