Swimming pool  Living room with furniture and fireplace
Casa Rural Pepe el del Aceite
 Living room with table, furniture and TV  Living room with armchairs and fireplace
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Casa Rural Pepe el del Aceite

Calle Parra, 8 18328 Trasmulas (Granada)
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  • Swimming pool
  •  Living room with furniture and fireplace
  •  Living room with table, furniture and TV
  •  Living room with armchairs and fireplace
  •  Living room with elongated and furnished table
  •  Kitchen with table and countertop L
  •  Salt kitchen with breakfast bar
  •  Bedroom with two single beds
  •  Bedroom with double bed and pink wall
  •  Bedroom with double bed and toilet
  •  Bedroom with double bed and drapery curtain
  •  Bedroom with single beds and wardrobe
  •  Bedroom with two beds and pink wall
  •  Bedroom with three bed and white walls
  •  Stairs to the first floor and hallway
  •  Toilet with bathroom on the first floor
  •  Toilet with shower and washing machine on the ground floor
  •  Well and outdoor furniture in the patio
  •  The Alhambra in Granada
  •  Granada Cathedral seen from the square
  •  The Patio de los Leones in the Alhambra in Granada
  •  Patio with fountain in the Alhambra in Granada
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Description of Casa Rural Pepe el del Aceite

This accommodation is located in Trasmulas , a nice village in Granada, where you can enjoy a good vacation in tranquility .
The house is divided into 2 floors and you can stay up to 14 people in your 6 rooms . It has a living room with kitchen  that has fireplace and also a separate kitchen. On the other hand, you can spend pleasant moments outdoors in your patio , which has pool .

The dining room is on the ground floor . On one side of the room is the dining room . It has a furniture of wood with several doors and shelves with ornaments. In it is the television , which you can see from the long table in front of you while you eat or dinner. It has capacity for 10 people , so it is ready to receive large groups.

In the central part is the space for the room which has the following features :

  • Chimney that presides over the area. It is surrounded by brick and on it the wall is white and some decorations.
    • The armchairs are brown. 1 has room for 3 people and other 2 individual . They have a table in the center and are arranged around the fireplace.
      • Behind the armchairs there is a furniture on which to support various things and with drawers. It is made of wood and dark color.
        Next to this space you will find the open kitchen , with a American bar made of bricks. It has stools in front, so you can feel like you're in a bar.

        Opposite this counter is the other, and has the fires with the extractor hood above and also a microwave hanging on the wall together to the fridge , with freezer .

        On the other hand there is a living room ideal for relaxing. It has a wooden table rounded , with capacity for 6 people , and in front of it a piece of furniture on which the TV is located Next to this there is another that occupies the entire wall, with several shelves, doors and showcases. In addition, you have 2 sofas , with one of them next to the wide window that lets in a lot of light.

        The isolated kitchen has a "L" shaped countertop, with low furniture and wall cabinets. The sink is double and next to it are the fires , with the oven below. In the central part there is a round table where you can sit up to 6 people.

        The bedrooms are arranged in different ways:

        • The first has a double bed with a wardrobe large and spacious front. To this you can add a extra bed .
          • Another room also has double bed , with a white curtain covering the window and a front cabinet with drawers. In addition, it has a own toilet .
            • In the third bedroom there is a double bed with a curtain that can cover the glass that gives the balcony . It has a wardrobe on one side and a chest of drawers in front of the bed.
              • In the following room you will find 2 single beds separated by a bedside table with a night lamp. In front of them there is a large wardrobe made of wood and the color is dark brown.
                • The fifth of the rooms have 2 single beds , with the wall of the headboards, with black bars, pink strong>. There is a picture with flowers decorating that wall and on a side wall the window opens.
                  • The last bedroom can accommodate 3 people , and has 3 single beds . Their headboards are similar, with black bars that make triangular shapes and rounded at the top.
                    In addition to the cleanliness of the room, you also have 2 bathrooms , one of them with shower with screen and washing machine and another with bathroom .

                    The outdoor area is very spacious . It has a pool , raised above the ground, and a well in the center, white. Next to it is a small table and seats , to spend pleasant moments outdoors.

Sourroundings of Casa Rural Pepe el del Aceite

This town is a privileged place, because at a very short distance you can find Granada , a city that offers a lot of monuments to visit. Among them the Alhambra is very famous. There you can see the big buildings that are there and also the well-known fountain of the lions .

On the other hand, also the streets of the city are very beautiful and it is worth walking through them. Enjoy tapas and a drink on the street or get lost in the streets of the markets , are unbeatable plans.

Another option is to admire its great cathedral, where you can enter to visit it, and also sit in the square where it gives its facade to enjoy the outdoors of the area.

Characteristics of Casa Rural Pepe el del Aceite (Full Rental Rural House)

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