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Welcome to Menorca

As if taken from a famous film, the landscape of this island has everything you could think of for an ideal group getaway for you and your friends or family, for you and your special someone or even for you alone.

Walking by Ciutadella and its promenade, or visiting the harbour in Maó, or staying in a true fishing village like Fornell, are a few of the many things that will your time here, a unique holiday experience.

This is a small island but with lots of history, much of which you can see for yourself visiting places like the Fuerte de Malborough, where the rule over Menroca was disputed.

For the most adventurous ones, walking up the 300 meters hill of Monte Toro, the highest one in the island, will mean being later on able to enjoy of the best views of the whole island.

If you would like to discover the magic that lives in the rural tourism of Menorca, we can make things easier for you.

Explore the region

This Balear island is a protected Biosphere, which means that exploring each of its corners will be a unique and fascinating experience, just like having the opportunity of travelling to its nearby islands by ferry. Thanks to the gorgeous coral reefs created in its surroundings by the Mediterranean Sea, you can enjoy of the dreamlike views of Menorca's characteristic landscape.

Narrow streets, the crystal-clear waters of the small, dreamlike bays and the fine, white sand of itd beaches, together with the perfect weather and its rich gastronomy, are some of the things we can assure you will be fascinated, and fall in love with once you come to this island located in the northeast of the Islas Baleares.

About the region

Virgin beaches, and a singular flora and fauna, and a history of artisan production are what you will find hidden in each corner of one of the most beautiful islands floating in the Mediterranean Sea.

Abarcas sandals are a very typical symbol and clothing item from this island, where the leather and colourful fabrics they are made of, can be combined in any way you want so that they match your fanciest summer clothes.

By its shore you will find some of the best spots to explore the area under water, and practice doing some scuba-diving in this area.

On the other hand, Monte Toro is the highest point in this area, from which you will have the whole island, the sea and the greenery, in front of you.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Menorca

50 Km separate one side of the island from the other, and in any of them you will be able to find the best accommodation to enjoy exploring the local architecture, customs and traditions that other cultures, such as the British or the French, have left on their way.

Since the most beautiful beaches here are the ones that have not been altered by us yet, this means that you won't find any civilization or accommodation anywhere near them, which makes historical towns like Maó, the capital of the island and where you will also find the airport, an ideal place to stay, and enjoy of the many beaches, fishing port, and many other tourist activities that you can do here. Ciutadella is also a perfect destination for your stay thanks t the combination of nightlife, culture and history you will encounter in its historical center, and in the narrow streets that used t be occupied by palaces back in the day. Another great option, especially if you are travelling with children, is Cala en Porter, more in the south of the island where, apart from its beautiful beaches, has a beach cove right in front of the sea, where you can also have a drink enjoying of the amazing views there.

What to do

What to do in Menorca

In the capital of the island, the small city of Maó, you will find its historical center with many narrow streets that will lead you to historical monuments such as the Fortaleza de Mola, used to defend the island from the British troops, Menorca's museum, where you can go back in time to see how the island and its people have changed, or Bastión de San Roc, which are the gates of the old city walls that used to protect the city centuries ago.

Here you will also be free to explore te wilderness of the most impressive historical and natural monuments, some of them dating back to the megalithic era discovered found in ancient caves and stone structures that people used as shelter from the bad weather during those days. The highest point in the whole island is Monte Toro, where you can also visit the religious sanctuary of La Virgen del Monte Toro.

And if you would prefer to relax while sunbathing in any of the wonderful beaches that can be found here, we have made a selection of them for you.

What to eat

What to eat in Menorca

Even though it is greatly influenced by the gastronomy of the isle of Mallorca, the traditional gastronomy of Menorca has its own, unique, character. Amongst its more popular products are 'ensaimadas', but the traditional 'coca bamba' is another sweet delicacy that you will often see here, as well as the 'formatjada' but, unlike the latter, this one is not sweet but is filled with the two star products of Menorca: the so famous sobrasada' and cheese.

For the main course, you mustn't forget to try the local fish and seafood products, that are included in exquisite dishes such as 'caldereta de langosta', or 'bacalao ab burrida', with some white, 'alioli' sauce on the side. Maó PDO cheese is an example of how traditional and ancient ways of elaborating certain local products has been maintained after centuries in this island, as you can als observe in recipes such as 'carnixulla', a local kind of raw meat sausage that is a mixture of meat and bacon, and whose origin goes back to Roman times.

Combinating gin and tonic with some lemonade you will obtain 'pomada' which is the most typical drink of Menorca, and that we recommend having a glass of, while you wait for the sun to set.

Our festivities

Festivities in Menorca

If there is something that will surely catch your eye during the each of the local festivities of Menorca, that is the presence of horses, usually with a horseman on top doing a balancing act, while the locals encourage the animals to stand up on their feet. And, of course, each rider is dressed on the traditional regional clothes. Ciutadella hosts one of the most popular festivities of this island on June 24 which marks the beginning of summer. From then, and until mid August, each town celebrates its local festivities honouring the virgin and patron saint of Menorca, filling their streets with light and music, up until the early morning hours.

We also recommend checking out the Carreras de Trotones, held in Menorca's racecourses during most weekends.


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