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Welcome to La Gomera

This island save in its landscapes a paradise for nature-lovers, that will be able to enjoy of the warm temperatures is this island, of good food and of nature in its purest state.

The Atlantic Ocean itself has been forged thanks to the combination of the water and the cliffs, acting one against the other, where La Gomera is lost, and which have left to us a marine bottom of the richest ecological value of the Islas Canarias.

You will find here the National Park of Garajonay, a natural heritage of the highest value national-wise and where the Silbo Gomero was created, an ancestral whistled language that was used amongst the locals to communicate with one another and that is still used nowadays, and which you can give a try yourself if you come to do rural tourism in la Gomera.

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Explore the region

The most exuberant nature awaits for you in the island of La Gomera, also known as the “Magical Island”. You will be surprised to see how regardless of its small size, this is an island of many contrasts, where you will go from very high mountains to vast, green, palm tree areas and the incredible tropical forests, huge gullies and, by the sea, some of the most beautiful, paradise-like beaches with their gorgeous marine bottoms, which are perfect for scuba-diving. The UNESCO not only is keeping an eye on the National Park of Garajonay (including it in its list of natural World Heritage Sites), but also the aboriginal language that is only spoken in this island, the Silbo Gomero, considered National Cultural Heritage. Both in the capital of the island, San Sebastián de La Gomera, as well as in the charming towns that surround it, you will find a very wide accommodation, cultural and entertainment offer, together with a local gastronomy that you must try, and discover.

About the region

The island of La Gomera was also played an important role in the discovery of the American continent, since this is the place Christopher Columbus was provided with everything he needed for his expedition towards the New World.

From north to south, the surface of the island of La Gomera does not even reach 20 Km, making it the second smallest one of the Canary Islands.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in La Gomera

The island of La Gomera offers a great variety of accommodation to all kinds of visitors: for those looking for a more touristic place to stay, you can do so in the eastern, western, and southern parts of the island, where most of the beaches are concentrated, and where you will also find a very lively culture and entertainment scene for both the day and night. And for those who would prefer engage in a more active tourism, the surroundings of the National Park of Garajonay, hide a great amount of rural accommodation, especially in the towns of Hermigua and Agulo.

What to do

What to do in La Gomera

Declared a Protected Biosphere, the nature of La Gomera is one of the main attractions of this island. The main protagonist of its landscapes is no other than the National Park of Garajonay, which occupies 10% of the island. If you would like to enjoy getting some bird-eye views, do not hesitate to go to the top of the Garajonay summit, at 1,487 meters above sea level. For those who would prefer enjoying of a more quiet activity, you can stroll by the more than 600 Km of paths will unveil the wildest and most beautiful nature. The wildern, virgin aspect of the beaches of this island has remained almost intact, with some of the most popular being La Playa del Inglés in the capital, or in the town of Vallehermoso.

The crystal-clear quality of its waters make of these beaches one of the most attractive spots of the island to do scuba-diving, and explore in depth the rocky caves and the beauty hidden in them.

Do not lose track of the natural reserve of Garajonay, which can offer you all of this.

What to eat

What to eat in La Gomera

Even though the gastronomy of La Gomera has many influences from the regional gastronomy of the Canary Islands, it also has its own peculiarities. Due to the great abundance of crop areas, the local vegetable produce such as the yams, palm and tropical fruits are very common in this gastronomy of this area, apart from those from the land and from the sea. The 'almogrote', elaborated with goat's cheese, is one of the most popular dishes, and so is 'potaje de ñame', a yam-based stew that is usually served on a wooden bowl. The 'papas arrugadas' and 'mojo picón' are usually the perfect side to most of the traditional fish dishes. As for dessert, palm honey is commonly used in the local confectionery, resulting in recipes such as 'leche asada', or 'tortas de cuajada'. Similarly to the other islands of the archipelago, La Gomera has a longtime wine-making tradition, especially of white wine.

Our festivities

Festivities in La Gomera

In the island of La Gomera you will find a very festive atmosphere during most of the year, where religious celebrations co-exist with popular and traditional ones. The most popular festivities here are the ones of Fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe, held in San Sebastián de la Gomera during October, and the Fiestas Colombinas, on the 6th of September. Another key date for both locals and visitors that you must write down in your calendar is the carnival of La Gomera, during which the streets of this island are filled with merriment and colour, welcoming visitors to a great amount of carnival parades and music concerts, without forgetting about the opening speech of the carnival, known here as the 'pregón', or the announcement of the queen of the carnival.

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