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Welcome to Almeria

The mixture of cultures and the beautiful seaside are the main protagonists in Almería, where you can enjoy of a day in the beach by the calm Mediterranean sea waters.

But if what you fancy is a cultural during your stay of rural tourism in Almería, you just need to ask, and we will offer you a variety of very interesting destinations for you. One of them is Alcazaba, a fortress dating from the Arabian invasion of Spain. You will also find here some great city walls, just like the ones in Jairán. All of this, is joined together in its religious architecture, represented in its cathedral, and its more modern one.

Also, due to the very fertile territory which surrounds it, this area provides for the essential product of some of its most representative dishes, paprika, and is also home of the most arid desert in the whole country, make of this a spectacular landscape that you need to see for yourself.

All of the above, together with the warm temperatures that predominate during most of the year, make of this province one of the top tourist destinations here in Spain.

Don't waste another second waiting to find the right rural accommodation and enjoy all of this,as well as of the local gastronomy, full of fish and seafood.

Explore the region

Located in the Southeast of the Iberian peninsula, this province is home to some of the most peculiar and unique landscapes where the views of the Mediterranean in which it swims, together with the vast, arid, land extensions that have made of this a never-ending desert, make of this a top destination for holidays here in Spain, and more and more, internationally-wise.

A true paradise where bad weather seems to be never on the menu, makes this a perfect destination for any time of the year.

With more than 200 Km of coast, half of which is made out of beaches and small, virgin bays.

It is considered by many to be a unique destination worth discovering, no doubt.

About the region

If you have imagined yourself spending your holidays in the coast, here in Almería, it is possible that you recognize some of the views once you arrive.

And the reason is that, this landscape combining sea and nature with sand areas that are practically completely desertic, has been the set of some of the most famous Western films.

Tourism and cinema are closely related in Almería.

Some of the most famous films filmed in here include “Shalako”, with Brigitte Bardot and Sean Connery, or “Once Upon a Time in the West”, from 1968 with Sergio Leone and Henry Fonda.

As you can see, Almería is full of surprises, and if you want to feel like in a true Western film, you only need to come down here.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Almeria

Staying in Almería is difficult. Well, actually, what is difficult is choosing only one place to stay here, from the many charming villages and towns where you can stay.

Some of them are in the coast, some in the inland, and some even in the mountains. The most popular ones, in terms of the number of visitors they receive each year, is Mojácar, which has become the perfect place for holidays for youngsters, since it is close to the beach and very lively nights.

Roquetas de Mar is another of its popular destinations, where strolling about its marina, o swimming in its beaches, is the perfect combination for you to enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Tabernas and its spectacular desert can also be a very good option, just like San José, a small and very quiet fishing town where you can enjoy of some great views and the best quality life.

And like these, you will find many other destinations, open for you to discover them little by little, an their beaches that make for an ideal place for family holidays, nature lovers....

What to do

What to do in Almeria

When you have finally found the right place and it's one with such a wide tourist offer, choosing whichever route you will be following in your trip is not so easy, but it's not impossible either. If you want to spend a day in the beach, you will find many options here, with some of the most popular beaches being la Playa de los Muertos, Mónsul, los Genoveses, or Playazo. Don't forget visiting the small, natural oasis such as the one of Arrecife de las Sirenas, or any of its intimate, virgin bays around it.

The viewpoints located in the highest parts of the province will allow you to enjoy of the most impressive views of the Cabo de Gata, an ideal spot to wait for the sunset. For the more daring ones, the desert in Tabernas will make you feel like you're in a proper Tuareg.

The cathedral and the Alcazaba are two examples of the combination of cultures that is particular to this area, and which you will be able to witness in the city itself. For a more cultural visit, visiting the archaeological site in Berja is also a great option to learn more about this area.

What to eat

What to eat in Almeria

Por supuesto, no pueden faltar los pescados, cocinados con patatas y productos de huerta también. The location of Almería and its combination of sea and mountain, are reflected in the local gastronomy where they are both joined in the most delicious dishes that combine products coming from both.

You can't miss out on trying the local specialties, such as traditional dishes like Gurullos con conejo, a dish that is prepared especially during hunting season, where rabbit becomes very popular.

The Olla de Trigo is another of the star dishes of the local gastronomy, bean based and mixed together with flour and pork, in any of its local variants.

Finding escargots in you menu will be the perfect reminder of where you are staying, as they are a local delicacy, and very popular here.

Of course, you mustn't forget of the local fish, usually cooked with potatoes or vegetables on the side.

Our festivities

Festivities in Almeria

There are festivities and occasions that you must join celebrating here if you have the chance to, because of the fun they are and the cheerful atmosphere that you will see during these days.

Grab a pen and a paper and write down the Fiesta de la Castaña, celebrated in Paterna del Río, one of the biggest events celebrated around here. Moros y Cristianos is another special occasion for the inhabitants in Mojácar, who celebrate it with great devotion. Another important date in the town of Huebro is the romeria, or pilgrimage, where thee arrival of the Moorish population is commemorated.

Last but not least, you cannot miss the Feria de Almería, which the biggest event celebrated in the capital, honouring the Virgen del Mar during the 9 days that this celebration takes place, during the second half of August.

As you will see, participating and engaging in the local celebrations of Almería is, without question, one of the best experiences you will be able to enjoy doing if you're staying in this province.

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10 Excellent

Cortijo La Molina de Cabo de Gata
Review translated from Spanish

The house is Perfect has everything you need.   To put a hit is that the houses to be so close together you hear everything and we had the bad luck to coincide with a group of young...

juan francisco lajara mármol

Juan Francisco
8 Great

Casa Violeta 1
Review translated from Spanish

Very nice surroundings, new homes. There is a lack of decoration and furnishing more home and more, because for example the beds were not very...


8 Great

Casa Aloe Vera- Luna Nueva
Review translated from Spanish

In a quite solitary place, and with few options without a vehicle, you will find a set of houses of different sizes.   All very faithful to the offered.   The houses are...

Francisco Javier Gutiérrez Lima

Francisco Javier
10 Excellent

Casa Aloe Vera- Isabel
Review translated from Spanish

We spent three wonderful days in the rural house.   This is very well connected to the town and the roads are excellent.   The fireplace provides a very cozy and at the...


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