Cala Galdana
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Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana (Urbanización Serpentona) 07760 Cala Galdana (Menorca, Balearic Islands)
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  •  Views of the common pool
  •  Views of the pool with hammocks
  •  Views of the pool with views
  •  Views of the pool
  •  Apartment 1 with kitchen and dining room
  •  Apartment 1 with toilet and bathtub
  •  Apartment 1 with kitchen and dining table wood
  • Apartment 1 with kitchen
  •  Apartment 1 with double bedroom
  •  Apartment 1 with living room
  •  Apartment 1 with private terrace
  •  Apartment 1 living room with side table
  •  Apartment 2 with double bed
  •  Apartment 2 with twin beds
  •  Apartment 2 with kitchen
  •  Apartment 2 with living room and table
  •  Apartment 2 with living room
  •  Apartment 2 with living room and terrace
  •  Apartment 2 with terrace and hammocks
  •  Apartment 2 with terrace and views of the environment
  •  Apartment 2 with terrace
  •  Apartment 3 with toilet and bathtub
  •  Apartment 3 with toilet and shower
  •  Apartment 3 with double bed
  •  Apartment 3 with single beds and wooden headboards
  •  Apartment 3 with single beds
  •  Apartment 3 with white kitchen
  •  Apartment 3 with living room
  •  Apartament 3 with living room and exterior views
  •  Apartment 3 with sofas
  •  Duplex apartment with toilet and bathtub
  •  Duplex apartment with double bed and mirror
  •  Duplex apartment with double bed and window
  •  Duplex apartment with double bed
  •  Duplex apartment with beds single rooms
  •  Duplex apartment with kitchen and dining room
  •  Duplex apartment with living room and kitchen
  •  Duplex apartment with terrace and furniture
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  •  Coves area in Menorca
  •  Natural area of Menorca

Description of Cala Galdana

Our accommodation is located within the population of Cala Galdana, in Menorca .

It is divided into several floors which can be used by all our guests, and can even enjoy the common areas outside of which this complex is composed.

The maximum capacity that it offers is 18 people but it must be taken into account that it is structured in 4 different dwellings , of different characteristics & iacute; but sharing a decorative line that is based on simplicity and comfort, which is obtained through the furniture used in the different rooms.

Inside, the structure is divided into:
  • A one-bedroom apartment , indicated for a maximum of 2 people and with a very complete set of stays.
  • A 2-bedroom apartment, with a capacity for 4 people which, therefore, is one of the perfect options for families.
  • A 3 bedroom apartment, spacious and well decorated where up to 6 people can be accommodated, enjoying all possible comforts.
  • A two-bedroom plexi apartment, indicated for 4 people, & nbsp; in which the views of the environment in which it is located As for the common areas, they are perfect, also including the rest of the rooms with perfect furniture to make a normal day to day.
Some common areas outside that are composed of a huge pool , visible from any corner of our apartment complex, with outdoor equipment that, in summer, makes our visitors enjoy a good dip, or enjoying in the hammocks under the sun while still seeing in the environment, the natural areas.


Apartment Type A-1
from 38 €
person and night

The Apartment 1 is structured in a single floor where can coexist up to 2 people.

Inside, the house has:
  • A kitchen dining room in which you will find everything you need to enjoy your star dishes as there are utensils and household suitable for this activity as well as new appliances that you can use. Then a wooden table small, to eat enjoying the views that flood your window.
  • A room after the previous area since it is in a diaphanous space composed of a bright color sofa and a side table that goes towards the television . It is well lit since there are several windows .
  • A bathroom completo with its set of toilets among which is the bathtub and the rest of the essential elements for the daily cleaning.
  • One bedroom with double bed y wooden headboard. On both sides, it is protected by a couple of nightstands, also in wood. Of course, the bedding is included.
A small terrace to enjoy when the weather is fine, is part of the outdoor area that is perfectly equipped with garden furniture.
Apartment Type B-1
from 25 €
person and night

The Apartment 2 is formed in a single floor where you can live a maximum of 4 people, so, for families, it is perfect.

Inside, there are these stays:
  • A complete kitchen in which, under his countertop, there is a row of cabinets in which is the kitchen and the kitchenware. It has perfect views of the environment, so you can cook with one of the best panoramas you can have.
  • A dining room with a blue sofa in front of which is the auxiliary wooden table and the furniture with the plasma television, for entertaining at any time. To one side, a wooden table square with its set of chairs, right next to the kitchen.
  • A bathroom complete in which all basic toilets are distributed and a bathtub , to which is added the washbasin cabinet and its mirror.
  • 2 double bedrooms that have, on the one hand, a double bed in one of them, and in the second two single beds decorated with wooden furniture such as bedside tables or wardrobes and colored quilts alive.
Outside , a terrace with table and chairs from which you have the perfect views of both the common pool and the natural environment in which we find ourselves.
Apartment Type B-2
from 28 €
person and night

The Duplex Apartment is the largest extension of the entire complex has.

two floors rise en which the different rooms in which accommodates 4 people spread.

