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Carretera Vieja Campanet-Pollença, Km 5 Camí de Fangar 07310 Campanet (Mallorca, Balearic Islands)
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  • Pool with landscape views
  •  Pool with sun loungers next
  •  Patio prepared for event
  •  Living room in bungalow Figueral
  •  Living room and open kitchen of Safareig bungalow
  •  Living room and dining room Safareig bungalow
  •  Living room with fireplace in bungalow Figueral
  •  Living room with fireplace in bungalow Safareig
  •  Living room of bungalow Tramuntana
  •  Armchairs in bungalow Tramuntana
  •  Dining table next to kitchen in bungalow Figueral
  •  Open kitchen and round table in bungalow Tramuntana
  •  Kitchen of the bungalow Safareig
  •  Bedroom with two beds in bungalow Tramuntana
  •  Double bedroom in bungalow Ses Dones
  •  Bedroom with wardrobe in bungalow Safareig
  •  Bedroom with single beds in bungalow Figueral
  •  Bedroom with single beds in bungalow Ses Dones
  •  Bedroom with pink cushions in the beds in bungalow Tramuntana
  •  Bedroom with two beds in bungalow Figueral -9 99- Bedroom with two beds in bungalow Safareig
  •  Double bedroom in bungalow Tramuntana
  •  Double bedroom in bungalow Safareig
  •  Toilet with two sinks and mirror
  •  Toilet with yellow towels in Ses Dones bungalow
  •  Toilet of the bungalow Ses Dones
  •  Toilet of the bungalow Tramuntana
  •  Living room with armchairs and fireplace in the Clastra bungalow
  •  Armchairs and low table in the Clastra bungalow
  •  Stove next to the furniture in the Clastra bungalow
  •  bungalow Clastra
  •  Double bedroom in bungalow Clastra
  •  First floor stairs in bungalow Clastra
  •  Toilet with large sink and shower in bungalow Clastra
  •  Entrance to bungalow Clastra
  •  Living room in bungalow Corral
  •  Living room with armchair in forest bungalow
  •  Bedroom with two beds in bungalow Corral
  •  Bedroom with two beds together in forest bungalow
  •  Toilet with yellow towels
  •  Patio with furniture in bungalow Corral
  •  Patio with well and garden area
  •  Patio of bungalow Corral
  •  Stone table with chairs around in bungalow Tramuntana
  •  Patio with furniture in bungalow Figueral
  •  Patio with furniture and plants in bungalow Figueral
  •  Patio with plants of bungalow Tramuntana
  •  Patio with well in bungalow Figueral
  •  Patio of bungalow Tramuntana
  •  Front yard of bungalow Safareig
  •  Exterior patio of bungalow Tramuntana
  •  Porch of bungalow Figueral
  •  Porch of bungalow Safareig
  •  Bungalow porch Ses Dones
  •  Porch and patio with bungalow well Figueral
  •  Well in the bungalow patio Figueral
  •  Low table and armchairs in living room
  •  Dining tables in room
  •  Living room with dining room
  •  Living room with armchairs
  •  Living room with several armchairs
  •  Living room and dining room with stove
  •  Hall of the complex with arches
  •  Garden patio and swimming pool
  •  Complex pool
  •  Plants and sun loungers around the pool
  •  Sun loungers by the pool -9 99- Pool in the landscaped patio
  •  Pool in the patio
  •  Bow to the patio with tables
  •  Patio with a bench
  •  Garden patio with plants
  •  Patio with chairs
  •  Patio with furniture exterior
  •  Exterior patio of the complex
  •  Patio prepared for banquet
  •  Patio prepared for event
  •  Church of Campanet and plaza
  •  Interior view of the caves of Campanet
  •  Ensaimada de Mallorca
  •  Cocas of potato
  •  Pamboli de Mallorca
  •  Logo Fangar

