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Welcome to Avila

The land and culture from Castilla come to life in the city of Ávila. Its spectacular monuments are waiting for you to visit them, and see their beauty, such as the case of its cathedral, honouring the Cristo Salvador. And, of course, its famous walls. You will also find many medieval castles all over the territory.

You will also find here traces of ancient tribes that inhabited the region, such as the verraco, monuments from the Vettone culture.

Visiting Ávila is like travelling back in time, since its deeply-rooted religious tradition has left here many churches and chapels erected centuries ago, all over the province, a tradition that also left us with the presence of important historical figures such as Santa Teresa de Jesús, and the convent dedicated to honour her stay in the city.

As for the gastronomy of this province, the local lamb steak and bean dishes will give you the necessary energy to spend all day exploring the area, which you can also finish with another local delicacy: the Yemas de Santa Teresa.

The natural surroundings will allow you to explore some of the natural sights of this area, such as the huge Sierra de Gredos, or the Cuatro Postes de Ávila, which works as a viewpoint because of its height 5 m above from the ground, and from where you will have some great views of the city walls.

Now stop thinking and let's get started with rural tourism in Ávila!

Explore Avila

Discover a province full of curious things to discover, of natural spaces, and of opportunities for tourism in this area, that will make you enjoy of your stay here.

Ávila is heritage, is culture and is history, what makes this the perfect destination for a short getaway. It has a very lively atmosphere both during day and night, ideal for all ages, and for any time of the year, a gastronomy that you will love, and small villages still alive with tradition that will make you believe they are stuck in the old times.

Pictured it on your mind, yeah? Now, all you need to do is visit each of its corners, and put yourself in the picture with a rural getaway.

About the region of Avila

Feel the magic of the legends and history trapped between the walls of the city. Here in Ávila are many places that are not what they seem, as is the case of the cathedral, which was rumoured to have a secret corridor, late discovered in 2010.

One of the many great things that this province offers is the Humilladero de los Cuatro Postes, with its magnificent views of the city walls, that we recommend visiting at night, if you can.

And, of course, you won't miss the contrast of a city that reunites the old, the medieval, the modern, and the contemporary, all in one.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Avila

There is plenty of accommodation here in Ávila. Due to its location, it is a favoured destination by those who are used to the intense lifestyle of a city like Madrid thanks to its close distance from it,specially during the weekend or for a winter escapade

. The small villages that surround the capital, a UNESCO inscribed world heritage site, are an ideal options for a break from daily routine.

Amongst the more popular ones is Arévalo, at 800 m from the ground, and at very close distance to Segovia and Valladolid, where you can also visit its castle.

In Arenas de San Pedro are waiting for you the Cuevas del Águila and its gothic castle, which is visited by tourists every year. There's also el Barco de Ávila, with the perfect panoramic view of the Sierra de Gredos , another of the most popular destinations in this province.

But if you'd like to have an idea of the main places of interest, and all the possibilities for a weekend getaway, >we have some options for you.

What to do

What to do in Avila

Ávila offers a great variety of activities you can do, from active tourism to cultural visits.

Its structure and distribution cannot be understood without the historical heritage that have made it become a UNESCO world heritage site. You can make your first stop in the city walls, dating from the Middle Ages, and one of the best preserved of Spain, and which was accurately built according to their time. Afterwards, you can't forget to visit the Cuatro Postes, o plan a trip to the Cuevas del Águila caves.

If you would like to imagine yourself in a palace, we have a few of them for you: the ones in Dávila, and the one of Blasco Núñez Vela. And you won't be missing churches, convents and cathedrals either, since this is a region of deeply-rooted religious tradition. One of the main religious buildings you will find here is the Santa Teresa convent, and the Basílica of San Vicente. As you can see, there is a broad tourist offer waiting for you in this area.

What to eat

What to eat in Avila

To eat in Ávila is truly a unique and exquisite experience. With a predominance of very filling meals that have been inherited from the history of this region, and its connection with agricultural activity, and physical labour.

If you coe to Ávila, forget about diets and eating light, and get ready to enjoy, because if there's something that is typical here, is its cuisine.

Some of the more traditional dishes you will find here and that you must try are, amongst others, the so famous chuletón de Ávila, a huge lamb steak that you won't be able to miss it when you spot it. Meat is a key element of the local gastronomy, so it's almost like worship here with meat.

Patatas revolconas, served as a tapa in most places, the traditional sopa castellana, or cochinillo asado (roasted sucking pig), will normally complete your menu here in Ávila.

As for dessert? Well, you won't miss out on anything here. What best than the famous Yemas de Santa Teresa, a sweet loca delicacy made of egg yolk, to finish up this culinary journey.

Our festivities

Festivities in Avila

In Ávila, like in most provinces in Spain, you will be met with a calendar with plenty of local festivities dedicated to its many local saints and patron saints.

If you want to make the most spending a few days of rural tourism, you cannot miss the local festivities of San Roque in the town of Piedralaves, celebrated during August.

If you're near Lanzalahita, we can recommend the Romería del Cristo de la Luz, a very important event here, just like the festivities celebrated to honour Nuestra Señora de Chilla, in the town of Candeleda.

And if you're visiting during Easter holidays, all you need to know is that wherever you go, you will be the witness of many cofradías, pasos and many other religious traditions that are typical here in Spain, and which are celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm in this area.

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Javier del Valle

6 Pass

Casa Rural La Serijuelas
Review translated from Spanish

It is not bad, the best pool, very nice terrace with hammocks and a large table although a bit unstable, barbecue, good parking, views, cats friends, routes to walk, bars and restaurants in the...


10 Excellent

Casa El Rincón
Review translated from Spanish

It is a very cozy house, for someone looking to totally disconnect from the city. It is ideal for a...

Alberto cota

10 Excellent

Apartamentos Entre Columnas
Review translated from Spanish

Great place, the cottage-house very well, super clean and the people who manage it charming. A 10. Very quiet area, ideal to disconnect. Livestock town, without noise and without stress. If you want...

Fernando Rodriguez Gallego

10 Excellent

El Mirador y Relax- Tantra Love
Review translated from Spanish

Perfect stay, everything new and in every detail. You feel at home To repeat as soon as...


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