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Welcome to Asturias

As a famous singer one said, “Asturias, patria querida”. You will discover Asturias is a region with some the most spectacular views, beautiful beaches in which to swim, and huge, breathtaking mountains and cliffs that will leave you with a dropped jaw.

You will see here that natural reserves are on the menu, such is the case of Picos de Europa. There is a famous river that crosses the whole region, the river Sella, which includes a hiking route down the river's descent which makes for the perfect day trip if you want to have fun and enjoy of a natural scenery. And let's not forget about Covadonga in Oviedo, the region's capital that is filled with many monuments, or Gijón, where you can enjoy of its architecture.

So much tourism will make anyone hungry, and here's where Asturias' gastronomy comes in, with its famous cachopos, Cabales cheese, or the local cold meats that go with them.

This is a very fertile land thanks to its climate and the influence of the Atlantic ocean, wich means rain happens on a very regular basis, but also helps maintain its scenery in its landmark, gorgeous green.

With such an introduction, what are you waiting for to start searching for the perfect rural house for your stay, and try a glass of sidra?

Explore Asturias

If you're looking for quality tourism, a true paradise on Earth in the north of Spain, and the most impressive views you could possibly imagine, Asturias is your place to go.

Its green landscape of indescribable beauty, hides the history, culture and a great number of opportunities to enjoy of any kind of tourism.

Prehistoric cave paintings, world heritage sites on the highest demand, protected Biospheres, and a gastronomy of many contrasts and of the highest quality, make of this region one of the most popular and visited ones in the whole Iberian Peninsula.

About the region of Asturias

As we were saying, this is a land that never ceases to amaze, a place that you can only see for yourself, full of magical places and secret corners you can't miss.

One of the highlights is the smallest beach in the area, of only 40 m and spectacular views. A place you must visit, and that has been the setting of a recent famous film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, filmed in 2008 under the directions of Woody Allen, who now welcomes those who visit this province in the shape of a life-size, statue made to honour him.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Asturias

However you look at it, this a charming province. Either by the sea or close to the mountains, you will love your accommodation. There are coastal towns such as Lastres, with a typical fishing village look, and a viewpoint with the most impressive views, such as the one in San Roque. Torazu,on the other hand, is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, so much so, that its 100 or so inhabitants have grown accustomed to the hundreds of tourists coming every year, to visit and walk through its majestic streets.

Another place we recommend and is a must if you're visiting this region, is Cudillero, an area between cliffs, and with amphitheatre-shaped, colourful houses, always loved by tourists.

If you would like to enjoy learning a bit more about its history without needing to move, Colombres is your place. Here, the traditional "indiano" houses, combine their majestic appearance with the green of its meadows.

Finally, and with views of the sea, there is Castropol, a small town that has served as the inspiration for some of our greatest writers.

But if you would like to know about them,">we have left a summary of them for you.

What to do

What to do in Asturias

You are probably asking yourself what places can you visit in this area? Well, it's more like what can you not visit here. Asturias is art itself and, as such, it has a great number of places that deserve stopping by. Starting with the most famous lakes in this are, the Covadonga lakes, and a special mention of the sanctuary near them, also recommended. Amongst the most popular and most beautiful beaches, are the playa del Silencio, playa de Gulpiyuri, las Cuevas del Mar, Nueva de Llanes or playa de Andrín.

If you fancy doing something a bit more active, we suggest hiking in the Senda del Oso, walking to the lighthouse in Lastres, or up to Monte Naranco, which we grant you be worth the sweat for the great views that will greet you at the end of it. The river Sella, which we recommend visiting in International Descendo del Sella day if you can, is also a great and adventurous experience that we strongly recommend.

If you're into modern art, and art of striking contrasts, the Centro Cultural Oscar Niemeyer is one of the latest additions to the cultural offer of this region.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, let us finish with this picture of Mirador de Fitu, in Arriondas de Colunga where the seaside and the wilderness of the mountains, are perfectly met

What to eat

What to eat in Asturias

The gastronomy in Asturias is very varied, and also the result of the characteristics of its location, and the influence of other regions, throughout history.

If there is something from Asturias that deserves special attention, is precisely its excellent cuisine and its delicious dishes. The majority of them are highly regarded amongst Spanish gastronomy, but also internationally.

Here you can fill your plates with local and natural products coming straight away from the land, or sea. On the one hand, the sea provides with the best fish and seafood, and on the other you have livestock of the highest quality being bred freely in valleys and fields. Amongst the most popular dishes are the delicious bollos preñaos, the inimitable fabada (a very famous bean and meat stew), or the tasteful cachopo, a combination of sliced beef, ham and cheese, deep fried, for those with a strong stomach. All of them, downed with some sidra, Asturias famous cider and most representative symbol of its culture. You mustn't leave without trying them al

Our festivities

Festivities in Asturias

Either if you are 20 or 50, here in Asturias there are celebrations for everyone and to everyone's liking.

Already at the start of the calendar, until the very end of it, there's always party to celebrate, an event to commemorate, or some other excuse to make a toast with sidra.

If you're visiting Asturias and would like to engage in the local celebrations, we recommend you one that is of International Interest such as the Descendo del Sella, in Arriondas and Ribadesella.

There's also a sidra festival in Nava , or Asturias' National Day in Gijón, both of them perfect occasions to eat, eat, drink and dance with the right atmosphere.

We also recommend the Exconxuraos, in Llanera or enjoying fo the religious traditions that take place during Easter every year in most towns and villages in Asturias.

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Almudena Castro Anaya

10 Excellent

Apartamentos Rurales Vallanu
Review translated from Spanish

The apartment very well and clean. Wonderful views Very quiet area. We went with our pets and everything was great. Mari a person sky. & We would love to go...

Esperanza Feliz Lemes

10 Excellent

Casona Quinta Herminia
Review translated from Spanish

We have been great, the house is wonderful, it has all the amenities, the equipment is excellent and the surroundings unbeatable. We will try to repeat the experience. Alejandra (the owner) has...


10 Excellent

Casa Miyares
Review translated from Spanish

An exceptional house, the owner lovely and very attentive at all times, very nice and complete, warm, a fantastic experience, located in an ideal place with beautiful views, thank you...

Philippe De Cruz

10 Excellent

Casa Grau
Review translated from Spanish

We have spent a wonderful stay in the house Grau, the house is very beautiful and very well equipped for 6 people (we are 5).   It has 3 large bedrooms and two bathrooms. After a long...


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