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Holiday Cottages & Country Houses in Cardona

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All holiday cottages & country houses in Cardona to rent. If you're thinking about doing rural tourism in the area, check prices, offers and reviews from other guests, to sleep in one of our rural houses in Cardona. Find charming country houses in Cardona with us for your holidays.
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  • 24 Photos

    Cal Baró d´Abella - Cardona, Barcelona
    Country Houses (full rental) Cardona, Cardona (Barcelona)
    from 33€
    person and night

    This house is located at Cardona , at Barcelona , and is located inside a large estate, next to another house. Stands out for its pool , covered and heated, for sports lovers, a track to play paddle . Next to the pool you can find a great solarium area , for those who want to sunbathe.... (Charming cottages Cardona)


    sleeps 12

    4 rooms

    4 bathrooms

  • 52 Photos

    La Torre Blanca - Cardona, Barcelona
    Country Houses (full rental) Cardona, Cardona (Barcelona)
    from 35€
    person and night

    If we move to Cardona, Barcelona, ​​we have this gigantic rural house that is located in a complex that has a swimming pool with air conditioning system and with a XX It has 3 floors and is able to accommodate 18 people , at most. Therefore, we consider it a perfect accommodation for... (Country houses Cardona)

    sleeps 18

    7 rooms

    7 bathrooms

  • 14 Photos

    Cal Miró Vell - Cardona, Barcelona
    Country Houses (rooms rental) Cardona, Cardona (Barcelona)
    from 31€
    person and night

    This beautiful house that you are seeing in the images is located in the region of Bages , more specifically in the municipality of Cardona, province of Barcelona . It is a rustic style housing, but at the same time modern . A 16th-century stone accommodation, which has been recently... (Holiday cottages Cardona)

    sleeps 19

    6 rooms

    6 bathrooms

  • 21 Photos

    Cal Miró Nou - Cardona, Barcelona
    Country Houses (full rental) Cardona, Cardona (Barcelona)
    from 32€
    person and night

    Our house is within the province of Barcelona , where you will be able to enjoy the best views of the area in which estamos. Cardona It is a spacious house, full of charm and you'll enjoy poder modern and complete interiore s, which complement the large outdoor in which I pass on... (Charming cottages Cardona)

    sleeps 12

    5 rooms

    5 bathrooms

  • 32 Photos

    Cal Cabreta - Cardona, Barcelona
    Country Houses (full rental) Cardona, Cardona (Barcelona)
    from 22€
    person and night

    Our rural house is in the middle of the forest, in zone pre-Pirenaica . A house for 20 people , although it can also be rented to a group of up to 10 people. This house has its origin more or less in eighteenth century . The rural accommodation has 6 bedrooms with own bathroom , some... (Country houses Cardona)

    sleeps 20

    6 rooms

    6 bathrooms

  • 17 Photos

    Torre d'en Bofill - Cardona, Barcelona
    Country Houses (rooms rental) Cardona, Cardona (Barcelona)
    from 62€
    person and night

    This stone-fronted farmhouse is located at Cardona , a Catalan municipality of the region of Bages west of the province of Barcelona . It was built in 1870 and a building annexed to it was restored 20 years ago for you to stay in these 5 rooms, rented y individual capacity for 10... (Rural houses Cardona)

    sleeps 10

    5 rooms

    5 bathrooms

  • 26 Photos

    Vilar Rural de Cardona - Cardona, Barcelona
    Boutique Hotels Cardona, Cardona (Barcelona)
    from 22€
    person and night

    The rural hotel , located in the province of Barcelona and in a town called Cardona , has a different layout that makes it even more special. XX Its structure resembles a village since the rooms are distributed around 2 streets and of course a square, typical in all the towns. The ... (Charming cottages Cardona)

    sleeps 105

    99 rooms

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