Apartamento Rural Más de Luis

Apartamento Rural Más de Luis
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from 18 person and night
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Description of Apartamento Rural Más de Luis

Located in the town of Villahermosa del Río in the province of Castellon it has a maximum capacity for 12 people.

The property is divided into different blocks or fully independent apartments.

Ground floor apartment:
  • It has a extensive living room, with stone walls, a sofa color magenta desaturated very comfortable, a wooden table a game with chairs, a carpet that runs through the room as a trompe l'oeil simulating a mural Constantino.
  • Finally, a flirtatious with a mirror is in the meridian of the room.
  • Following the tour, we find a bathroom que continues with rural themes because also has a dark marble sink tipo well.
  • Finally, a room ample of marriage nos awaits the end of this first apartment; being cozily decorated with ornaments wood y mustard tone of the walls , headboard corona, 2 de coquettish dark wood contrasting with the colors of the room. Finally, a mirror and a chair complete the rest of the room.

First floor apartment:

  • In the room we have a small table color dark wood, some elements in which to be able to accommodate us while we enjoy a deep conversation.
  • On the other side of the room, appears kitchen, a sitting room sencillita is separate del resto by a wall de medium altura.
  • The bathroom shows peculiarities to the apartment on the ground floor as it has a white sink with a mirror con wood reliefs y above all, is more spacious que his twin.
  • Finally, the double room with 2 beds, because a is arranged vertically, while the another, in horizontal describing almost a "L" ; la room has of several white shelves and some wooden dividers in grids.

Second floor apartment. It is the only room that has fireplace and also, a large size. The black chimney con roof form, has 2 heights.

  • The lounge also has various low-rise furniture, a bookshelf with books, some chairs and a nightstand with night light.
  • The bathroom of this apartment is also larger than the one of the ground floor apartment, it has a round mirror, a round washbasin, basic utensils for a superb hygiene and dark wood ornaments.
  • Finally, this apartment includes bed una con 2 bedside tables muy original that are supported baseless on the floor; that is, they are attached to each corner of the wall.


Apartment ground floor
Maximum 4 guests
1 aparments
1 bathrooms
from 18 person and night
  • has a fantastic master bedroom headboard con corona tones on walls mustard y dark wood trim.
  • broad con a spacious lounge sofa magenta, stone walls y various wooden ornaments in including of course an extensive dining table.
  • Finally, a bathroom sink con un oscuro a round mirror y equipped with all kinds of necesidades.
First floor apartment
Maximum 4 guests
1 aparments
1 bathrooms
from 18 person and night
  • It contains a single room with 2 beds dispuestas in the form of "L" and separated with the rest by a wooden barrier with grids.
  • The room is separated from the kitchen by a medium height barrier. The room has all kinds of comforts for the client, including a extensive wooden skylight and a low table. The kitchen has a wooden dining table extensive for 4 people and a laundry round kaolin.
  • Finally, bathroom el, wider que The ground floor apartment also has a marble sink white a square mirror con wood reliefs y all kinds of comodidades.
Second floor apartment
Maximum 4 guests
1 aparments
1 bathrooms
from 21 person and night
  • With a extensive room containing a black fireplace much wide, low rise furniture, a bookshelf full of books, chairs and a nightstand with a night light.
  • The bathroom also has a circular mirror with edges in light wood, a washbasin round kaolin with the gold taps, ornaments in wood and square tiles.
  • Finally, the double room with a huge bed and 2 tables raised above the floor, glued to each corner of the wall.

Characteristics of Apartamento Rural Más de Luis (Country Apartments)

Asphalted Access
Garden furniture
Living room
Fireplace in Living Room
Bathroom in room
Dinning room
Open on New Year's Eve
Close restaurant
Game collection
WiFi free
Information about the area
Pets allowed
Outskirts of the Center
Close to river, swamp, ...
Access Signaling
In the country
See calendar
Date of last update: 16-11-2016
Cancellation policy
Cancellation 30 days
Official registration no.

Sourroundings of Apartamento Rural Más de Luis

Located in the village of X Villahermosa del Río, in the province of Castellón, the area has multiple places for the most avid fans of the art world:
  • Cult Heritage: the Parochial Church of Villahermosa del Río has several medieval altarpieces, as well as a size of Bonet. Finally, we can visit the rest of hermitages that lie in the area.
  • Civil heritage: for the most traditional, there is nothing better than to visit the area of ​​the historic center y of the town hall del del pueblo; However, for the most nonconformist, in the surroundings, we can enjoy a beautiful bridge of hybrid typology, on the one hand dated Roman era and por the other, the late Middle Ages, the gothic. Finally, we can visit one of the classic snow deposits that are preserved by the plains, the Penyagolosa Fridge.
Finally, for the most naturalists and fans of the world of birds, biologists, geologists and ornithologists, respectively, we can enjoy varied and beautiful orography if.
Más de Luis, 35 12124 Villahermosa Del Rio (Castellon)
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Frequent asked questions about Apartamento Rural Más de Luis

  • Accommodation prices vary depending on the number of nights, people and season, but it is priced from 18.8€ per person and night.
  • In this accommodation can sleep a maximun of 12 people.
  • The options of rooms or stays are:
    • Apartment ground floor
    • First floor apartment
    • Second floor apartment
  • This accommodation does not have a swimming pool. Here you can see all its features.
  • Yes, pets are normally allowed, but it is always best to call ahead to confirm.

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