La Teuleria de Montpol
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La Teuleria de Montpol

Casa la Torra de Montpol, s/n 25283 Lladurs (Lleida)
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  •  Exterior view of the accommodation with stones in the walls
  •  Outdoor pool with meadow and outdoor furniture
  •  Exterior view of the accommodation with porch
  •  Living room with fireplace, armchairs and TV
  •  Furnished dining room and exterior views
  •  Dining table with window and lamps over it
  •  Dining table and furniture with mirrors and doors
  •  Kitchen with L-shaped countertop and brick arch
  •  Kitchen with bar, oven and microwave
  •  Bedroom with double bed and toilet entry
  •  Bedroom with double bed, desk and armchair
  •  Bedroom with double bed and orange curtain
  •  Bedroom with desk and entrance to the toilet
  •  Bedroom with single beds and white curtain
  •  Desk in bedroom with yellow walls
  •  Bedroom with a bed and pink walls
  •  Desk in bedroom and toilet entry
  •  Toilet with tub and vase in the washbasin -9 99- Toilet with washbasin, mirror and window
  •  Exterior view of the accommodation and barbecue
  •  Building facade and slide
  •  Outdoor pool with sun loungers and grass area
  •  Swimming pool with meadow and sun loungers
  •  Outdoor pool with grass area and views of the complex
  •  Outdoor soccer field
  •  Playground with pingpong tables
  •  Outdoor area of ??the complex with sports courts
  •  View of the landscape of Montpol
  •  View of La Ribera Salada
  •  View of the Sierra de Turp
  •  Sierra de Odén in Lleida
  •  Castle of Lladurs on a hill

Description of La Teuleria de Montpol

This accommodation is located in Lladurs and is isolated, within the nature, in a quiet and peaceful location. Its total capacity is 10 people, you can stay in its 4 double rooms and accommodate you in 2 extra beds if you are a group big.

Upon entering you will find in the same space room and room. Throughout the ceiling you can see wooden planks, placed transversely. The stay is available as follows:

  • The fireplace located on the left, with a large frame made of bricks. The upper part is orange, in contrast to the yellow of the rest of the room.
    • Attached to it is a shelf on which is the TV. A small table is arranged in front of them.
      • Around the fireplace there are some armchairs, the first of 2 seats and the other of 3.
        • On the left wall 2 windows open with wooden doors and the lamps hang from the ceiling, located above the dining area.
          • In that part there is a elongated table with space for 10 diners, so you can sit all together at meals and dinners.
            • Next to the table, attached to a brick wall, there is a furniture with drawers, doors and mirrors with candles on the shelf. Above you will see a mirror hanging. On the other hand there is the kitchen:

              • It is wide, it is separated by a American bar in which to have breakfast or even eat. To enter it is done through an open space, with arch form and built with bricks.
                • The countertop forms an angle of 90 degrees. On the far left is the fridge, with its freezer at the bottom.
                  • On the far right there is a space made with shelves where the oven is, resting on a cupboard and, above both, the microwave.
                    • Next to the sink and inserted between the base units is the dishwasher.
                      • Since you are in a region of Catalonia, one of the best ways to feel part of your culture is to have breakfast or have a toast of bread with tomato, which you can prepare in the toaster.
                        • It is a room very bright thanks to the 2 windows it has. As for the bedrooms there is 4 and they are double. They have their own bathroom, which is an advantage and a great comfort.

                          Between the rooms, 2 have single beds and the other 2, double beds. They are furnished with nightstands at night, desks with a chair to sit down to write or closets. The walls have warm colors, like oranges and roses.

                          The outdoor part is very spacious, with many trees and plants.

                          • At the entrance there is a porch, with a table and benches to sit down to eat or take a breath.
                            • In one of the sides there is a barbecue, with an area next to it to store the firewood.
                              • In front of the house there is also an area for children, because there you will find a slide so they can play.
                                • If you go to the resort, at 1.5 kilometers, you will have access to other services such as the pool, where you can take a bath and lie on the grass around you.

Sourroundings of La Teuleria de Montpol

Montpol is a small region where you can enjoy many natural landscapes where you photograph and immortalize them. To this contributes the river that crosses the town, the Torrent Pregon.

Especially known as Ribera Salada, a large area with crystal clear waters and vegetation on them where they contrast the colors of each other.

If you like the mountain, you are also in an ideal place, because the Sierra del Turp is very close. In the same way you can visit the Odén.

In the case that you visit the Lladurs itself, you should not miss your beautiful castle.

Characteristics of La Teuleria de Montpol (Full Rental Rural House)

Frequent asked questions about La Teuleria de Montpol

  • Accommodation prices vary depending on the number of nights, people and season, but it is priced from 30.5€ per person and night.

  • In this accommodation can sleep a maximun of 10 people.

  • Yes, the accommodation has an outdoor pool. Here you can see all its features.

  • Yes, pets are normally allowed, but it is always best to call ahead to confirm.

from 30.5€ person and night
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