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Welcome to Zamora

This literary province hides in its territory many corners that you cannot miss.

Aware of the beauty of this place, many artists have tried to capture the magic that lives in this place in the poetry from the Middle-Ages. Now you can be the one who can make them come to life in this land, considered a with many historic and artistic heritage sites, such as its cathedral or the city walls.

If there is something to highlight of this place is the landscape, with places such as the banks of the river Duero, which cuts across the whole city, and is crossed by up to five bridges. But you mustn't forget to check out places such as the Lago de Sanabria, a giant water surface that happens to be the largest frozen lake of the whole Iberian Peninsula.

Add to your list checking out the local festivities of this region, especially the processions held during Easter week which always welcome many visitors.

To wrap up your stay of rural tourism in Zamora we recommend you sit down on a table and try some 'arroz a la zamorana', or some 'bacalao a la tranca', since both of them will have paprika and garlic, two main elements of the local gastronomy, as their main protagonists.

A province that you need to explore and discover thanks to the many accommodation options that we can offer you.

Explore the region

The river Duero cuts across this city under the five bridges that cross it, the last of them built in 2013. Along its streets you will find historical and important monuments amongst which you will find an example of Spanish Modern architecture from 1920 and that meant a huge economic rise, and up to 14 churches built in the Romanesque style, and 23 temples that make this the city with the largest and best preserved Romanesque heritage in Europe. At the very center of it you will also find the city walls, which gave it the name of “La Bien Cerrada” (the well closed one). You will be fascinated by this city.

About the region

There is a Spanish saying that says that Zamora was not conquered in just one hour, but what you might not know is that it began to be used in 1072, and makes reference to the 7 months of war that took place in this region.

Along its streets you will find hidden street paintings that also catch the eye of its visitors.

Visiting this province will be an unforgettable experience any time of the year, but especially during winter,when the temperatures reach up to an average f 13ºC.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Zamora

In this historical city you will find a very inviting number of accommodation where you can stay while you explore the most beautiful spots of this region. You will fall in love with the city center, since from here you will be able to see the wonderful views of the Romanesque buildings, whereas in the smaller towns around the valley of Zamora, you will enjoy of some well-deserved peace and tranquility.

Some of them like the the Granja de Moreruela are crossed by the Camino de Santiago, and in the monastery here you will be able to do a 3D visit. In Benavente, on the other hand, you will find many mansions from the time it was one of the richest regions. You cannot forget to visit either the surroundings of the Sanabria lake, with many castles and palaces which you can visit and enjoy of the views of the Natural Park.

What to do

What to do in Zamora

The 11th century was a turning point for the architecture of this city, and resulting in some of the most beautiful buildings. One of them is the cathedral, built in the 12th century and renovated in the Gothic style 3 centuries after. Between those periods, up to 22 churches were also built in the city, the most important of them being the Iglesia de San Pedro and San Ildefonso. During this period, the city walls were built, and you can still see some of what remains from them.

Moving forward to the last century, you will also find here many buildings built in the Modernist style, such as the Teatro Ramos Carrión or the current Círculo de Zamora.

You can also visit here the lake of Sanabria, one of the most spectacular natural sights of the province.

What to eat

What to eat in Zamora

There are up to 9 PDO products that you should try at least once during your stay in this province. The famous restaurants you will find here offer some of the most succulent dishes such as 'arroz a la zamorana', 'cocido' elaborated with Fuentesaúco chickpeas, or 'Ternera de Aliste'.

For a quick snack, there is nothing like some local cheese and wine, from the 45 wine cellars that are located along the banks of the river Duero. For dessert, the cream-filled 'cañas zamoranas' are mouthwatering, just like sugared almonds, which are often eaten during Easter.

Our festivities

Festivities in Zamora

And without leaving Easter week, this religious festivity was acknowledged as being of tourist interest already in the 80s, thanks to the processions that have been celebrater for decades, and during which altarpieces from the 15th century are shown.

Another very popular festivity celebrated here are the Fiestas de San Pedro, which start on the 29th of June, honouring the patron of the town, and during which concerts, bullfighting, traditional regional dances and fireworks are held, as well as activities like a pottery and garlic market.

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Celestino Mosquera Fontán

10 Excellent

Alojamiento Marel
Review translated from Spanish

Perfect in attention and situation, absolute tranquility 5 minutes from the Bridge. Perfect for children with its wide garden and playground. We had a perfect time to use the barbecue, as well that...

Nerea Pérez Gutiérrez

6 Pass

Alojamiento Marel
Review translated from Spanish

A very nice place, we had several problems and a little cold but then we had a good time. The environment is...


10 Excellent

Casa Abuela
Review translated from Spanish

I recommend it, the house is spectacular, it has a bathroom in all the rooms and the pool area is incredible.   The owners very attentive, an unbeatable deal. They invite you to...


10 Excellent

Casa de Ignacio
Review translated from Spanish

This is located in a spectacular environment, we have received excellent treatment and the house is very well!!   100% recommended for lovers of nature and tranquility and also ideal...


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