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Welcome to Malaga

Málaga is the very epicenter of La Costa del Sol; Málaga is joy. It's the iconic Casas Blancas. It's the 'pescaíto', is flamenco, a guitar being played next to a bonfire and, of course, the sea on the background.

But here you can also do turismo rural en Málaga. This will be your dream come true when you step on Sierra de Tejeda, next to Alhama and Almijara, which together provide for an almost infinite landscape. Málaga is also home to Sierra de las Nieves, between cliffs and riverbanks. And, of course, it is also home to the Alcornocales, the typical woods in the north of this province, where the sound of water and the green of the landscape will fill your senses.

Without forgetting to mention the beauty that resides in places like the town of Ronda, Mijas or Teba. Ever heard of any of them? Choose one between the many accommodation options that we have for this region, and enjoy of the special charm that resides here.

Explore Malaga

Málaga belongs to the region of Andalucía, in the south of the Mediterranean coast, and has a unique and special charm about it that makes it one of the popula provinces in Andalucía.

It is also a region of great relevance since it played a key role in Spain's history, with much of its historical heritage, and essence, still intact. Located between the provinces of Granada, Cádiz, Córdoba and Sevilla, this province will offer you a unique experience.

You will find here many areas with some of the greatest beaches, as well as inland parts where you can explore the famous Pueblos Blancos, and get lost in them and in their unquestionable beauty.

All of these, together with the warm temperature that you will be able to enjoy during most of the year, make this a true gem for those visitors who like to enjoy of great views, culture and gastronomy in its purest essence.

About the region of Malaga

This province, which shares its waters with the Mediterranean sea, offers some of the best options to enjoy doing tourism to the fullest. Both during winter and summer, but especially during summer, it welcomes thousands of visitors who come here to enjoy the 160 Km of beaches and fine sand, and leave the rest to the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea.

You will also find amongst the natural places of interest here, more than fifteen protected natural spaces where the flora and fauna make here, are its most important natural patrimony.

On the other hand, the local gastronomy offers visitors recipes where the natural products from the land acquire special relevance in the colours and smell of their dishes.

As you can see, coming to Málaga means to enjoy spending a few days doing tourism in this area, welcoming you to an experience that can be enjoyed during the day as much as in the night, and where you will have plenty of things to do, see, and enjoy of.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Malaga

Málaga has a very large accommodation offer that responds to the very high tourist demand in this area. If you would like to visit this province during summer season, you need to know that is its highest demand season, which means finding accommodation becomes extra difficult, particularly if you want to stay by the beach.

If you would like to enjoy of a quieter place, where you can also experience a less crowded essence of Málaga, we suggest you give rural tourism a try, where visiting the towns and villages in the rest of the province will allow you to get to know the area a little bit more.

Amongst the most important locations, we recommend visiting the home of the river Tajo: Ronda. And with it, the impressive views that have served as the inspiration for many artists.

If you are a fan of big contrasts, we suggest you visit Antequera, and its moon-like landscape. A true natural gem to immortalize.

Nerja, and the impressive caves in it, has been the set of some famous films and tv-shows, such as the Spanish show “Verano Azul”. Another unique experience here is enjoying of the views from the Balcón de Europa, which are some of the most impressive ones in the continent. Frigiliana, caught in middle of a natural reserve, Archidona, and Júzcar, the smurf town and of the most peculiar ones in the area, are waiting for you with open arms.

Many of these small destinations are in the list of the most beautiful villages in Andalucía.

What to do

What to do in Malaga

This province offers a great amount of things to do, places to visit and areas to explore and get lost in, and where you will be able to discover Málaga's art and true essence in depth.

Amongst the things that you can't forget to visit in this province, you can start with the Tajo de Ronda and its views that are not fit for those afraid of heights, as they will have to cross the Puente Nuevo, the only construction that separates people, from the 100 m of void below.

From the age of the Muslim invasion, we recommend visiting the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro, a 15,000 m2 land extension that is nowadays very little compared to its original structure. For those travelling with children and are looking for ideas to surprise them, the Cuevas de Nerja are an excellent choice for them to enjoy of this cave complex, where they will be able to discover cave paintings which are more than 42,000 years old.

On the other hand, Mija is also one of the most popular destinations here. It might be for the peculiar donkey-taxis, or because of the characteristic white of its lovely houses.

To wrap up your trip with a natural touch, the Torcal in Antequera, and Sierra Bermeja are the best place for a day trip to the mountain.

What to eat

What to eat in Malaga

The influence that this region has received of many other civilizations throughout the ages, can be seen in its gastronomy, with the influence of elements from the Phoenician culture, to the Arab and, of course, of the typically castilian gastronomy.

There are two main things that differentiate the local cuisine depending on which are you are staying. There is the gastronomy typical from the areas that are by the coast, where small fish are the main ingredient, specially prepared in fritters. A nice and tasty example of this are 'espetos de sardinas'. Some other local popular dishes are the 'porra antequerana' a cold soup very similar to the 'salmorejo', or the 'gazpachuelo', another soup but which is eaten warm, and has fish a the main ingredient for the broth.

For dessert, amongst the local sweets delicacies are those produced in Antequera, such as the 'tortas' and the 'roscos de almendra' that are typical from this town. During Christmas, 'alfajores', 'mantecados' and 'borrachuelos' are the preferred desserts to finish up a traditional meal.

Our festivities

Festivities in Malaga

Málaga is a province of deep-rooted festive spirit, so much so, that you will find a local festivity honouring the town or village, and its patron saint, almost everywhere. If you're travelling to Málaga, one of the best ways to get to know its customs, culture and tradition, is engaging in the local festivities where you will be able to witness it first hand.

Amongst its more popular ones is the Feria de Málaga, a very important event for the people of Málaga where you will find plenty of traditional elements, typical food, dancing, and traditional dances from this region.

Another of the main festivities celebrated here with great fervour here, and in most of the provinces of Andalucía, is Easter week. During this week devoted to religious celebrations, you will see its is plagued with processions, religious canticles, and the images of saints, who are met in the biggest religious event of the year, which in this province acquires special relevance.

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Margarita Cabrera

10 Excellent

Cortijo Capellanía
Review translated from Spanish

The Cortijo has seemed to me as well as my whole family a very pleasant place. Special mention to how careful you are; and to the interior and exterior cleaning. The bad: some day connection failures...

Ana Robles Anaya

8 Great

El Ranchito de Martín
Review translated from Spanish

Beautiful, the environment and the house. The wonderful pool.   Perfect for disconnecting and recharging...

6 Pass

Casa Colica (Cómpeta)
Review translated from Spanish

The area is beautiful and the house is well, not suitable for children. Area of ​​avocado trees, orange trees, lemon trees and vines grown in a steep but beautiful area.   The access...

Andres Ruiz Gil

8 Great

Casa Balcón del Río
Review translated from Spanish

It has been a great stay in a magnificent house, and therefore, there are no buts to put.   Everything in perfect order and details.   For putting a snag, I'll say that...


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