Description of Fangar

Our rural accommodation is a great place for many people or for small groups. We have 7 fantastic bungalows with different capacities, making a total of 22 seats . They are arranged in the complex and are divided as follows:

  • 3 of them with space for 2 people . One of the 3 has 2 floors.
  • The remaining 4 have 4 seats , which is the maximum.
Between the indoor areas you will find:

  • A room muy spacious, with a high ceiling with wooden planks. There are several arches, with large columns, and the walls are adorned.
  • There is a space for dining tables , with a lot of space, so you can eat all together if you want.
  • There is also an area with armchairs , of different capacities, very comfortable and next to low tables. It is an ideal area to enjoy a good read.
  • In the same room you will see a wood stove , located in a corner.
In part outside there are also very remarkable areas:

  • You will find a great pool, surrounded by sunbeds and umbrellas for you to sunbathe quietly, and also with many plants and views of the beautiful landscape around. An unbeatable place.
  • Another part is the terrace , in the large landscaped courtyard, where you can arrange different tables and chairs to organize events y banquetes.
  • Even in the landscaped areas you also have some outdoor furniture and spaces in which to place chairs to organize events such as weddings.


Bungalow for 2 people
from 90 €
person and night

With space for 2 people you have 2 bungalows , perfectly equipped and in which you will spend a few days of dream.

Among its dependencies you will find:

  • The living room , with very comfortable armchairs located next to a fireplace y from which you can easily watch the television .
  • In the same room, the table of the dining room is located, placed in a very practical way, since it is close to the kitchen .
  • This is open, with microwave and an American bar that delimits that area of ​​the rest.
  • There is also a double room , with single beds and lockers. To the furniture are added the bedside tables and some other furniture.
  • The bathroom has its access from the bedroom.
  • The part outside has several furniture de garden and exclusive spaces for you to go quietly to take the air or a snack.
Bungalow for 4 people
from 50 €
person and night

Our complex has 4 bungalows where you can stay until 4 people . Among your equipment you will find:

  • A main room in which the sitting area is located. It has several chairs y seats with a low table and a TV para that you enjoy all the entertainment comfortably.
  • In this area you have a fireplace o stove de firewood, perfect to sit next to the heat of the fire.
  • There is also the table del dining room , with space for you to eat all together.
  • The kitchen is open, equipped with appliances muy useful, for example, the microwave .
  • You have 2 double rooms , so you can sleep comfortably. Most of them have single beds . In addition, they have their own bathroom , so that privacy is greater.
They also have their own patio , with grassy areas and outdoor furniture .
Bungalow with 2 floors
from 90 €
person and night

This little house of 2 places is inside the complex and it is divided in 2 floors . Between your stays and equipment you have:

  • The living room , divided into 2 spaces. Both have armchairs so that you sit next to the heat of the fire, not in one of the sides, but in the 2.
  • On the one hand, there is the fireplace , and on the other a wood stove . You can see some other furniture in the room, as well as the X
  • The kitchen is open, has a countertop in the form of 'L' and a bar American , in addition to the appliances , for example, the microwave .
  • You have a bedroom with 2 single beds , and from there you can access the bathroom , exclusive.
  • In the part of outside hay a patio with outdoor furniture .

Sourroundings of Fangar

Welcome to this great place called Campanet , which is part of Mallorca . Among its attractions include:

  • The church of the town, with a large square in front.
  • The caves of Campanet , a unique place in the region.
  • Also other religious buildings, such as the convent or the hermit which bears the name of San Miguel .
You can enjoy a gastronomy without equal on the beautiful island:

  • If you are sweet lovers you can not leave without trying the delicious ensaimadas .
  • There is also room for those who like the salty, there is a great compendium of dishes, such as the sobrasada , also the potato cakes , and by the last one, the pamboni , which is made with bread and tomato , to which oil is added and if you feel like it, a little ham.

Characteristics of Fangar (Bungalows/Rural Cabins)

from 51.8€ person and night
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