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Boutique Hotels in Vizcaya

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Guide of Boutique Hotels in Vizcaya for your holidays. Find in this list all offers to book in charming hotels in Vizcaya and rural hostels for a getaway in a natural environment, with prices and reviews from other guests available for you.
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  • 16 Photos

    Hotel Rural Natxiondo - Ispaster, Vizcaya
    Per rooms Ispaster (Vizcaya)
    from 4€
    person and night

    This small municipality of 700 inhabitants, Ispaster , is located in the coastal zone of the region vizcaina de Lea Artibai. The hotel is ideal for a romantic vacation couple in a splendid place thanks to its coast and its numerous historical heritage . (Country Hotels Vizcaya)

    sleeps 16

    8 rooms

  • 14 Photos

    Hotel Kaia - Zierbena, Vizcaya
    Per rooms Zierbena (Vizcaya)
    from 30€
    person and night

    Our hotel offers spectacular views on Vizcaya , which is an area where the town of Zierbena , in which we find ourselves, is located. We have several rooms with different capacities to make you feel at home, and to enjoy the best vacations in a quiet environment. (Hotels Vizcaya)

    sleeps 13

    8 rooms

  • 19 Photos

    Atalaya Hotel - Mundaka, Vizcaya
    Per rooms Mundaka (Vizcaya)
    from 50€
    person and night

    One of the hotel's great attractions is its privileged location : X, next to the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve and the Cantabrian Sea. The hotel combines tradition with modernity , having in its rooms an equipment adapted to the current century. (Charming Hotels Vizcaya)

    sleeps 22

    11 rooms

  • 22 Photos

    Hotel Mundaka - Mundaka, Vizcaya
    Per rooms Mundaka (Vizcaya)
    from 36€
    person and night

    This accommodation, which is located within the area of ​​Mundaka, Vizcaya, you will be able to discover all kinds of comforts, and the best views. We have 19 rooms with different typologies so that you travel alone, as a couple, or as a family. Also do not miss the common areas,... (Hotels Vizcaya)

    sleeps 38

    19 rooms

    19 bathrooms

  • 16 Photos

    Hostal Itsasmin ostatua - Elantxobe, Vizcaya
    Per rooms Elantxobe (Vizcaya)
    from 20€
    person and night

    Este rural hotel te love for its architecture and spacious interiors sus . It is located in the municipality of Elanchove northeast of the Basque province of Vizcaya . You will not want for anything inside y surroundings they are wonderful to enjoy with family de some unique places. (Charming Hotels Vizcaya)

    sleeps 24

    12 rooms

  • 21 Photos

    Hotel Ibarra - Zalla, Vizcaya
    Per rooms Zalla (Vizcaya)
    from 36€
    person and night

    The hotel is located in a secluded area surrounded by nature , but is equipped with the maximum detail to be connected to the outside: both in the common areas and in the rooms there is internet connection, in addition to telephone and television In the rooms. (Country Hotels Vizcaya)

    sleeps 28

    14 rooms

  • 23 Photos

    Aldori Landetxea - Mugica, Vizcaya
    Per rooms Mugica (Vizcaya)
    from 40€
    person and night

    This rural hotel enjoys an amazing garden with large green spaces that mixes with the surrounding mountains to perfection. All rooms , with modern decor, are designed so that guests can rest comfortably while in contact with nature. (Charming Hotels Vizcaya)

    sleeps 17

    6 rooms

  • 26 Photos

    Hotel Amalurra - Traslaviña, Vizcaya
    Per rooms Traslaviña (Vizcaya)
    from 34€
    person and night

    rural Hotel that included in a complex of spacious dimensions, at the foot of Mount Kolitza in Artzentales V alle . Place of ideal conditions for rest, disconnection and evasion of the noise of the city, where the senses will take total constancy of the environment that surrounds them.... (Hotels Vizcaya)

    sleeps 15

    8 rooms

  • 15 Photos

    Burdi-Kurutze - Urkiola, Vizcaya
    Per rooms Urkiola (Vizcaya)
    from 23€
    person and night

    In the Natural Park of Urkiola , in the province of Vizcaya, we find this charming pension that is in a magnificent place to visit the whole mountain area around. La original architecture comes with 1924, when the owners bought the land to build what was to be the family... (Hotels Vizcaya)

    sleeps 6

    3 rooms

  • 73 Photos

    Hotel Etxegana - Zeanuri, Vizcaya
    Per rooms Zeanuri (Vizcaya)
    from 54€
    person and night

    Welcome to our hotel. It is a accommodation that has been recently built , in which we wanted to create a comfortable and cozy place, mixing different styles of decoration. We have taken care of the details to the maximum, much of the decoration that you will be able to see in the hotel has... (Hotels Vizcaya)

    sleeps 36

    18 rooms

  • 28 Photos

    Hotel Antsotegi - Echevarria, Vizcaya
    Per rooms Echevarria (Vizcaya)
    from 35€
    person and night

    Our hotel is located in We put at your disposal this hotel that previously worked as a forge, and that offers you the rest you need, thanks to its 15 rooms. If you are thinking of traveling as a couple, and enjoy the environment, do not hesitate to do it with us. We are waiting... (Country Hotels Vizcaya)

    sleeps 30

    15 rooms

    15 bathrooms

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