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Welcome to Salamanca

Welcome to one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. A city of unquestionable tourist interest, a it combines three key elements that make this city a true success in this sense: an impressive cultural, rural and gastronomic heritage. Located in the south of Castilla y León, this is a place of true ororaphical variety, with up to four different natural areas very different amongst them: La Dehesa, La Llanura, Serranía and the Regadío Extenso, with the river Duero at the very center of them.

In terms fo its cultural heritage, the history of Salamanca is closely connected with its university, one of the most popular and first in Spain, and associate with some important historical figures such as Fray Luis de León. Visiting the city means daring to find a frog on the front of some fo tis houses. Other very popular places to visite here is the Plaza Mayor, Casa de las Conchas or the cathedral, where you can access the tower on its top to enjoy of the most impressive views of the city.

As for the rural tourism in Salamanca, you will find nothing but peace and tranquility in landscapes such as the mountains of Béjar, as well as in Candelario, or the ski resorts in Covatilla. Also, you mustn't miss the chance to get lost in the contrasts that the canyons of Arribes del Duero will present you with, just like making a wish if you come across the well of Pozo de los Humos. The highest point of the region is Canchal de la Ceja, a great area to visit, as well as the Arribes del Duero Natural Park, one of the five natural reserves of this province.

Last but not least, we can guarantee you will never be hungry in Salamanca, since the town of Guijuelo has some of the best and most varied raw meats in the whole country, and probably Europe.

What are you waiting to discover the bits and bolts of this inland paradise?

Explore Salamanca

This province is at the very center of Castilla y León, and it has one of the biggest and richest historical centres of the whole autonomous community. You can find in here many elements that are essential for quality tourism, and that will allow you to discover more and more about the history of this place.

Also, there are many areas amongst which we find the capital, that are UNESCO world heritage sites, and Historic and Artistic heritage groupings respectively. It is for this reason, and for the incredible beauty of the city itself that this is one of the top tourist destinations in Spain.

Both the capital and the outskirts will offer you some of the most spectacular views with nature as their protagonist. Together with this, the local traditional gastronomy, and the great tourist offer here, make this a province that never sleeps, and an ideal destination.

About the region of Salamanca

This province has a great variety of both places of natural, and cultural interest. An excellent combination for the best getaway. But the more you discover in Salamanca, the more you want to get to know it, since this is a province that always manages to attract tourists with its magic and plethora of legends that are hidden in the inland towns and villages, as well as in the capital. Also, you will be able to enjoy of the true essence, tradition and culture of this province in any spot of this province.

I the city, you will be able to visit the Universidad de Salamanca, the oldest one in Spain and one of the most impressive places in Salamanca, definitely worth a visit.

This has been an institution that has received and been the home to some of Spain's most important historical figures, such as Santa Teresa de Jesús. But what must people don't know is that Christopher Columbus also lived here for a short period, in Convento de los Dominicos specifically.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Salamanca

Enjoy of the many things this province has to offer, not only in the capital, even though it is true that the city is the main one to welcome tourists, meaning that if you want to stay here you will have to search for your accommodation in advance, since most accommodation here flies.

But Salamanca is much more than that, as it is surrounded by many small towns and villages where you will be able to enjoy of the calm, tranquility of nature, apart from many other elements that make up this province. Some of the perfect destinations here to do rural tourism is La Alberca, one of the places that welcomes more tourists every year. And no wonder, considering the sights in it historical center, with its streets and flowered balconies that decorate the houses here. One if the treasures to discover here is the monastery of San José, at the very center of the valley and although it is not open to visitors, it is next to the beautiful waterfall of la Cascada del Chorro.

In San Martín del Castañar you will find many examples of the traditional Castilian architecture and its unique character. Here you will also find a bridge from the middle-ages, and a castle, both of them very popular visits.

Other places we recommend visiting are Sequeros, Miranda del Castañar, o Mogarraz, which have up to fourteen water springs in their vicinities.

What to do

What to do in Salamanca

If there is something to be said about Salamanca, is how it is home to a great variety of places to visit and discover that will make your stay a full, tourist experience. Both for nature-lovers, and people who prefer finding each of the secrets hidden in each village, this is the place for you.

We suggest you do the must-visits in the capital, such as la Casa de las Conchas, the cathedral where the famous astronaut is hiding, or the university, where you will have to pay close attention to spot a frog or two. La Casa de las Conchas, the Casa Lis, and El Huerto de Calixto y Melibea are a few of the city's most emblematic monuments. And, of course, don't forget to stroll around the Plaza Mayor.

For those who are more into nature, you will find here many hiking paths and routes that cross the mountains of this province such as the Béjar, France, and the impressive views Arribes del río Duero.

If you want some advice on how to spend a perfect weekend in Salamanca, pay close attention.

What to eat

What to eat in Salamanca

Salamanca has a great gastronomic tradition which will be able to enjoy wherever you go, and which treat each of the local products with great care and respect, resulting in some of the excellent recipes you will be able to enjoy here.

This province has become famous for the great amount of exportations to other countries, specially of Spanish ham and other raw meats, although its recipe book there is great variety of dishes that offer plenty of flavours, smells and colours.

The main dishes that represent the local gastronomy of this province have meat as their main ingredient, often used in stews and roast meals. The local meat, especially beef, is the protagonist of dishes like 'picadillo'.

Amongst the more substantial but also delicious dishes are 'farinato' and 'hornazo', which are usually served as a tapa in most establishments in this province, and which are also some of the most popular ones.

As for the local confectionery, sweeten your senses trying the 'bollo maimón', the 'amarguillos' and 'rosquillas de Ledesma', which are the favourite ones here.

And, to drink, PDO Arribes wine is one of the most popular ones in the province.

Our festivities

Festivities in Salamanca

Salamanca, like the rest of provinces in Spain, holds many traditions and festivities in its calendar.

Depending on where you are staying, there are different festivities that will allow you to discover the history, customs and culture of this region in depth and, of course, its folklore.

There is no better way to getting to know a place than joining in the celebrations here. Amongst the most popular ones is the carnival in Ciudad Rodrigo, one of the most interesting and fun festivities that you will be able to enjoy in here. La Fiesta del Almendro is held in the town of Fregeneda during February, marking the beginning of the festivities of Salamanca's calendar.

Last but not least, the Corpus Christi is a special occasion celebrated here with great devotion and intensity.

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Maria Teresa Herrero Roman

Maria Teresa
6 Pass

Las Eras de las Arribes
Review translated from Spanish

The house is very well equipped, has everything you need both in household appliances and in household goods and bedding and towels. It is wide and has a good barbecue. A large area around the house...

luis tapia jiménez

6 Pass

Maria Luisa B
Review translated from Spanish

The owner, Fermà ¥ n is very attentive and helpful. The situation of the accommodation is at the entrance to the town, you can walk to it, it is About five minutes.   The house is very...

Javier Rubio Ramiro

8 Great

Casa Rural Bellavista
Review translated from Spanish

It is a house that for a couple is. very well. Although it has beds for 4, the place can stay a little right at lunchtime or dinner, but nothing overwhelming.   Just 30 kilometers from...

Ricardo Guijarro Crespo

6 Pass

Casa Rural Bellavista
Review translated from Spanish

The house is well located, near the motorway, in a quiet place. Good attention by the owner.   Against it, I would say that the bathrooms are not very practical and perhaps the...


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