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Welcome to Girona

Garrotxa, Ripollès or Empordà, are some of the most popular tourist destinations within the province of Girona. The Costa Brava and the Pyrenees complete the list of the many tourist opportunities that make this province one of the best ones to practice doing rural tourism in Girona.

Theme tours are an entire institution here, different one from the other according to the interests of visitors. The fishing village by the shores of the Mediterranean sea, the Triángulo Daliniano or the tours or Romanesque-themed tours, are musts for anyone who comes to this province. And for wine-lovers, the wine-cellars where the Empordà PDO wine is produced.

Special mention needs to be made of the Garrotxa, and its volcanic surroundings, where wild, virgin nature predominates.

You will encounter all of this in the province of Girona, the capital of which is home to more than 1,000 years of history, culture and tradition.

Explore Girona

In Girona you will find, without question, exceptional landscapes, as well as some world-renown towns, and postcard-like landscapes.

This province is located in the northwest of Cataluña, and where you will also find some of the most relvant natural reserves of the peninsula, as well as the beaches that comprise the Costa Brava, and which are recognised as Blue Flag beaches.

This is also a province that welcomes many tourists during summer as the seashore offers a very wide cultural and touristic offer, beaches and gastronomy, while you will also be able to enjoy of the many ski resorts which are the perfect option to do some tourism during the winter months.

This province is divided into smaller subdivisions or 'comarcas', has a special charm both in its coast as much as in its inland towns and villages.

About the region of Girona

Very close to Spain's frontier with France, is Girona, a very charming province of exceptional beauty.

This is also one of the few provinces that can brag about having four different rivers in its territory: the rivers Ter, Onyar, Güell and Galligans. Here you will also be able to walk by and admire the beauty and charm of the settings of famous films, such as the film “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”, which was shot in the Jewish quarter of the the city of Girona, and where you can still perceive an air of mystery that will make you feel as if you have travelled back in time.

Another unique place that we recommend visiting here is the the Gothic cathedral of Girona, which has the biggest nave of the world. As you can see, in this region embraced by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, you will encounter many hidden spots secrets yet to be discovered by you.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Girona

Finding accommodation in this province means you will be able to enjoy of spectacular views, and explore some of the most interesting places of Girona. If you would like to explore its capital, you will need to plan your trip ahead of time, since this is area of great tourist demand and where accommodation options are fully booked very quickly, especially during spring and in May, concretely, where the beaches start becoming crowded, or during winter where ski sports become the main attraction to tourists.

If you would lie to enjoy of some peace and quiet, rural tourism will take to magical places like Peratallada, a small town that look almost as if is stuck in the Middle-Ages, a very peculiar as well as incredible place to visit.

Another inland town we recommend is Pals, considered one of the most beautiful towns of Spain. Behind its medieval city walls you will find an impressive castle and the incredible views of its viewpoint which make this a charming location, and the perfect destination for a quiet and relaxing stay.

Besalú mixes medieval character with its Jewish tradition perfectly, making it altogether another great place that we recommend you visit, and enjoy doing tourism in this area.

What to do

What to do in Girona

If you have decided to come to this province of Cataluña, it will be a non-stop touristic experience. Every step you take in this region will trap you more and more, allowing you to enjoy discovering its history and legends..

There are many places here that are a must for any tourists, scattered along the coast and the inland areas and, therefore, offering very different kinds of tourism.

For those looking for some more cultural activities, you mustn't forget visiting Dalí's museum, one of the most popular ones in this area, and dedicated to the most controversial and famous representative of this region, Salvador Dalí. To complete this artistic experience, you can check out the rest of the Tríangulo Daliniano, which connects the city of Figueras, with Cadaqués and Portlligat, in a 10 hour trip with the famous painter as their common denominator.

In this area you will als find many castles that are open to visitors, such as the one in Besalú, Púbol, and Castell d'en Plaja.

For those coming in summer, there is no room for discussion. A route around the most popular beaches of this area is all you need, and where you will be able to enjoy of their fine sand, and the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

If you would like to know more about the best beaches in this area, check out our list.

What to eat

What to eat in Girona

The local gastronomy of this province is divided into two types and regions: that from the inland areas, or the Ampurdán and that from the coastal areas.

But you will find in both of them many traditional dishes which are world-renown, apart from subject to the influence of the gastronomy of its neighbouring provinces. The gastronomy of its more inland regions, for example, is influenced by the gastronomy of the gastronomy of Aragón, and Navarra.

On the coast, on the other hand, most of the local recipes have fish as the main protagonist, and that sometimes even appear on the classic 'mar y montaña' dishes, where you can taste the best of both worlds.

'Fuets' and 'salchichón', as well as the famous 'anchoas' from Cadaqués, and L'Escala, are some of the most popular local products. But if there is something truly well-renown and typical of Girona, is the 'xuxo' a sweet, and deep-fried cream-filled pastry.

Our festivities

Festivities in Girona

Girona has a calendar filled with special occasions and key dates that will unveil the culture, tradition, religion and gastronomy of this region, during some of its most important festivities.

If you are travelling to Girona but are still not sure when you want to do it, we recommend you choose wisely, since it will a great chance to truly get to know the essence of this province

To begin with, if you are visiting during April, you will be able to enjoy of San Jorge, on the 23rd of this month, also known as the 'Día de la Rosa' (day of the rose). This celebration has become very popular and is held everywhere in Cataluña, as it is also considered a date dedicated to lovers.

Easter is, like everywhere else in Spain, an occasion celebrated with great fervour and devotion, and Girona is no exception. Processions, 'pasos', gather religious followers in the streets to visit the patron saint of the city, during a unique event that we recommend you check out if you can.

The Fiestas de Primavera, held in Girona are perhaps one of the most popular local festivities, where the streets are filled with colourful flowers and music. Leave the rest to the delicious local cuisine.

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Although the house is very spacious and trendy, it is a house that needs renovation.   The kitchen you can throw 2 hours to make a few simple macaroni, the pool and the jacuzzi is...

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Can Met
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Great weekend. Very nice house and owner very attentive and friendly. I would recommend 100% to my friends and...

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Casa rural Can Torrotes
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"Can Torrotes is the perfect rural house! The apartment for 2 people is very spacious and comfortable, and the environment is wonderful. & xx; S...


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