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Boutique Hotels in Soria

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Guide of Boutique Hotels in Soria for your holidays. Find in this list all offers to book in charming hotels in Soria and rural hostels for a getaway in a natural environment, with prices and reviews from other guests available for you.
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  • 17 Photos

    El Mirador de Almanzor  - Calatañazor, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Calatañazor (Soria)
    from 27€
    person and night

    This rural hotel has a total of 8 rooms, all of them are spacious rooms, diaphanous and where tradition mixes with modern , creating a unique space for rest and reunion with nature. All rooms have connection and internet. Outside we will have several d areas and parking in the public area .... (Charming Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 16

    8 rooms

    8 bathrooms

  • 27 Photos

    Casa La Juana - Habitaciones - Almarza, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Almarza (Soria)
    from 27€
    person and night

    This rural hotel is located in a recently restored old house . It has 9 double rooms and, some, triples . It has all kinds of amenities such as a room with t or all kinds of amenities and a private bathroom . All these rooms have internet connection, flat screen television and heating .... (Country Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 20

    9 rooms

    9 bathrooms

  • 31 Photos

    Quintanares - Rioseco De Soria, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Rioseco De Soria (Soria)
    from 28€
    person and night

    If you are looking for the tranquility of the nature and disconnect from the city but without losing your comfort, this hotel is your place. Spacious and bright rooms that will allow you to rest completely, in addition to the advantages of being a hotel like the magnificent... (Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 11

    5 rooms

    5 bathrooms

  • 16 Photos

    Los Cerezos de Yanguas - Yanguas, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Yanguas (Soria)
    from 29€
    person and night

    This rural hotel you will find it in Soria , in a small town of the Tierra Alta: Yanguas . It has rooms perfect to spend wonderful days with your family or your partner as well as a apartment for 4 people. In addition, you will find on the ground floor a restaurant to taste the best... (Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 42

    21 rooms

  • 99 Photos

    Ana de las Tejas Azules - Blocona, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Blocona (Soria)
    from 24€
    person and night

    Flirty hotel situado in Soria, specifically in the village of Blocona , 10 minutes by car from Medinaceli. Formed by 6 rooms of different characteristics each one, offers all the possible comforts so that you feel like in your own house. Account with common spaces as the room o or... (Cheap Boutique hotels Soria)

    sleeps 17

    6 rooms

  • 18 Photos

    Hotel Rural Santa Inés - Vinuesa, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Vinuesa (Soria)
    from 26€
    person and night

    The price of the rooms includes only the accommodation, can incorporate a buffet breakfast service to the rate. There is extra beds to expand the capacity of the rooms. You can do use of the kitchen with an extra surcharge on the initial price. (Country Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 28

    20 rooms

  • 31 Photos

    Hotel La Barrosa - Abejar, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Abejar (Soria)
    from 40€
    person and night

    Although it may look like a hotel more in which to spend some holidays , surely when you have to leave you do not think in the same way. We know that our hotel is not only different, it is an authentic enjoyed enjoy all that is in your facilities. We hope that your holidays are... (Country Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 26

    13 rooms

  • 24 Photos

    Posada Real La Vieja Chimenea SPA - Herreros, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Herreros (Soria)
    from 30€
    person and night

    This rural inn is a small place but filled of charm , which has been recently con la "Q" rural quality nacional. The installations renewed and luxurious conseguirán that all guests se feel in a special place y pass a stay of the most nice . (Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 12

    5 rooms

  • 21 Photos

    El Lagar de la Navazuela - Burgo De Osma, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Burgo De Osma (Soria)
    from 23€
    person and night

    Small rural hotel con charm , located at the foundations of a old typical house of village . The construction account con outdoor spaces of great interest, to complete disposition of the guests . The visitors will have la possibility of enjoy of the facilities y of a completely... (Charming Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 14

    7 rooms

  • 47 Photos

    La Casa Del Maestro - Tardelcuende, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Tardelcuende (Soria)
    from 22€
    person and night

    This rural hotel, located in the town of Soria Tardelcuende , offers you the possibility of staying in it, either alone or with lots of company. We explain better, because it offers several possibilities: first is rented rooms as a traditional hotel, but if you want and are traveling in a... (Charming Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 23

    10 rooms

  • 32 Photos

    Posada Cabaña Real de Carreteros - Casarejos, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Casarejos (Soria)
    from 29€
    person and night

    This rural house is located in the village of Casarejos , province of Soria . The house is built, respecting the original materials of mud, stone and wood, in the framework of a carrer house built in the eighteenth century. The inn has a capacity of 28 people located in 14 rooms and is... (Cheap Boutique hotels Soria)

    sleeps 28

    14 rooms

    15 bathrooms

  • 14 Photos

    Hotel rural Los Villares - Los Villares De Soria, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Los Villares De Soria (Soria)
    from 20€
    person and night

    Our accommodation is located within the zone of Los Villares de Soria , which is a small and cozy town that belongs to the province of Soria. It is a space full of charm, where you will be able to enjoy the best features inside, as well as good views and complete installations. The... (Charming Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 10

    5 rooms

    5 bathrooms

  • 19 Photos

    Hostal Río Duero - Molinos De Duero, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Molinos De Duero (Soria)
    from 18€
    person and night

    This rural inn is located in the historic center of Molino de Duero, one of the towns that is part of the Soria region of Pinares. It will be a wonderful experience to stay in your rooms, as a couple or with the children. In addition to having everything you need in the rooms, any time will... (Charming Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 19

    8 rooms

  • 14 Photos

    Hostal Vinuesa - Vinuesa, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Vinuesa (Soria)
    from 22€
    person and night

    This hostel is located in Vinuesa , a town of Soria located in the District of Pinares . In it you will find the rooms where you will spend a few days with everything you need your family and you to enjoy your stay. Es small and cozy and the nature that surrounds the area will leave you... (Country Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 15

    7 rooms

  • 15 Photos

    Hostal Lázaro - Golmayo, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Golmayo (Soria)
    from 21€
    person and night

    Cozy rural hostel of family treatment y next, with a total of 11 rooms with capacity of between one and 4 people. The price of accommodation includes breakfast , to be served in the dining room. In addition, offers meals and dinners to enjoy the gastronomy of the place. (Country Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 26

    11 rooms

  • 16 Photos

    Hostal El Ciervo - Villaciervos, Soria
    Boutique Hotels Villaciervos (Soria)
    from 21€
    person and night

    This rural hotel will fascinate you with its interiors. It is located in the Soria locality of Villaciervos , in the Shire of the same name. It is a quiet place where you will rest in your rooms during the Camino de Santiago or with your family in a well deserved vacation that will be... (Country Hotels Soria)

    sleeps 26

    13 rooms

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Frequently asked questions about accommodations in Soria

  • The price may vary depending on the dates you choose, but a Boutique Hotel in Soria got an average cost of 36€ per person and night according to prices of

    • Vinuesa
    • Golmayo
    • Ucero
    • Valdemaluque
    • Garray
    • Calatañazor
    • San Felices
    • Los Villares De Soria
    • Almarza
    • Rioseco De Soria
    • Molinos De Duero

  • El Mirador de Almanzor , Casa La Juana - Habitaciones and Quintanares are some of the Boutique Hotels that generate more interest in Soria

  • In Soria there is a total of 33 Boutique Hotels

  • Couples looking for a romantic rural getaway wrote good reviews on these Boutique Hotels in Soria: La Galamperna, Hotel Rural La Jara and Hotel Rural Puerta De Caderechas

  • Some of the accommodations in which the families were happiest were: Hotel Rural La Jara, La Galamperna and Hostería del Mudéjar