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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Huesca

One of the oldest parts of the city of Huesca is the in the very center of it, a part which has grown as t grew its population. The quarter of San Lorenzo is one of the main attractive areas, surrounded by the old city's walls. Nowadays, this is one of Huesca's busiest parts, with plenty of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy of the city both during the day, and at night.

Amongst the towns and villages spread over the rest of the province, are the charming small town of Aínsa, considered a Historical-Artistic grouping, the town of Alquézar at the very heart of the mountains of Cañones de Guara, Montañana, a medieval town where you will find a bridge that is more than 1,000 years old, or Torla, in the valley of Ordesa.

What to eat

What to eat in Huesca

One of the musts of the local gastronomy of Huesca is meat, usually chicken or lamb. Nevertheless, you won't be lacking fish either on Huesca's menu, which includes dishes such as the 'abadejo ajorriero' or 'buñuelos de bacalao', a very popular way of elaborating cod. Amongst the local vegetables we can find asparagus and escarole and, for dessert, we recommend you try delicious sweet treats such as 'leche frita' (fried, flour-thickened milk with egg) and 'castañas de mazapán' (chocolate and caramel coated chestnuts). As for drinks, the Sotomano wine is one of the most popular ones from this region, elaborated in the town of Barbastro.

Our festivities

Festivities in Huesca

There are two relevant dates you should write down which are very important events in the province of Huesca: the festivities honouring the patron saint of the city, San Lorenzo, celebrated between the 9th and the 15th of August, together with the minor local celebrations that take place in the 22nd of January. Amongst the activities organized for this occasion you will find bonfire feasts, with roast potatoes and long pork sausage on the menu .

As for the religious celebrations of Huesca, we suggest taking part in the celebrations takiing place during Easter, consdired of National Tourist Interest.

The 23rd of April, San Jorge, is a very special occasion in the whole of Aragon. During the day, lots of cultural, creative and recreational activities are organized for all ages, but also activities such as 'romerías' for the more religious ones.

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Maria Fernanda Moreno Kleiner

10 Excellent

Casa Andresa
Review translated from Spanish

We have spent some spectacular days, in a wonderful rural environment, river, mountain, friends and 4 beautiful dogs, comfortable, cozy house with fireplace, barbecue and everything you need to rest,...


10 Excellent

La Borda de Formigales
Review translated from Spanish

A very cozy house and a fantastic area to relax and unwind. They made some cold but sunny days and we could go through parks, etc. and the views are wonderful. & xx;...

Josep Carol Torradas

10 Excellent

Apartamento Rural 2 - Casa Juaneta
Review translated from Spanish

The apartment is ideal for families, well located, with all services, decorated with exquisite taste, very clean and tidy. The treatment of Carmen, is familiar, delivered and charming. A perfect...

Nelly Bosquez Verdesoto

10 Excellent

Apartamentos Casa Bara- Torreón de Ordesa
Review translated from Spanish

We have loved the site. Very clean and all the necessary things like at home. & xx; Highly recommended on our part! Thank...


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