The best Bungalows, Log Cabins in France of 2022

Bungalows, Log Cabins in France

Guide to Bungalows and Cabin Logs in France. All offers to rent bungalows and log cabins in France sorted by location, with prices and reviews from other guests available for you to make sure you enjoy your holidays or a getaway in a different way.

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Why you should choose France for a rental Bungalow / Log Cabin?

The most important thing when travelling is comfort. When we travel and think about booking an accommodation, we usually think look for comfort first. Holidays are made to disconnect from reality and relax in natural surroundings. To do this, you have to take into account the destination and the accommodation, and what better accommodation than a bungalow or in a campsite?

You have several options, two very interesting ones are to stay in a bungalow or in a chalet. What is the difference? How are they similar? Which one to choose?

Bungalows are houses generally made of wood, with a single story and with wide porches perfectly integrated in nature, besides having also a long tradition and history.

This style was adopted by the British for the construction of their summer retreats during colonial rule, and transported to Europe and the United States.

The second option, chalets, tend to be small houses. In the tourist industry, a chalet is generally a modest and often comfortable type of accommodation, usually located in a rural or semi-rural area. They are usually equipped with huge balconies to admire the beautiful views.

In France, you will find a large number of bungalows and chalets, as they are accommodations that offer a large number of advantages. They are preferred over other options for their comfort and their average capacity, for families and groups of friends who want to spend some time together in a comfortable and quiet place of their own.

Campsites are another option that is becoming increasingly popular in France. More and more people are favouring this type of accommodation and staying in a bungalow is a very attractive option. There are also themed campsites and, depending on your preferences, you can stay in a bungalow in a natural park, on the beachfront or near a lake. France is full of incredible natural areas, so you will not be short of options.

You can combine the comfort of traditional accommodation with the authenticity of camping life. By choosing to spend your holiday in a bungalow on a campsite, you will enjoy a stay full of comfort and functionality, while experiencing the thrills of camping and outdoor life.

For people looking for something more isolated you can stay in a chalet, you will enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of nature isolated from others. It is often a more interesting option for couples who want to spend a few days alone and want that extra bit of independence and privacy.

Now that you know the differences between the two, all you have to do is plan your next trip!

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