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10 Country Hostels in Barcelona, Spain from 15€

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Guide of Country Hostels in Barcelona. All offers to book in a rural hostel or rural inn in Barcelona with prices and reviews from other guests who have stayed there for holidays or for a getaway, for you. These accommodation is perfect for group or family trips with rooms with capacity for up to 14 people.
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    Camping L'Espelt - La Pobla De Lillet, Barcelona
    Country Hostels La Pobla De Lillet (Barcelona)
    from 13€
    person and night

    Our campsite is located within the population of La Pobla de Lillet, which is a quiet village that is part of the province of Barcelona.


    sleeps 5

    46 rooms

    20 bathrooms

  • 20 Photos

    Can Cadí - Saldes, Barcelona
    Country Hostels Saldes (Barcelona)
    from 17€
    person and night

    The refuge is located in the town of Saldes, Barcelona, ​​within the Cadí Natural Park. It is divided into 2 floors, in each one a hostel with different capacity is located: Ground floor: Shelter with capacity for 14 people First floor: Shelter with capacity for 28 people.

    sleeps 42

    2 rooms

    2 bathrooms

  • 21 Photos

    Albergue La Closa - Castellar De N'hug, Barcelona
    Country Hostels Castellar De N'hug (Barcelona)
    from 25€
    person and night

    Our hostel is located in a charming area called Castellar de n'Hug, , which is a quiet space where you will be able to enjoy your rest at Barcelona .

    sleeps 114

    13 rooms

    4 bathrooms

  • 17 Photos

    Casa de Colonias Mogent - Llinars Del Valles, Barcelona
    Country Hostels Llinars Del Valles (Barcelona)
    from 15€
    person and night

    Dare to enjoy unforgettable days in our region, we offer many activities perfect for family or group. Here you can meet many new people as we always have and host thousands of travelers every day from everywhere.

    sleeps 35

    4 rooms

    5 bathrooms

  • 23 Photos

    Can Puig - Sant Salvador De Guardiola, Barcelona
    Country Hostels Sant Salvador De Guardiola (Barcelona)
    from 25€
    person and night

    Our accommodation is located at Barcelona and offers you the best amenities you can imagine to make the most of your vacations.

    sleeps 90

    7 rooms

    2 bathrooms

  • 17 Photos

    Vallforners - Tagamanent, Barcelona
    Country Hostels Tagamanent (Barcelona)
    from 27€
    person and night

    Rural hostel located in a old Catalan farmhouse, near the Montseny Park (Barcelona). Offers the possibility of rent by units, by rooms, or in full.

    sleeps 22

    5 rooms

    3 bathrooms

  • 19 Photos

    Can Foix - Cubelles, Barcelona
    Country Hostels Cubelles (Barcelona)
    from 16€
    person and night

    Rural hostel located between the sea and the mountain y next to the city of Barcelona. It has multiple rooms with bunk, with the possibility of adding half or full board.

    sleeps 80

    12 rooms

    5 bathrooms

  • 18 Photos

    El Polell - Sant Pere De Vilamajor, Barcelona
    Country Hostels Sant Pere De Vilamajor (Barcelona)
    from 16€
    person and night

    Our accommodation is located within the area of ​​Sant Pere de Vilamajor, which is a town that belongs to the province of Barcelona. As for the outdoor areas, we have the best views of a...

    sleeps 16

    5 rooms

    4 bathrooms

  • 14 Photos

    Castell Vell - Llinars Del Valles, Barcelona
    Country Hostels Llinars Del Valles (Barcelona)
    from 15€
    person and night

    This rural hostel is the perfect option to spend a family holiday and, above all, if there are many children. You will have the option of renting it or you can share bunk with other families discovering new people and an adventure that you will not forget in life.

    sleeps 65

    2 rooms

    5 bathrooms

  • 15 Photos

    El Salt - Mura, Barcelona
    Country Hostels Mura (Barcelona)
    from 20€
    person and night

    If you want to spend a few days in contact with the nature enjoying the family and friends, this is your site. In our house you will find a comfortable and cozy accommodation where you can spend unforgettable moments doing activities or visiting some of the most beautiful landscapes of Catalonia

    sleeps 36

    3 rooms

    11 bathrooms

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