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Welcome to Pontevedra

Come visit Pontevedra, a place to rest, eat good food, and discover some of its magical places. Neighbouring in the south with Portugal, and swimming in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, this a favourite one for nature-lovers, allowing them to enjoy of natural treasures like Islas Cíes, a preserved and protected environment that you can only access by boat, and the isle of Ons, another natural paradise waiting to be discovered by those coming to do rural tourism in Pontevedra.

This province in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, shares its frontier with Portugal. An area where it frequently rains and of mild temperatures, thanks to the presence of the sea, resulting in the characteristic abundant greenery, and spectacular marine diversity, worth exploring.

Pontevedra is also a place where you can be served some of the most fresh and delicious seafood platters, with some of the excellent local wine from the Rías Baixas, will turn any meal into an exquisite banquet where you will find products like octopus, mackerel, 'empanadas' and pork, amongst many others. You will also find here the National Park of the Islas Atlánticas, a must if you come here.

The Rías Baixas, with Pontevedra in its top, are home to locations where you can take into their incredible views, such as Combarro, Baiona o Sanxenxo, and where you can spot the traditional 'hórreos' that look as if they are about to fall into the sea, Castelo de Monte, or the nightlife of the fishing town of Portonovo.

There are many things to see and visit here and, of you let us, we can make it all possible for you.

Explore the region

Pontevedra is a province that will give you a glimpse of the best views of the landscape in Galicia, and a place where you will be able to enjoy learning about history and culture.

It is not a very large province, which means that here you will find both coast and inland parts, with vast natural spaces, only a few kilometers away.

Along the region you will find the Rías Baixas, one of the main sources of economic activity of the region.

There is also a great variety of elements that will give you a taste of the history and magic of this region, that are still present nowadays in the culture and traditions that have been kept.

Both in the capital, where you will find many examples of Romanesque art, as well as in the coast, the tourist offer is very large here and with a great variety of options, which means that you will be able to enjoy doing very different kinds of fun and leisure activities.

About the region

This province borders with three other of Galicia's provinces, A Coruña, Lugo, and Orense, ans with the Atlantic Ocean, giving you some of the best views.

The largest city of this region is Vigo, whereas the capital is Pontevedra. It is also a province that offers its tourists one of the best and most renown gastronomies of Spain, where seafood is the star ingredient in it, known and admired internationally.

There is also a national park, and many monuments built in the Romanesque style, which predominate in the province.

There is a special something in Pontevedra that you must see for yourself and that we are sure it will make you fall in love with it more with every step you walk in here. Both the capital and the surrounding towns and villages will discover to you the great heritage of this region so that you ca learn more about its culture.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Pontevedra

If you are thinking about coming to this province, you can stay in the capital, although we must tell you that the accommodation there consists mainly in hotels which often become full very quickly.

Nevertheless, there are areas in the outskirts of the city that will offer you the peace and quiet that you need to enjoy of the perks of staying far from the bustle, and explore in depth each corner of its natural landscape. You will find in the outskirts of the city true natural gems such as Combarro, which has deep-rooted, longtime seafaring tradition, and an fishing village look with the famous 'hórreo' constructions and the boats, overlooking the sea.

In the area of Ría de Arousa you will find the town of Cambado and its traditional and impressive architecture worth visiting.

Baiona and Sanxenxo are coastal towns where you will be able to enjoy of the tranquility of its beaches, a perfect plan for the day.

O Grove is known as the seafood town, so much so, that there is a special occasion dedicated to this product. It is also close to the entrance to Ría de Arousa, where the views are spectacular.

What to do

What to do in Pontevedra

There is a very wide offer of activities to enjoy of the tranquility, culture and folklore of this region, and explore each of its hidden spots.

To begin with, we suggest you get to know the capital of this province, the main touristic focus of the province, and a place where you can visit the sanctuary of Santuario de la Peregrina, or the remains of the convent of Santo Domingo.

Another location of this province that you cannot forget to visit is A Guarda, a fishing village with a very unique atmosphere that has become a favourite European destination par excellence. If you are looking for the right beach, in Sanxenxo you will find some of the most beautiful ones here, such as A Lanzada or Caneliñas. Vigo, the most populated city in the province, is home to the natural reserve of Las Islas Atlánticas, a true natural treasure. All of this, together with the seaside views that will accompany each stage of your journey ,make Vigo an ideal destination.

To wrap this intense tourist tour up, you can also visit the Illa de A Toxa , a place famous for its thermal bath, which will make for a great, relaxing day.

What to eat

What to eat in Pontevedra

You will fall in love with the local gastronomy. Here you will find many local products which are truly natural, and will guarantee the best flavours, the best cooking techniques and, of course, the essence of the tradition of this province.

Due to its location in between 'rías', the most commonly used ingredients used in the local cuisine are fish and seafood, which have a very good reputation, and also reach other provinces in Galicia. Amongst the most popular dishes is 'lacón con grelos', a traditional dish made with pork shoulder and a local, green and leafy vegetable which is boiled and cooked with the pork. Turbots, conger eels, hakes, and baby eels are some of the fish that predominate in Pontevedra's gastronomy.

Amongst the most popular ones is the famous 'empanada gallega', a savoury pastry elaborated with the local fish of this area.

For dessert, some of the local delicacies here are quince, or the so famous 'filloas', that will add the perfect, sweet, final touch to your meal.

Our festivities

Festivities in Pontevedra

If you would like to discover Pontevedra in all its glory, and enjoy each of the days of your stay here to the maximum, all you have to do is write down the following festive dates.

It is during these days that you will be able to truly get to know and enjoy of its customs, tradition, culture and people, either during the local religious, gastronomic or amusement events.

Amongst the most important local celebrations in the province is the Fiesta de San Benitiño de Lérez, which takes place in the 11th of July and has been declared of National Tourist Interest. A Rapa das Bestas is another local festivity that has become more popular through the years and is celebrated in several places in Galícia.

In the town of Ponteareas you will also be greeted with one of the most important festivities in the whole region the first Monday of Easter, known and celebrated here as San Cibrán.

To wrap this trip up, one of the most emblematic festivities of cultural interest is Pontevedra's Jazz festival, which has also become very popular with time. It I held in July, and the historical center of the city is brightened up and decorated to welcome its thousands of visitors.

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Apartamentos Aqualecer
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We had a weekend in the apartment and the truth is that it was great, everything in general.   This is well located, close to several beaches, and the pool is not bad, though maybe a...

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We were four friends a weekend and the truth is that we were at home.   Fernando, the owner very kind and attentive, was waiting for us to give us the keys, he had the stove on and he...


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