Apartamentos La Trufa Negra

Apartamentos La Trufa Negra
 Stairs to the upper floor
 Open kitchen in the dining room
 Bathroom with wooden sink
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from 17 person and night
Cancellation 30 days
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Description of Apartamentos La Trufa Negra

In the town of Mora de Rubielos, south of Teruel y, specifically, in the District of Gújar-Javalambre these fantastic apartments are located.

They are rented from individual y and receive a total of 184 people. The 35 apartments are divided into 7 types. According to their capacity, they have:
  • A double room with double bed plus another single room.
  • 2 double rooms, with double bed or singles. Some of them also have a single room.
  • 3 or 4 double rooms with double bed or 2 singles.
All are equipped with r bed mattress, bedside tables, spacious cabinets in which to leave the luggage and heating for the coldest days.

All apartments, with capacities between 4 and 10 people, have inside with:
  • A kitchen, independent or integrated into the living room, equipped with the appliances and the necessary utensils to enjoy the best meals. In the case of apartments with capacity for 4 people, some do not.
  • A spacious living room with sofa bed for 2 people, especially children. It has dining table and television.
  • In apartments with a capacity of up to 6 people, there is a single bathroom equipped with a shower or bath. For their part, those with greater capacity have 2 bathrooms. In all cases they come equipped with towels.
As for services, you will stay in apartments that are in a complex that has:
  • A supermarket within the same in which to make the purchase.
  • A restaurant, if otherwise, you do not want to cook.
  • A spa where you will have discounts.
  • You also have the option of having a parking space.
Go in family or with friends, you will find your ideal option in these wonderful apartments that are located in a town with a lot of history. Numerous routes will discover you magical corners.


Apartments for 4 people with kitchen
Maximum 4 guests
4 aparments
1 bathrooms
from 25 person and night
These apartments are perfect for traveling as a family or with the couple. In them you will find everything you need to enjoy a fantastic vacation. Have:
  • A double room with double bed that is equipped with bedding. There is also a wardrobe in which to leave your luggage and bedside tables for what you need to have at hand.
  • A spacious living room with sofa bed. In this is the dining table and an area in which to watch the television.
  • A bathroom with shower or bath in which you will find towels when you arrive.
  • Kitchen, open or not to the dining room, which owns the appliances as well as the kitchenware that you need in your meals.
They have everything you need to enjoy with your family a vacation that you will never forget and where you will discover unique medieval corners.
Apartment for 6 people
Maximum 6 guests
4 aparments
1 bathrooms
from 25 person and night
Ideal apartments to enjoy with family or friends in an ideal rural setting. They offer you:
  • 2 double rooms in which there is a double bed or 2 singles. They are equipped with bed linen in addition to having a large wardrobe.
  • Living room in which to find a sofa bed. In addition, there is a dining table and the television area.
  • The bathroom has a shower or bath tub and is equipped with towels.
  • The kitchen may or may not be open to the dining room but, in any case, is equipped with the kitchen as well as the appliances you need.
Because of its location and its services, it is a question of some great apartments to enjoy a deserved vacation.
Apartment for 5 people
Maximum 5 guests
4 aparments
1 bathrooms
from 25 person and night
For a small family are the ideal option since it has:
  • A double room and a single room. Ambas has bedding, plus a closet to leave luggage and tables.
  • A living room where you will find a sofa bed, with capacity for 2 people. It also has dining table and television.
  • The kitchen may or may not be open to the dining room. It has appliances and kitchenware.
  • The bathroom is equipped with shower tray or bathtub. In the 2 cases has towels.
With 2 rooms, in addition to the sofa bed, it becomes the ideal apartment for family between 3 and 5 members. This accommodation and the geographical location in which it is located make it the ideal site in which to miss a few days.
Apartment for 7 people
Maximum 7 guests
4 aparments
2 bathrooms
from 25 person and night
A group of friends or even 2 small families become the ideal candidates to occupy these apartments. They have:
  • 2 double rooms, with double bed or 2 singles, equipped with bedding and wardrobes.
  • 2 bathrooms en whose interior you will find a shower tray or a bathtub as well as towels.
  • A kitchen, which may or may not be open to the living room, equipped with the necessary appliances and utensils so you do not need anything.
  • The living-dining room has a sofa-bed in which 2 people can sleep. There is also a dining table and in front of the sofa is the television.
You will have a great time alojándoos a few days here. You will have everything you need to enjoy and the environment in which it is located will fascinate you.
Apartment for 8 people
Maximum 8 guests
3 aparments
2 bathrooms
from 25 person and night
2 families of 4 members, a small whole family or a group of friends will enjoy their vacation days in these apartments where will find:
  • 3 double rooms that have wardrobe and tables. They have a double bed or 2 singles and bedding.
  • 2 bathrooms equipped with towels in addition to a shower tray or a bathtub.
  • A kitchen, open or not to the living room, which has the necessary appliances and utensils.
  • In In front of it is the television and, to one side, the dining table.
It is the ideal accommodation to miss a weekend in these lands that ran through El Cid in its day and that host a medieval history without equal.
Apartment for 10 people
Maximum 10 guests
2 aparments
2 bathrooms
from 24 person and night
If you are looking for accommodation to go with the whole family o with friends this with capacity for 10 people is yours. In it you have:
  • 4 double rooms, in which there will be a double bed or 2 singles. Both come equipped with clothes and have a large closet.
  • 2 bathrooms equipped with the necessary towels and they have a shower tray or a bathtub.
  • A kitchen, open or not to the dining room. It has the appliances and utensils you need in your meals.
  • In the XX you will find a sofa bed for 2 people. Also, a dining table and a television.
It's the place you're looking for to spend some wonderful days in these lands with so much history to discover.

