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Bungalows, Log Cabins in Spain

Guide to Bungalows and Cabin Logs in Spain. All offers to rent bungalows and log cabins in Spain sorted by location, with prices and reviews from other guests available for you to make sure you enjoy your holidays or a getaway in a different way.

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Why you should choose Spain for a rental Bungalow / Log Cabin?

More and more often, we look for something different when we travel. Something that could be translated, for example, into accommodation that is out of the ordinary and that makes us enjoy an adventure to remember for the rest of our lives.

Have you ever thought about staying in a tree house, perhaps in a log cabin lost in the middle of a forest? These are just some of the options available in Spain. Original accommodation options where you can enjoy an experience with your family, as a couple or on your own.

Bungalows or cabins, it doesn't matter which one you choose, as they will provide you with all the peace and quiet you need, as well as a lot of independence, as they are accommodations with all kinds of rooms, although they are a little smaller in size, but who cares about that when you can enjoy the smell of wood in their walls, or admire the privileged views they offer?

There are more and more campsites in Spain, and more and more tourists are choosing this option for their holidays, not only because of their very affordable price, which allows you to save a little for the rest of the holidays, but also because of the freedom offered by their bungalows.

Staying at a campsite is very easy, as they can be found almost anywhere in Spain, although the top three places are in Catalonia, Andalusia and the Valencian Community. Moreover, they are usually aimed at younger audiences as well as at families who are encouraged to enjoy their rest in a bungalow, as this type of accommodation comes with a variety of facilities ranging from restaurants and cafés to swimming pools and children's leisure areas.

For those who want to get away from the noise and get as far from the crowds as possible, there is accommodation such as cabins, which are generally wooden constructions, where you will have all kinds of rooms, as well as being accompanied by the fantastic views of the natural surroundings. They usually have a capacity for two to six people.

But if there is one type of accommodation that has become fashionable, especially among couples looking for something romantic and different, it is tree cabins. Exclusive wooden rooms that will lift your feet off the ground. They are isolated constructions in which you can enjoy moments of peace and relaxation while enjoying the views of the forest in which they are located. They are generally located in areas with lots of nature, such as the Basque Country or Catalonia, where you will surely find a tree house that will be the perfect surprise for your partner and, most likely, yourself too.

As you can see, in Spain there is a wide range of bungalows and cabins spread all over the country and available for all budgets. Moreover, all the services they offer are of high quality, as it is a sector that in the last few years has become more professional due to the high demand of travellers who choose to stay in a bungalow or a wooden house for their holidays.

Now, you only have to choose with whom and when you are going to share your holidays, because it is already clear where you are going to spend your holidays.

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