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Holiday Cottages, Country Houses in France

Holiday Cottages & Country Houses in France: 1230 offers for full rental country houses or guest houses-Bed & Breakfast, for a getaway in a charming rural house in France. Compare prices, reviews and areas for rural tourism. Book your Vacation Rental safely.

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Why you should visit France?

Welcome to France! An unforgettable trip awaits if you have chosen this country as your next destination for your next holidays.

Before visiting this country, known also as the Republic of France, we are going to give you some details about some of the most important characteristics of this country so that you don't miss anything, and to make sure you can enjoy the tourism in this area to the fullest.

If you already have your bags and your direct ticket to France all ready and set, you should know that you are travelling to the second largest country in Europe, a place where there are spectacular contrasts that will make you live hundreds of adventures and get to know both coastal areas and cities impregnated with an unforgettable culture. Its streets full of life and its friendly atmosphere will captivate you.

It has different climates, and depending on the area and the altitude of the place you are travelling to, you will find a different one. In the south, you will find a mild climate to enjoy along its kilometres of coast, while in the north, the more oceanic climate with frequent rainfall will accompany you. So, choose wisely what you want on your trip, and start enjoying a perfect holiday.

For those of you who are looking for sun and beach tourism, Nice or Cannes are perfect destinations for it, but also to surround yourself by an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity that you will also find in Saint Tropez, a place that in summer is filled with celebrities who want to enjoy the French coast and its views.

On the other hand, mountaineers will find their own natural amusement park here: the French Alps, one of the most important mountain ranges in Europe, is also cradle of one of the star of mountain sports, alpinism. Take your skis and throw yourself on the different slopes in the area.

Once you have travelled through its beaches and mountains, you cannot miss the charming French villages, some of them perched on the mountains, such as Chamonix Mont Blanc, Yvoire or Annecy, and others with a fishing and traditional essence.

Thinking a little bit bigger, France has some outstanding cities too. A good starting point could be its capital, Paris, which gather the majority of tourists that visit this country and is also the largest city in the country, known as the City of Light.

To visit this capital is to enjoy the famous Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles or the Notre Dame Cathedral in a walk through the almost forty bridges that cross the Seine River, which runs through the whole city.

And, like this city, there are others that offer much to visit and to discover the personality of France and the French themselves.

Moreover, a large part of the particular character of the French comes from their famous festivities. Events such as the National Day, which is the biggest patriotic display in the country and which takes place on July 14th in commemoration of the taking of the Bastille. The Nice Carnivals, the Saint Louis Festival and the Cannes Festival in May are also perfect representations of its culture.

Last but not least, let us address its gastronomic culture too, one of the richest and most valued worldwide and with a great variety of fresh products, as well as cheeses and wines that have the highest recognition on an international level.

With all this, who could resist visiting France?

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