Disponibilidad de Apartamentos La Trufa Negra

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Characteristics of Apartamentos La Trufa Negra (Country Apartments)

Asphalted Access
TV in room
Shared bathroom
Air conditioner
Living room
Dinning room
Washing machine
Cradle for babies
No pets
Au pair
Open on New Year's Eve
Close restaurant
Game collection
Optional Diner
Optional Lunch
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Close to center
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Cancellation 30 days
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Sourroundings of Apartamentos La Trufa Negra

Mora de Rubielos is the capital of the Region of Gúdar-Javalambre located south of the province of Teruel. At the foot of the Sierra de Gúdar, where you can enjoy numerous routes and activities surrounded by nature, you have the opportunity to discover:
  • Ex-Colegiata de Santa María. It is a Gothic temple built in the fifteenth century. After the Civil War, in which it hosted military workshops, it was declared National Monument.
  • Castillo Palacio de los Fernández de Heredia. At the top of the town, on a rock formation, stands this imposing castle that originally served not only to defend the city from possible attacks, but also to house the lords in it. The oldest part that is conserved dates from XII century.
  • This castle is the venue during the summer of Door to the Mediterranean Festival. There are groups from all over Spain belonging to the world of folklore, dance and theater.
On the other hand, in this village you can make family routes that will take you through the same roads that El Cid traveled. Without doubt a place full of history in every corner that you will enjoy.
Avenida Ibañez-Martín, 10-14 44400 Mora De Rubielos (Teruel)
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Frequent asked questions about Apartamentos La Trufa Negra

  • Accommodation prices vary depending on the number of nights, people and season, but it is priced from 17.2€ per person and night.
  • In this accommodation can sleep a maximun of 190 people.
  • The options of rooms or stays are:
    • Apartments for 4 people with kitchen
    • Apartment for 6 people
    • Apartment for 5 people
    • Apartment for 7 people
    • Apartment for 8 people
    • Apartment for 10 people
  • This accommodation does not have a swimming pool. Here you can see all its features.
  • No, pets are not allowed in this accommodation.

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