Hotel Posada Al Vent

Hotel Posada Al Vent

Hotel Posada Al Vent
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from 55 person and night
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Description of Hotel Posada Al Vent

This cozy rural hotel is located at Coscojuela de Sobrarbe, a small town of less than 50 inhabitants belonging to the province of Huesca.

The hotel is built on an old mansion of the 16th century, time that we wanted to keep alive through a careful decoration.

To guarantee maximum privacy and close treatment, we have only 6 double rooms, each of them designed with their own style and personality.

Although each room has a particular design, they continue a line based on the light colors que, in contrast to the wall stone and the details in wood, create environments that invite to rest.

Regarding their equipment, they have double bed or 2 single, with soft fabrics bed linen, private bathrooms con luxurious toiletries (olive or honey gels, hair dryer, cotton towels ...); and television with DVD for movie afternoons. Some, in addition, have a small XX

So that your experience is unforgettable, in the common areas you can enjoy:
  • Living room. The stone walls and the high ceilings of this room form an environment in which to relax easily. Enjoy relaxed talks with the fireplace, contemplate a panoramic movie from the windows, or you can read one of the many books of the library.
  • Restaurant. We offer a quality cuisine, with dishes that combine the essence of the gastronomy of the region, with the most modern avant-garde techniques. For you to enjoy a gastronomic experience that awakens all your senses, the dining room is in a vaulted stone room.
  • Terrace and garden. Nature is the protagonist of our environment and, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest, outside you will find loungers and armchairs where you can relax and watch the views.


The Siestro
Maximum 2 guests
1 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 55 person and night
  • This room is located on the ground floor of the hotel, and in the past it served as a distributor patio from which the different rooms were accessed.
  • It has a double bed of 150 cm, surrounded by an elegant mosquito net in white. From it, you can contemplate the mountain.
The Chamber
Maximum 2 guests
1 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 75 person and night
  • This room is located on the XX
  • Among its special features, its double bed, of 2 meters and surrounded by a romantic canopy, and private terrace, from which you can rest on the sun loungers and listen to the sound of silence.
The Birge
Maximum 2 guests
1 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 60 person and night
  • This room was the dependence family patriarch and together his window, is still a suitor in which the ladies and gentlemen conversed preserved.
  • It is in la first floor and has two beds con situadas 105 cm with a wall discovers the stone within its walls.

The Capiella
Maximum 2 guests
1 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 70 person and night
  • It is one of the largest rooms. In the past, the house had a chapel, which was accessed through this room.
  • It is located on the XX, and is chaired by a c matrimonial mistress wrapped in tulle, from which you can contemplate the Peña Montañesa.
The Fogaril
Maximum 2 guests
1 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 70 person and night
  • The Fogaril is one of the warmest stays s: in times past, it was the main room of the house, in which families gathered in the warmth of the fireplace.
  • To generate that homelike atmosphere, the double bed is surrounded by a dim light that will light up your most romantic nights.
The Mincador
Maximum 2 guests
1 rooms
1 bathrooms
from 70 person and night
  • Located in la first floor, this double was used in his time as a dining room.
  • Its interior is divivido in 3 environments: the double bedroom, full bathroom, and a living room pequeña. It also has un balcony overlooking the marsh medium.

Characteristics of Hotel Posada Al Vent (Boutique Hotel)

Asphalted Access
Garden furniture
TV in room
Fireplace in Living Room
Bathroom in room
Living room
Dinning room
Optional Lunch
No pets
Open on New Year's Eve
Guided walks
Close restaurant
Game collection
WiFi free
Optional Diner
Information about the area
Optional Breakfast
Washing clothes
Close to river, swamp, ...
Access Signaling
Close to center
Host Type
Suitable for Handicapped
For Two People
See calendar
Cancellation policy
Cancellation 14 days
Check in
Of 15:00 to 20:00
Check out
Of 09:00 to 11:30
Official registration no.

Sourroundings of Hotel Posada Al Vent

Around the house you can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities : hiking in spring, canoeing in the summer months, ravine descent in autumn, snowshoes in the coldest months ... whatever be the time in which you come, there is a sport that awaits you.

If you want to explore the environment for your account, among the closest places are:
  • The Medium Reservoir, one of the largest marshes in Aragon. Under the water, there are still remains an old town that bears his name, like his Romanesque church.
  • The National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, located in the Sobrarbe region. In the highest peak it reaches 3,355 meters above the sea, in Monte Perdido.
  • The villa of Aínsa, in the upper part of the Huesca Pyrenees. Its old town is an open-air museum, with streets that preserve the architecture and charm of the past.
Calle El Arco, 1 22395 Coscojuela De Sobrarbe (Huesca)
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Frequent asked questions about Hotel Posada Al Vent

  • Accommodation prices vary depending on the number of nights, people and season, but it is priced from 55€ per person and night.
  • In this accommodation can sleep a maximun of 12 people.
  • You can check-in from 15:00 to 20:00 and check-out of 09:00 to 11:30
  • The options of rooms or stays are:
    • The Siestro
    • The Chamber
    • The Birge
    • The Capiella
    • The Fogaril
    • The Mincador
  • This accommodation does not have a swimming pool. Here you can see all its features.
  • No, pets are not allowed in this accommodation.

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