Inside, the rooms are the following:
  • A kitchen completa in diaphanous un and cozy space with a countertop where are the básicos appliances and utensils needed to cook comfortably. Next, the wooden table for eating that divides the different common areas.
  • lounge, below the table to eat, structured in several places sofa with a side table que gives functionality to this space and looks perfectly where the plasma TV que there delante.
  • completo A bathroom in which there is a bathtub para relax at the end of the day, in a spacious and well decorated space in which all health are integrated in perfect condition and mirror .
  • 2 double bedrooms, one twin con, que can be the perfect room for the kids and in the latter case, un double bedroom on the next floor, for adults, for example. Tiene cheerful bedding dressing room and wrapped in a climate that fosters descanso.
Outside, the wide terrace allows the solarium area to be distinguished, with several sun loungers to roast in the sun and, on the other hand, an area with tables and chairs to eat enjoying the good weather.
Apartment Type C-1
from 17 €
person and night

The Apartment 3 has extensive facilities that can accommodate up to 6 people, in a well decorated and simple environment, with views of the most natural area of ​​Menorca.

On its only floor, the house has:
  • A kitchen where you will find all the appliances in perfect condition and cabinets in the lower and upper part of the countertop, with all the household and the tableware that you will need during your stay. A hole is opened in the wall that communicates with the part of the dining room.
  • A dining room that perfectly differentiates its areas, so that, as we have said, there is a wooden table after the kitchen space, with a set of chairs to eat and, in the most extensive part, several sofas that are directed to the television area. On the side wall, there is a huge glass window with doors that give access to the terrace.
  • 2 bathrooms completos that have everything you need for day to day; both in white, have a bathtub and a shower respectively, both with their mirrors.
  • 3 double bedrooms that have two single beds, in two of the bedrooms and the third bedroom, with a double bed. In all cases there is complete furniture such as the wardrobes or the bedside tables in addition to the headboards that give the distinctive touch.
Outside, from our terrace you can see the common pool and the mountain area on the horizon. Through its furniture, guests can also eat outside enjoying the fresh air.
Apartment Type B-3
from 19 €
person and night

This is the third of the apartments of this type, which has capacity for 4 people , and has the following amenities:

  • 2 double rooms, with single beds.
  • A spacious lounge with armchairs that watch television.
  • A kitchen con dining table and chairs.
  • The bathroom, fully equipped.
Apartment Type B-4
from 19 €
person and night

All the apartments of this type, have capacity for a family, that will be able to rest perfectly with the best comforts.

It has space for 4 people, and it has:

  • 2 rooms that have 2 single beds each.
  • Un full bathroom, with towel sets.
  • Una kitchen dining room, next to the living room with the television .
  • A terrace with table and chairs.
Apartment Type B-5
from 19 €
person and night

This apartment has everything you need to enjoy and relax.

Account with space for 4 people , so it is perfect for families.

In the interior were found:
  • The kitchen with everything you need to make your favorite dishes.
  • The room , next to the previous room.
  • A full bathroom.
  • 2 double rooms, con single beds.
Apartment Type B-6
from 19 €
person and night

Our apartment is perfect for you to enjoy the tranquility.

Account with capacity for 4 people , and has:

  • 2 rooms.
  • A full bathroom.
  • A room with television, and the kitchen .
Apartment Type A-2
from 33 €
person and night

It is a perfect accommodation to share as a couple.

Account with space for 2 people , and distributed inside:
  • A double bedroom.
  • A full bathroom.
  • A kitchen dining room, next to living room .

Sourroundings of Cala Galdana

In the location of our accommodation, we focus on Menorca , within a population called Cala Galdana.

Surrounding the area is the Cala Galdana, , which gives the name to our complex and which is one of the most well-known and beautiful areas on the island.

Its extension puts it in the number one position regarding family leisure areas as it is surrounded, on the outside, by chiringuitos beach peaks, which are perfect for enjoying the gastronomy typical of the area while still enjoying the natural views of its surroundings.

Although this is the most known, there are others of smaller size, without the massification we are talking about, which is only a few minutes on foot, such as Cala Macarella.

Characteristics of Cala Galdana (Country Aparments)

Frequent asked questions about Cala Galdana

  • Accommodation prices vary depending on the number of nights, people and season, but it is priced from 32.5€ per person and night.

  • In this accommodation can sleep a maximun of 18 people.

  • The options of rooms or stays are:

    • Apartment Type A-1
    • Apartment Type B-1
    • Apartment Type B-2
    • Apartment Type C-1
    • Apartment Type B-3
    • Apartment Type B-4
    • Apartment Type B-5
    • Apartment Type B-6
    • Apartment Type A-2

  • Yes, the accommodation has an outdoor pool. Here you can see all its features.

  • No, pets are not allowed in this accommodation.

from 32.5€ person and night
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