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Boutique Hotels in Spain

Guide of Boutique Hotels in Spain for your holidays. Find in this list all offers to book in charming hotels in Spain and rural hostels for a getaway in a natural environment, with prices and reviews from other guests available for you.

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Why you should choose Spain for a rental Hotel?

To say holidays in Spain are a synonym of hotel-life, a type of accommodation that continues to be the flagship for tourism in our country, one of the main economic engines.

The adventure begins when you rent a room and when we travel, we like to do so with all the comforts that these accommodations offer.

Moreover, in Spain there are numerous rural hotels where you can stay to rest after sightseeing in the destination of your choice. The Spanish geography has a large number of charming hotels that are professionalised to ensure that guests have a perfect holiday. In this case, the highest concentration of hotel accommodation can be found in Andalusia, closely followed by Catalonia, the island regions and the Community of Madrid.

If you are already thinking of escaping to a town or village in Spain, all you have to do is choose the type of hotel that best suits your needs. There are hotels to suit all tastes.

Are you more of an urbanite? Then you will love boutique hotels. This type of accommodation is located in the most urban and busy areas of our country. They are also a more modern type of hotel, and some are even located in curious or renowned buildings. Their rooms are usually themed and you won't want to leave.

But if, on the other hand, you like to lose yourself in natural, less crowded places, there are hundreds of rural hotels where you can enjoy the essence of the area, the tradition in their rooms and, of course, the comforts of today. Rural hotels in Spain tend to be in villages with fewer inhabitants, and in environments full of nature, which one will be your favourite?

Another aspect to take into account when we want to book our hotel room is the price. We are not always willing to invest the same amount of money, but don't worry, because there is always a perfect option waiting for you.

If you want to reduce the total cost of the trip you can look for hostels or inns, which have very affordable prices for all budgets.

Hostels and youth hostels tend to be cheaper as they share some common areas and even the sleeping area itself. Many of the rooms have private bathrooms, but there are others that have an outside bathroom. It all depends on how relevant these are to you.

The inns also have a much lower price, and also have their charm, as they are much smaller than hotels, so the treatment is much more familiar. In this sense, inns and guest houses are also good options to save a little on travel and discover new destinations.

As you can see, there is a wide and varied range of hotels in Spain, and you can choose the ideal accommodation for you anywhere in Spain, which will be the starting point for a perfect holiday.

And you, which hotel do you choose?

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