Castell Vell
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Castell Vell

Masia Castell vell, s/n 08450 Llinars Del Valles (Barcelona)
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  • Large room of activities
  •  Dining room with yellow walls
  •  Recreation room with table football
  •  Room with 45 bunk beds
  •  Room with wooden lecterns and ceilings
  •  Outdoor swimming pool
  •  Ruins of the castle
  •  Picnic area
  •  Library square
  •  Pratginestós house
  •  Tenes river waterfall
  •  Route to Montseny peak
  •  Landscape of the region
  •  Panoramic view of the town

Description of Castell Vell

Llinás del Vallés is a municipality located in the region of the eastern Vallés en Barcelona . Their houses stand out for the typical arquitectatura of the area.

The hostel is on the edge of town and keeps a secret inside. It has 2 rooms that can be rented individually or completely and are as follows:
  • A room with wooden bunk beds with capacity for 20 perosnas.
  • Another room for 45 people .
The beds come equipped with clothes and the rooms have 2 and 3 bathrooms respectively where you will find shower trays .

In the interior of the hostel there are numerous stays:
  • The kitchen in which local seasonal recipes are always made.
  • A dining room with capacity for 65 people plus another for 20.
  • 4 rooms to make different activities and workshops having one of them foosball . You can rest and relax in them or play and be a child again.
In the outside you will have:
  • A large picnic area with wooden tables.
  • A sports area with soccer and volleyball courts.
  • Several barbecues to enjoy the best local gastronomy.
  • A pool that will delight big and small.
  • The ruins of a castle dating from the 10th century.
This Catalan house , with origin in the fifteenth century, has been running since the 60s and was completely renovated in 2010 . In it you will find everything you need to spend a few days that you will never forget.


Room for 45 or 20 people
from 15 €
person and night

This hostel has 2 rooms , 2 with bunk beds. In one room 45 people and in the other 20. They can be rented completely or separately , so you can enjoy your family or meet new people. In the rooms you will find:
  • Wooden bunk beds with equipped beds with the necessary clothes so as not to be cold at night.
  • Heating to adapt the temperature to your liking.
  • 3 bathrooms in the room of greater capacity and 2 in the other. They have individual showers.
It will be a experience where you can have a great time with your friends while you enjoy the numerous excursions and activities that you can do inside and outside the accommodation.

Sourroundings of Castell Vell

This hostel is located at Llinás del Vallés a municipality of Comarca del Vallés oriental . Although remains of the year 2200 before Christ were found in the municipality, it was not until 919 when it was first named. This place, of clear Arab influence , in addition to medieval houses numerous monuments among which we highlight:
  • The Lighthouse Castle . In the limits of the shelter, it was raised during the tenth century. An earthquake suffered in 1448 collapsed and a new one was built. His remains were found less than 50 years ago when this house of colonies began. The ruins can be visited a through the moats that surround the castle, which receives its name from an old church.
  • Natural Park of Montnegre and the Corridor . With an extension of 15000 hectares , this park where the pines abound as well as the encinares, robledales and cork oaks , has numerous routes where you can discover ancient ruins, dolmens, viewpoints and several rivers .
It is a beautiful region to meet with family or friends. Their parks hide inside them wonderful landscapes, ancient ruins and a few story forests.

Characteristics of Castell Vell (Rural Hostel)

from 15.4€ person and night
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