Hostal Pedraforca
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Hostal Pedraforca

Barri Maçarens 08697 Saldes (Barcelona)
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  • Cozy hostel
  •  Hostel with pool
  •  Hostel surrounded by flora
  •  Pedraforca Massif
  •  Pool with views
  •  Outdoor pool
  •  Double room
  •  Triple room
  •  Single beds
  •  Quadruple room
  •  Room for four
  •  Room toilet
  •  Hostel bar
  •  Restaurant prepared
  •  Restaurant with views
  •  Saldes
  •  Astronomical Observatory
  •  Castillo de Saldes
  •  Dolmen de Molers
  •  Information Center

Description of Hostal Pedraforca

This hostel of Saldes (Barcelona) will make you fall in love with its views of the Pedraforca mountain. In the middle of the forest and with nearby mountains, you will find an ideal environment in which to relax this vacation.
The hostel has 6 rooms and a capacity for 67 people in all its facilities. The bedrooms can be:

Double room.
  • You can count on a double bed or 2 single beds. These have a warm white duvet and some cushions of the same color or in red. The walls are painted white, although some may vary and be a reddish hue.
  • On the sides of the beds there are usually small night tables, made of wood, or with a glass top, which have a small lamp. In the room there is also a white wooden wardrobe, and heating. There is usually a window that serves to cool the room.
  • The bedroom has a ensuite bathroom with white tiled walls and floor. On the right hand side as soon as you enter there is a bathroom cabinet made of wood with a low shelf where you can leave towels. Above is the white washbasin with an original shape and a bathroom mirror in a wooden frame. There is also a toilet and a shower installed between glass partitions.

Triple room.
  • These rooms usually have a double bed and a bunk bed. The walls are painted white except for the one behind the headboard of the large bed, which is half-height white wood and then continues to be painted coral. Bunk beds have green and white tartan print sheets.
  • The furniture consists of a couple of bedside tables on the sides of the double bed, made of wood, as well as a couple of individual bedside lamps. In one corner of the room there is a wooden closet, and also a television and a telephone to communicate with reception.
  • The Private WC has white tiled walls and floor. At the far end is the shower covered with a white shower curtain. Closer to the entrance are the toilet and a ceramic sink with a wide square mirror. The hotel makes towels available to the customer.

Quadruple room.
  • These rooms have 2 single beds and a bunk. The first ones have white bedding and a couple of cushions while on the bunk bed, the sheets are with a plaid print in white and dark green. The rooms have white walls and parquet floors.
  • There is a large window that serves to ventilate the room, under which there is a heating device. The bedroom also has a television installed on one of the walls, and a wooden wardrobe in which to store luggage.
  • The room has a private toilet in which there is a shower on the left hand side, protected by sliding glass partitions. Next to it is the toilet, while in front there is a wooden cabinet on which the washbasin is located. On the wall is a large rectangular bathroom mirror in a wooden frame.

The accommodation has a huge conference room that can be used for business meetings, symposia or other exhibitions. In addition, it has a bar-restaurant where delicious menus are served with mountain views through its large windows, which you can also enjoy from its outdoor pool.


Quadruple room
from 24 €
person and night

They are for 4 people, who will sleep in 2 single beds and a bunk. The sheets can be white, or with a tartan print. The walls are painted white and the floor is parquet.
In the room there is a large wooden closet, as well as a television and a telephone to contact reception in case of any incident. There is also heating and ventilation thanks to a window.
The bedroom has a private toilet. In this there is a shower with some glass partitions, located next to the toilet. On the opposite wall, a wooden cabinet awaits where towels can be left, and on which are the sink and the bathroom mirror. The walls are lined with white tiles.

How to organize for bedtime

individual beds

4 individual beds

Double room
from 30 €
person and night

They are for 2 people. There may be 2 single beds or a double bed. The beds have a very comfortable white duvet, and they have a pair of wine and white cushions.
The furniture in the room is basically the wardrobe and a couple of nightstands, one on each side of the bed. There are also a couple of individual lamps. In the bedroom there is heating and a television installed on the wall.
There is a private bathroom with tiled walls. Above the bathroom cabinet is the ceramic sink next to the bathroom mirror, while on the opposite side of the room there is a toilet and a shower tray separated with glass partitions.

How to organize for bedtime

double bed

1 double bed

Triple room
from 31 €
person and night

They are for 3 people. They have a double bed and a bunk bed. The walls are mostly painted white, although the one behind the double bed is made of white wood up to a certain height, and then continues to be painted in a reddish color.
Near the entrance to the bedroom there is a wooden wardrobe. On one of the walls there is a flat screen television, and by the window of the room there is a heating device. In one of the bedside tables there is also a telephone to speak to the reception service.
In private toilet, the walls and floor are covered with white tiles. Next to the entrance there is a sink with a bathroom mirror, as well as a towel rack. At the bottom is the shower with a white shower curtain.

How to organize for bedtime

double bed

1 double bed

individual beds

2 individual beds

Family room
from 30 €
person and night

This bedroom is spacious and has all the comforts you can imagine in a quiet environment.
There is space for a maximum of 4 people who will be able to enjoy:

  • A double bed wide and a pair of beds i individual.
  • A full bathroom with towels.
  • Views of the outdoor areas.
Single room
from 60 €
person and night

This bedroom has the best amenities so you can enjoy the tranquility, in a very pleasant environment.
It is a double bedroom that you can use by yourself, with:
  • A double bed wide.
  • A fully equipped bathroom.
Fusta Booth
from 26 €
person and night

This accommodation is ideal for those families who want to enjoy rest in a somewhat more private space.
This wooden house has with space for 4 people, and has:

  • Un large living room,, with table and next to the kitchen.
  • A bathroom with shower.
  • 2 bedrooms, one of them with marriage and the other with 2 beds in a bunk .

Sourroundings of Hostal Pedraforca

Saldes is a mountainous municipality belonging to the province of Barcelona. There is hardly any light pollution in the town, so it is the perfect location for a astronomical observatory, which also has a new planetarium.
It is believed that Castillo de Saldes dates from the year 1068 approximately. Only part of the walls is preserved, and a church that was inside.
But there are even older sites in the area. The Dolmen de Molers was built in the Metal Age, between 1,800 and 1,400 BC. It is a prehistoric monument that consists of two slabs as walls with a third on top.
In the Information Center of the Pedraforca and Mining Massif tells in detail why coal excavations have been so important for the municipality. The visit is completed with an audiovisual piece that explains life in Saldes.

Characteristics of Hostal Pedraforca (Boutique Hotel)

From 14:00
To 12:00

Frequent asked questions about Hostal Pedraforca

  • Accommodation prices vary depending on the number of nights, people and season, but it is priced from 11.2€ per person and night.

  • In this accommodation can sleep a maximun of 67 people.

  • You can check-in from 14:00 and check-out to 12:00

  • The options of rooms or stays are:

    • Quadruple room
    • Double room
    • Triple room
    • Family room
    • Single room
    • Fusta Booth

  • Yes, the accommodation has an outdoor pool. Here you can see all its features.

  • No, pets are not allowed in this accommodation.

from 11.2€ person and night
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