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Welcome to Castellon

Castellón is well-known for its beautiful beaches, is the perfect destination for your trip or rural getaway. Its coast is known as the Costa del Azahar with many spots to lie down and relax, such as Oropesa or Peñíscola, the last one with a beautiful historical centre and castle.

But if you're looking for a different kind of stay, we also have room for partying in towns such as Benicassim, where the famous FIB music festival has been held since 1995, each year with more visitors. But in most coastal towns you will also find a great variety of leisure activities to do.

If in your search for rural tourism in Castellón what you're looking for are beautiful landscapes, you can also find here natural reserves that are part of the biggest protected natural extension of the Comunidad Valenciana. Two of them are the Sierra de Irta and the Sierra de Espadán, and we also recommend visiting the grottos at the Grutas de San José.

Finally, let us tell yo about the gastronomy in this province and how it changes from the areas near the coast, where you'll find rice, cooked with vegetables, is the essence of all dishes, to the gastronomy in the inland, where pork products become more relevant as the result of the traditional January slaughtering, providing with delicious grilled pork dishes and cold meats.

Explore Castellon

If you'd like to enjoy of a getaway in this province located at the North of the Comunidad Valenciana, you should know that there are plenty of plan options for you, so that you can enjoy of its landscape, its history and its leisure.

Both in inland towns, full of references to its history, as in those on the coast, you'll be able to find the holidays that you deserve. Apart from that, you will also find island territory in Castellón, such as the Islas Columbretes that you will be able to access through booking an organized trip. They are on of the most valued natural treasures of the Mediterranean sea.

Another highlight of this area is its cuisine, with which you will be able to try the main local sea products.

About the region of Castellon

You find yourself in a province in the Costa del Azahar, where you will find magic awaiting you in each of its towns and villages.

If you want to explore the area, all you have to do is walk around the city, where you'll find fortifications and historical monuments.

Besides, its seashore will provide you with 120 km of fine sand, watered with the Mediterranean water. Also, you will find the Columbrete islands, which are of volcanic origin and its natural reserve is home of a rich variety of marine life and and flora.

If you would like to discover its inland and natural area, we recommend you Prat de Cabanes Torreblanca, and the mountains of Irta or Espadán.

One of Spain's most famous music festivals is held in this this province, more specifically in Benicassim, where you will also find a great variety of leisure activities and entertainment.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Castellon

If you're planning to travel during the summer season, you should consider staying in one of its famous towns in the seaside, where you will be able to make the most of its daytime activities as much as its nightlife, specially if you enjoy of a young-driven, touristic, atmosphere.

Burriana, Oropesa, Alcossebre, and Peñíscola and its castle are, amongst others, some of the best locations you will find to spend your summer, and enjoy of its Blue Flag beaches and, overall, of a proper beach holidays. We must highlight that even if most of this towns and cities double in population during summer season, they become quiet and charming destinations during winter season.

For a getaway during mid-term, and low demand months, inland towns open their doors to visitors so that you can get to know them better. Amongst our favourite ones is Vilafamés, one of Spain's most beautiful towns,with the spectacular views that you will be able to see if you venture walking uphill to the very gates of castle.

Other towns with similar views are Morella, Ares del Maestre, Villahermosa del Río or Culla. All of them with some great views that will make learning about the region's history worth walking every hill.

What to do

What to do in Castellon

If you have decided already where you'll be staying and at which time of the year, you only need to fill your trip with plenty of things to visit. You can start with the marine district of Grao de Castellón, between Benicassim and Almazora, at less than 5 km of the city center of Castellón de la Plana. It's the perfect area for those who are looking for a more active and lively stay, in a city that never sleeps.

You will also be able to explore its lighthouse and fishing port, a great view for a moment of romanticism.

Without leaving the city yet, do not forget to visit the Torre de El Fadrí, an old bell tower that is currently one of the city's main historical attractions.

You will find at the Vall d'Uixó a place of true natural beauty in its caves, one of the most famous natural spots of the Comunidad Valenciana that are even open for visitors to explore them on a 45 min journey by boat. If you think you will still have energy for more, we also recommend checking out the Gran Casino de Castellón for a different kind of activity.

If you want to enjoy of a day at the beach,don't forget to check out these beaches.

What to eat

What to eat in Castellon

The gastronomy of this province is heavily influenced by its location. It is rooted in the gastronomical tradition of the Comunidad Valenciana, but it also has some elements of catalan cuisine, as this region it's next to the Catalan province of Tarragona.

The gastronomy in Castellón revolves around its main local product, rice, which is the basis of most of its typical dishes, prepared in a different way at each place and occasion.

Some of the most popular products on demand from this region are meat products, specially pork ones, such as the typical smoked meat from Morella, butifarras (traditional Catalan sausages), or our famous cured ham. But you will also find plenty of fish thanks to its closeness to the Mediterranean sea, and with it its unique tradition of preparing it salted.

For dessert, do not forget to try out the pá-noli, a traditional cake with pumpkin jam typical of this region that you will love.

Our festivities

Festivities in Castellon

We have tons of parties and special dates marked on the calendar in this province, so that if you're travelling to this region, you can check out its calendar beforehand, and get to know its culture and tradition during your stay.

You will find all over this province that the most important celebration is that of the Fiestas de la Magdalena, honouring the city's patron saint during 9 days where the locals gather together and celebrate the tradition and culture of this region, with a great number of events where you will have lots of fun.

In the town of Segorbe and to honour the saints Loreto, Esperanza and Cueva Santa, many religious processions are held, during which you'll be able to enjoy of the horse shows and fireworks, that will make your visit unforgettable.

Finally, make sure you don't forget to visit Peñíscola on September 7, where the celebrations to honour the Virgen de Ermitana take place, and for which the traditional dance of danses de llauradores are performed.

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Font d'en Torres- El Toll Blau
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We have been in the Toll Blau apartment. We loved it and the deal with Alberto Fantastic. Very good views with their cows, mountain goats de la xona and deer.   Very quiet, only the...


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Mas de L'Escolanet
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A recommended cottage with some owners who are very good people and attentive. The only one I put are...

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I love it, recommended 100% for a getaway with your partner. Very quiet place, to...

Juan Antonio Rodriguez del Pino

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The treatment is very pleasant. The house is very well furnished and very central but without being...


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