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Hotel y Spa Elia

Hotel y Spa Elia
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Description of Hotel y Spa Elia

We welcome you to this spectacular hotel which is located at Albacete. Specifically, we are in a region called Alcalá del Júcar, where you can see places of great tourist interest.

In addition to hotel, the accommodation has a spectacular spa. We have 19 bedrooms, so the total capacity is 38 people. We can divide them into different types:

  • On the one hand, the double rooms, with single or double beds, being able to choose the ones that best suit your needs.
  • Also the bedroom with views, which has a great viewpoint to enjoy everything that Alcalá del Júcar offers.
  • In turn, we have the attic room, with a large terrace very well equipped. Another type of bedroom is the relax, with its whirlpool and, as its name suggests, perfect for relaxing.
  • Finally, we have the suites. You can stay in the classic suite, including the spa circuit, or in the Premium, with fireplace and separate bathtub.
In addition to the rooms, we have the common areas. There is a great bar with a huge dining table, where to meet and enjoy meals and dinners, together with the heat of the fireplace.

In turn, we can sit in the room, with several chairs, while we watch the television o while we take something, for example, a wine that is in the hotel.

Outside there are 2 large pools, with outdoor furniture around, grass areas and also with sources.

In regards to spa, you can not stop using this service, really incredible.

  • On the one hand, we have the heated pool. This has floating beds that are of whirlpool. In addition to this, you can put in jacuzzi y mode and there are also waterfalls.
  • On the other hand, we have the saunas. On the one hand, the wet, the so-called Turkish bath. On the other, the Finnish sauna, with dry climate.
  • They are accompanied by a ice fountain, as well as a bithermal shower. Finally, we have a relaxation area with sofas and beds.
Among the services that are included in the hotel are the breakfasts, to start the day well. We also have space for to park. And for those who like to exercise, we have the paddle track.


Double bedroom
Maximum 2 guests
7 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 50 person and night
Our hotel has double bedrooms in which you will find:

On the one hand, we have double beds or single beds, so you can choose the room that best suits you.

There is also furniture, such as the built-in wardrobe and also desk. It includes a television de plasma, hung on the wall.

They have their own toilet, including shower and also a wash basin outside, next to the beds. In addition, there is mini bar y you will always have the ideal temperature, as there is air conditioning.
Bedroom with views
Maximum 2 guests
4 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 50 person and night
Between double rooms of our hotel you can stay in those with great views There is a fantastic viewpoint so you can enjoy all that Alcalá del Júcar has to offer. XX
Hay double beds that will ensure your maximum rest. The furniture also includes a built-in wardrobe, as well as the desk. It has on top the television de plasma, hung on the wall.

In turn, it has its own toilet, which has a shower. Next to it is a large rectangular sink, with a round mirror on top.
Attic bedroom
Maximum 2 guests
2 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 50 person and night
In our rural accommodation we have a great double rooms that are in the attic. Your equipment includes:

  • A large terrace, furnished and with plants. So you can go sit quietly, enjoying the views while you drink something.
  • The beds that you will find are of marriage, to rest comfortably every night. Also included is its own television, flat screen.
  • There is a private bathroom, with its shower. In addition, it has WiFi and a mini bar. On the other hand, the temperature will be perfect thanks to the air conditioning.
Relaxing bedroom
Maximum 2 guests
2 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 55 person and night
To relax and spend some great days, unplugged, are the relax rooms. Here there is room for 2 people. They have double bed, very spacious and very comfortable.

In addition, has its own bathroom, which has a great hot tub to relax on the water.

Among the services we can also highlight is its television plasma, as well as the signal WiFi, a safe and also mini bar.

To this we can add the air conditioning, so you are always at ease, without being cold or hot. He even has a private terrace to enjoy the outdoors.
Classic suite bedroom
Maximum 2 guests
2 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 92 person and night
The suite also stands out in our accommodation. It's a great place, perfect for 2 people. Among its equipment we highlight:

  • The great double bed, which is a Queen Size. Your comfort is out of debate, so you will spend great nights in it.
  • Also included is own toilet, with shower. Do not miss the jacuzzi, where you relax.
  • You can watch the XX TV Plasma TV, which is included inside the room, as well as the mini bar or WiFi We can also highlight the air conditioning, so that you can put the temperature you want.
  • In addition to the breakfast and the parking, we have included the circuit spa, so your days here will be great.
Premium suite bedroom
Maximum 2 guests
2 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 130 person and night
For maximum comfort and to spend some great days, we have the premium suites, for 2 people. The walls stand out, adorned with drawings and also their equipment:

  • It has a large double bed, of the type King size. To this is added the toilet, with shower, as well as a bathtub independiente.
  • You can enjoy the heat of a fantastic fireplace bioethanol and also take advantage of the signal WiFi and the TV de plasma. It even has its own living room.
  • From your fantastic terrace you can enjoy the views of the landscape and take something sitting comfortably.
  • In addition, the parking services are included, as well as the breakfast, and also, to make the stay perfect, the circuit of spa.
Bedroom with large bed
Maximum 2 guests
1 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 35 person and night
It is a bedroom full of charm in which you will be able to enjoy the best features for your rest.

Has capacity pàra 2 people, and consists of:

  • A double bed quite large.
  • A fourth d e bathroom.
  • Television de plasma.

Characteristics of Hotel y Spa Elia (Boutique Hotel)

Spa Free parking Free WiFi Indoor pool Swimming pool Bar
Asphalted Access
Garden furniture
Climatized pool
Outdoor pool
Outdoor Jacuzzi
Air conditioner
Room Jacuzzi
TV in room
Fireplace in Living Room
Bathroom in room
Living room
Dinning room
Cradle for babies
No pets
Close restaurant
Game collection
WiFi free
Optional Diner
Optional Lunch
Information about the area
Optional Breakfast
Outskirts of the Center
Close to river, swamp, ...
Isolated area
Access Signaling
Host Type
To go with kids
For Groups
For Two People
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Date of last update: 03-04-2017
Cancellation policy
Cancellation 30 days
Check in
Of 14:00 to 23:30
Check out
Of 11:30 to 12:00
Official registration no.

Sourroundings of Hotel y Spa Elia

Welcome to a fantastic area of ​​ Albacete. Undoubtedly, one of the best you can find in the region. We are talking about Alcalá del Júcar, where the landscapes are tremendously relaxing thanks to their beauty.

  • The clearest example is the sickles que is forming the que river passes by and gives name to the locality, ie, the Júcar.
  • In addition, the village has monuments of great interest, as that is the entrance, the bridge of the Rambla , or located in the highest part, su castle.
  • In turn, the church is also worth visiting; is dedicated to San Andres. And to all this the caves that can be visited inside, since they have been used as museums. An example is the cave of the Devil, and another one, that of Masago.
Carretera de Tolosa, s/n 02210 Alcala Del Jucar (Albacete)
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Frequent asked questions about Hotel y Spa Elia

  • Accommodation prices vary depending on the number of nights, people and season, but it is priced from 30€ per person and night.
  • In this accommodation can sleep a maximun of 38 people.
  • You can check-in from 14:00 to 23:30 and check-out of 11:30 to 12:00
  • The options of rooms or stays are:
    • Double bedroom
    • Bedroom with views
    • Attic bedroom
    • Relaxing bedroom
    • Classic suite bedroom
    • Premium suite bedroom
    • Bedroom with large bed
  • Yes, the accommodation has a heated pool and a outdoor pool. Here you can see all its features.
  • No, pets are not allowed in this accommodation.

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