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Welcome to El Hierro

Welcome to a place where its singular environment has made of it a unique place in the world. A never-ending list of natural treasures to explore and that will open your senses, and fill them with colours that smell of the sea.

It has been the first Geopark in the whole of Spain, apart from being also a Protected Biosphere and, no wonder, given how this place looks. Come to see it for yourself if you've come to do rural tourism in el Hierro.

The most representative symbol of this region is the crying tree ocotea foetens, known here as the Garoé tree. The viewpoint of El Mirador de la Peña, or the Tanajara one are the best places where you will be able to take into the impressive views, and see the vastness whole island.

You will find in El Sabinar, one of the most famous buildings in the island, the chapel of Nuestra Señora de Los Reyes, in the middle of a huge natural extension full of randomly-shaped trees.

You will be able to discover this, and much more, coming to El Hierro, an exotic paradise where we encourage you to get some rest for a few days.

Explore the region

The island of El Hierro only requires 50 Km of surface from one end of the island to another, to attract visitors with its immense beauty. The smallest sister of the Canary Islands is an oasis of peace in the middle of the Atlantic ocean; the volcanic terrain, the typically subtropical flora, its many cliffs and natural pools, all of them recognized by the UNESCO and part of Protected Biosphere. Dive into its deep and transparent waters, and sink in to discover the mysteries hidden in the depth of its shallow sea. Discover the towns and villages around, and enjoy of the local traditions and customs. And you better not leave without tying its exquisite gastronomy, as varied as its nature. But, above all things, experience the marvelous feeling of silently enjoying of the views.

About the region

The Greenwich Meridian has not always been in Greenwich. Before the Earth was considered to be round-shaped, tit was in El Hierro instead, in Punta de Orchilla specifically.

In 2013, El Hierro became the first Smart Island of the world, meaning that you will have access to free wifi in the whole island.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in El Hierro

Country apartments, charming houses, luxury hotels or campings, are some of the options for accommodation that you will find in El Hierro, an island affordable for everyone. In spite of its small size, El Hierro is divided in three different areas. You will find in Valverde the capital of the island of the same name, and colourful towns like San Andrés or La Caleta; La Frontera is in the northwest of the island, and you can visit in here the small towns of Sabinosa and El Golfo; in El Pinar, the youngest of them, you will find the area of El Pinar and La Restringa

What to do

What to do in El Hierro

For those who love scuba-dive, you will find in EL Hiero the place of your dreams; here there is a total of 46 diving areas registered, as a result of the island's volcanic origin. One of the most popular ones is La Restinga, a marine reserve of 300 m of depth. Swimming in the transparent water of the ocean is always an incredible experience, but it can be an even more unique experience when you do so in a marvelous natural pool such as the one of Charco Azul or La Maceta. Discover the unique flora and fauna in the Parque rural de La Frontera, a flooded area filled with a Spanish variation of junipers of the strangest, twisted shapes, and that can reach up to 8 metres. At the Monumento Natural de las Playas you will be able to find a perfect quietness and silence, while enjoying of the most impressive views in the viewpoint of Mirador de la Peña, located 700 metres above sea level.

You will also find here one of the most beautiful and impressive natural pools in the whole country.

What to eat

What to eat in El Hierro

The gastronomy of El Hierro is the result of its natural, volcanic environment and of its rural, and simple lifestyle.You see lots of fish in the menu: fried, grilled, or cooked with vegetables such as 'papas arrugadas', or green and red 'mojo'. If you would rather have meat, there are also lots of local recipes that use rabbit or lamb as their main ingredient, duly aromatized and complemented with spices. Potato stews are also a must in the gastronomy of this region when its chillier, as well the vegetables based stews. The regional way of elaborating cheese has made of the local cheese one of the most popular products of the island, especially goat's cheese. It's with this product that the most famous local desert is elaborated: quesadillas. Your feast will be complete by adding some wine from the selection of El Hierro PDO wines to your meals.

Our festivities

Festivities in El Hierro

The Festividad de la Virgen de los Reyes is the most important festivity in El Hierro's calendar, celebrated every four years in the first saturday of July, day where a 44 Km pilgrimage is initiated, walking the virgin patroness from the chapel until the capital, Valverde. Such a long journey is made more pleasant thank to the sound of the flutes and drums that keep company to the pilgrims.

During July you will you will be able to take part in two other celebrations: the Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen on July 16, where the local virgin is taken to a ship that sails around the bay; and on July 24, la Noche de San Juan, a night during which bonfires are lit to celebrate the shortest night of the year.

La Fiesta de la Cruz takes place during May in the town of Pinar. For this occasion, each neighbourhood builds its own cross that is later voted to represent the town. While deliberation is being made, the locals islanders dance to the light of the bonfires in the main square of the town.

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10 Excellent

El Tesón II
Review translated from Spanish

It is a small, cozy and wonderful house, if you are looking for tranquility this is the right place, sleeping without noise is a luxury, the owners of the house kind and always attentive to our...


10 Excellent

Casa Salazar
Review translated from Spanish

Incredible and unforgettable, a place to repeat again this time family experience Of attention and absolute comfort and I recommend that they go because they do not want to...

Eloy Andres Perez Castilla

Eloy Andres
10 Excellent

El Tesón II
Review translated from Spanish

Magnificent place for a rest retreat. We have had a great time and the place is dreamy, located in the center of the island, ideal to access any place at a time and in a quiet environment surrounded...

Carlos Aguado del Pino

10 Excellent

Casa Rural La Hojalata
Review translated from Spanish

A very quiet house for couples who like to be in the nature, good views and with all kinds of detail. It is ideal to know the northern part of the island. You do not miss anything in it. Clean and...


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