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Welcome to Jaen

When we say Jaén, olive oil instantly pops up in your mind. Because this province from Andalucía is the cradle of Spain's liquid gold, the essence of Spanish gastronomy. But not only that. This province is also home to a great variety of historical monuments, and where you will find an oasis of peace, such as its Periurban natural space.

The many rural and natural spaces here are also one of the main attractions for visitors, offering a quiet and peaceful paradise, and a place to escape from the frenzy of daily life. In this sense, one of the natural highlights of this area is the Sierra Mágina, with its impressive orography, and the mountains of Sierra Castril, where you will be able to take a break by the banks of the river, two great options if you decide to stay and do rural tourism in Jaén

Baeza and Úbeda are some of the most representative destinations, often visited for their historical monuments, considered UNESCO world heritage sites.

Explore the region

Welcome to Jaén, a green country with a great number of natural spaces that are assembled in some of the most spectacular panoramic views.

This is one of the provinces Andalucía, in the northeast specifically. You can find in its inland territory, apart from great natural spaces, many remnants of the its historical and cultural legacy, with two cities the historical complexes of which have been declared UNESCO world heritage sites.

Jaén is also a province with a very wide tourist offer, both for the day and nightlife, when the streets are alive with youth. During summer or in winter, this province opens its doors to thousands fo visitors that come every year to see it wonders. It is, without question, the perfect destination forth both short and long term stays.

About the region

This is a charming region, where you will be able to explore in depth all the magic hidden in it, which is the result of a combination of the history, culture, nature and excellent gastronomy. From the latter, we must let you know that is Spain's land of olive oil and Spanish ham par excellence, which makes experiencing the local gastronomy one of the main attractive aspects of this destination.

Apart from its historical heritage, with a predominance of monuments from the Renaissance era, you can also visit here the many castles that have been watching over the towns and villages for centuries. There is, in fact, the option of visiting all of them if you do the Ruta de los Castillos y las Batallas, where the history of each of them is explained in detail.

On the other hand, and for nature lovers, here you will have a great variety of offers that will enable you to explore up to four natural reserves, and the mountains, which have impressive views.

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Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Jaen

Staying in Jaén, means doing so in a place full of history and places to visit. Both in the capital as well as in the nearby cities, towns and villages, they will reveal something about the history of Spain. In the capital, you will most of the accommodation offer in hotels, which are fully booked more often than not, specially during spring and summer, which means that you will have to search accommodation in advance if you're travelling during that time.

But one o the experiences that we recommend the most is enjoying of a rural stay in one of the many accommodations scattered in the small towns and villages around the province. The best option to enjoy of this is, to begin with, the small town of Baños de la Encina, which has the oldest castle in Europe, Burglimar, offering one of the most spectacular views of the monument, especially at night when the city walls are illuminated.

The fortress of La Mota is one of the most famous ones in the whole country, in Alcalá la Real, a place full of history and where many important figures have left their mark on it, such as the Arcipreste de Hita, amongst many others. We also recommend La Iruela, specially to nature-lovers, a place where they will find one of the best ways to access to Parque Natural de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas. A truly spectacular place.

What to do

What to do in Jaen

Jaen's landscape is one of the landmarks of this region: the immense field olive fields that tinges its postcard-like landscape and towns, with green. This is why those who are looking to engage in a more active tourism can enjoy here of the different hiking routes and mountain paths that you will find in this area.

Visiting Úbeda and Baeza will allow you to discover two of the most important cities of the region. So much so, that they are both UNESCO world heritage sites because of their beauty and the good conditions in which their treasures from the Renaissance era, have been preserved. To learn a bit more about its history, you can also visit some of its museums, such as el Museo del Aceite y el Jamón, two of the main economic activities of the province.

Back in the capital, you can visit the castle of Santa Catalina and the cathedral, two of the most important elements of the architecture of the city that mustn't forget to visit. For a slightly different visit, we must let you know that there is also a desert in Jaén,the desert of Larva, which is one of the lesser known deserts in Spain. We recommend, for this very same reason, that you check it out.

What to eat

What to eat in Jaen

The gastronomy of the province of Jaén is, like the rest of Spain, the result of a combination of cultures and invasions from other civilizations throughout history, and which have left their mark also in the local cuisine.

What everyone know is that, none of the local recipes can be understood without their precious olive oil, the main protagonist of this province.

All of the local dishes contain this ingredient, preserving thus the essence and tradition of Jaén's past in the elaboration of them.

Getting to know the local gastronomy means trying the true taste of Jaén, where vegetables and game meat dishes predominante.

Some of the traditional recipes here are the 'andrajos' a dish inherited from the humble and agricultural roots of its people elaborated with a vegetable sauce and a main ingredient that can be either cod or rabbit.

You will also find rabbit in other dishes such as 'guilindorro', or the 'galianos'.

As an appetizer, there is a very common dish here called 'ajo atao' made of potatoes, olive oil and garlic that you should definitely try. As for dessert, treat yourself with the sweet delicacy of 'panecillos de leche, a very typical dessert eaten in Easter.

Our festivities

Festivities in Jaen

There are many festivities to celebrate in this province, which will give you a taste of the culture and traditions of this region. They are, therefore, one of the best moments of the year to get to know the villages, folclore and, in general, the traditions from here.

Also, depending on where you're staying, you will see that the local traditions will be more focused on religion, culture, or just having fun.

The Romería de la Virgen de la Cabeza, in Andújar, is held to honour the patroness of this town, and it usually becomes crowded with faithful churchgoers that have been walking up the mountain of Cerro del Cabezo, ever since 1304.

Easter is everywhere in Jaén one of the most important occasions celebrated, and one where you will be able to enjoy of the true essence of the province. You will see it has many followers, and some of them foreign visitors who also join the locals in their celebrations, street parades and processions.

The Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos, which takes place during August, is another of the main festivities in the area of the natural reserve of Sierra Mágina.

You will find these, and many other things to celebrate here and that you shouldn't miss.

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Rafael Tapia Berbel

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Cueva Francisco - Cazorla Casas Cueva
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It is an ideal house, comfortable, clean and with that jacuzzi, I do not tell you ... but more!   The attentive landlords, with many details of reception, but also know how to explain...

Ángel Fernández Fernández

10 Excellent

Cueva Francisco - Cazorla Casas Cueva
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A very beautiful experience The house is excellent and the hosts more, very nice and friendly.   The house is idyllic for two people and the fireplace makes it special....

Jose Candido Rubio Puertas

Jose Candido
10 Excellent

Casa Hoya Don Gaspar
Review translated from Spanish

Great farm in the countryside, near the village, and with all the amenities.   Tranquility and luxury. Very good price / quality ratio.   The hosts very nice and...


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