Cal Ros
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Cal Ros

Masia Cal Ros 08281 Calonge De Segarra (Barcelona)
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  •  High terrace
  •  Swimming pool and sunbeds
  •  Entrance to Cal Ros
  •  Front yard of the House
  •  Living room with fireplace and benches
  •  Living room with several areas
  •  Hall of stone
  •  Dining room with long table
  •  Dining room with table set
  •  Bedroom Pla del Timons
  •  View from Pla del Timons
  •  Bedroom La Vinyeta
  •  Lateral bedroom La Vinyeta
  •  Bedroom La Era
  •  Double bed La Era
  •  Bathroom of La Era
  •  Bedroom La Font
  •  Bathroom La Font
  •  Bedroom La Vall de Sirola
  •  Desk in the bedroom La Vall de Sirola
  •  La Vall de Sirola bathroom
  •  Bedroom with bed linen and bedside tables
  •  Bedroom with TV
  •  Bedroom and its toilet with towels
  •  Cal Ros in the distance
  •  Cal Ros nevada
  •  Snow-covered swings
  •  Swings and play area
  •  Completely snow-covered setting
  •  Snow-covered pool
  •  Snow covered terrace
  •  Swimming pool with forest views
  •  Pool of Cal Ros
  •  Swimming pool of the Rural House
  •  Plants and balconies of Cal Ros
  •  Terrace with table
  •  Terrace with porch
  •  External areas
  •  Water of the source of Cal Ros
  •  The environment of our house
  •  Source of Cal Ros
  •  Ruins in the vicinity
  •  Calaf
  •  Calonge de Segarra
  •  Views from the castle of Calonge de Segarra

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Description of Cal Ros

This majestic rural accommodation is located in the Barcelona municipality of Calonge de Segarra . Considered by the Generalitat de Catalunya with 4 spikes, the highest category for rural accommodation.

It is a farmhouse that was built back in the XIX century XXS2 and from which our ancestors and we ourselves are dedicated to agricultural activities in the wide fields that are in front of it.

It was recently remodeled to offer all kinds of amenities. Now you have the possibility to rent by rooms . And it is the best place for you to celebrate or spend good days with friends or family.

The maximum capacity is 15 people . Which will stay in the 5 bedrooms that we have. These are: Pla del Timons, La Vinyeta, L'era, La Font and La Vall de Sirola. With capacity for between 2 and 4 people each of them.

In the common areas we have a dining room with a long table to accommodate all diners. In addition, a room divided into several spaces and completely of stone. In it you will find several sofas and a fireplace with a bench from which you can feel the heat closer. As well as a reading room, television and stereo .

Outside we have a terrace with pool and numerous loungers . Different landscaped areas and porches with tables to take meals when there is good weather.


The Pla del Timons
from 28 €
person and night

From this room can be seen an extensive field of thyme that blooms throughout the year. And it has been precisely decorated and painted following the inspiration of this flower.

Here you can comfortably stay 2 people , because it has a double bed. Although we can get to house a third person in an extra bed.

It has a bathroom, that is equipped with a bathtub, where you will also find a hair dryer and towels.

It also has television and Wi-Fi .
The Vinyeta
from 42 €
person and night

The room La Vinyeta is painted in burgundy color and receives this name for the proximity that formerly had to vineyards.

It has a double bed in which you can stay 2 people. And it is to emphasize of her the wall to which it gives his cabezal, of stone until the half.

The bathroom with which it has a whirlpool column in the shower y is equipped with towels and hair dryer.

The age
from 34 €
person and night

This room is set in the straw , since it was once observed the era where the field work was done.

Now has 2 spaces , one where the double bed is located and another that can be used as a living room or as a complementary room in which to add up to 2 extra beds.

It has TV and Wi-Fi service . As well as a bathroom with a bathtub in the same as we also incorporate a hair dryer and towels.
The Font
from 38 €
person and night

The room of La Font gives an interior space de this rural accommodation. Specifically we see from it its characteristic source.

Here can be up to 3 people , since it has a double bed and an individual in the same space.

In addition to an armchair, a desk and TV.

The bathroom has a y whirlpool shower with hair dryer.
The Vall de Sirola
from 34 €
person and night

This is a small suite that faces west. In it they will be able to stay between 2 and 4 people.

And it is that it has a double bed and in an annexed area can be included up to 2 single beds supletorias . If this space is not used as a room, it will be a separate room with armchairs and a table.

The bathroom is equipped with a shower with whirl system, 2 sinks, towels and hairdryer.
The Collet
from 44 €
person and night

It is a spacious bedroom with all kinds of amenities for you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, with tranquility.

We have space for 2 people , and it has:

  • A double bed amplia.
  • A full bathroom, with sanitaryware and towel sets.

Sourroundings of Cal Ros

Calonge de Segarra is a municipality with less than 200 inhabitants. It is important that visit church, Romanesque style, and the ruins of the castle that once served to defend its inhabitants.

From this house you will be able to access a wide range of cultural and adventure activities. Very close you can visit what was a training camp of the popular army of the Republic . As well as the architectural set of Calaf , where there is a hermitage.

While in the surroundings you will also find a wide variety of activities hiking to perform in different ways and with various means of transport.

Characteristics of Cal Ros (Rural House with Room Renting)

Frequent asked questions about Cal Ros

  • Accommodation prices vary depending on the number of nights, people and season, but it is priced from 14€ per person and night.

  • In this accommodation can sleep a maximun of 15 people.

  • The options of rooms or stays are:

    • The Pla del Timons
    • The Vinyeta
    • The age
    • The Font
    • The Vall de Sirola
    • The Collet

  • Yes, the accommodation has an outdoor pool. Here you can see all its features.

  • No, pets are not allowed in this accommodation.

from 14€ person and night
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