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Hotel La Casa del Río
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Description of Hotel La Casa del Río

Located in Villanova, in the province of Huesca, it has a maximum capacity of 20 people distributed in different rooms. < br />
Suite Room: we have 2 rooms to choose from: the Arroyos Room and the Laguna Room.
  • Bedroom: both rooms have a king size bed in this part of the room; that is, of dimensions of 2x2 meters, so that your partner and you do not have problems of space and comfort. Later  a small lounge appears with 2 rocking chairs in front of a fireplace just for you. As if this were not enough, you have amenities such as a coffee machine and a huge closet. Finally, as only difference between both stays is that only the Laguna Room has a balcony with wonderful views.
  • Bathroom: fully equipped with basic toilet utensils, with all kinds of details and utilities strong> are of design ; the tiles of the room Streams seem to be electrified, while those of Laguna have a touch me It's classic. The sink is round, stands out from the furniture that holds it and white kaolin ; and to crown your passion and relax, a bathroom jacuzzi will be waiting for you ....

    Double room not with sloping ceilings: 3 rooms available for you: Room MartÃn Pescador, Room Birch and Room Milano.
    • Bedroom: only the Room MartÃn Pescador has a double bed, the rest of the rooms in this group have single beds < / strong> that they could come together and form a marriage, if so required. In the order mentioned above, bedroom colors vary between: orange, sky blue / celestial and > Ocher / mustard. The theme of all rooms is avant-garde style, specifically, Art Nouveau due to the Dark Fiery Embellishments and clear and dynamic forms of metal employment which is used to create outlines and stylized silhouettes and rhythmic in bed headboards, bedside tables, in lockers musicians â ?? |.
    • Bathroom: keeping the tiles, the key of each room, the Room MartÃn Pescador has white tiles << / strong> and from time to time, orange ; the Birch Room, color depth using different blue temperatures and finally, the Milano Room containing < strong> more classic tiles with diamond shapes.
      All toilets contain shower with screen, except Birch Room which contains an extensive white bathroom to find your spiritual peace.

      Double room attic: 3 rooms to your random insurance: the Room Gooseberry, the Room Boletus and the > Campanula room.
      • Bedroom: from smaller to larger, all are arranged in a attic ; the Room Currant contains a double bed on your basic floor and up some stairs, we find > another double bed being able to accommodate up to 4 people in the same attic ; in Room Boletus and Room Campanula, however, the room is part of the room, so they only have 2 beds Individuals enabling a maximum capacity of 2 people.
      • Bathroom: in the Room Currant, the tones of the tiles are ocres, contrasting in a medium with the wooden ornaments used to hold the square sink or the huge mirror of your center; the toilet is located to the left of the washbasin while the white wash basin, on its right-handed side. The Boletus Room is typified in forest, vegetation and Zen harmony with wood decorations, shiny metal and Japanese mats that decorate the soap dishes ; ad finis, a white polished bathroom. Finally, the bathroom of the Campanula Room contains a dogmatic linked with the murals representing the water, used in pool or spas, has basic utility, a clean white washbasin strong> with resplendent silver fittings and a shower tray attached to the wall, matching the sink faucet and some white curtains with circles of desaturated colors from range from oranges to blue. < / li>

        To conclude, all hotel rooms have free Wi-Fi.


      Suite type room
      Maximum 2 guests
      1 rooms
      1 bathrooms
      from 88 person and night
      The most luxurious rooms of the hotel, the Room Brooks and the Room Laguna dispose of:
      • Bedroom: type King size o size beds 2 x 2 meters long and wide for your biggest comfort ; In addition, the Laguna Room also has a large balcony .
      • Bathroom: includes from the most basic accessories such as washbasin o toilet utility, up to immense bathtub - jacuzzi.

      Non-penthouse Double Room
      Maximum 2 guests
      1 rooms
      1 bathrooms
      from 44 person and night
      More basic rooms of the hotel, in this group include 3 different rooms: Room Martín Pescador, Room Birch and Room Milano, which are distributed in:
      • Double bedroom: with a capacity for 2 people, all these rooms include a balcony overlooking the Valley and in all there 2 single beds that can be converted in una of marriageexcept the Room Martin Pescador that already includes his own double bed.
      • Bathroom: decorated with different shades, chords a the general theme of the stay, include toilet basics and higine, a washbasin with its respective mirror and a shower tray con screen o bathtub, as appropriate.
      Dormer Double Room
      Maximum 2 guests
      1 rooms
      1 bathrooms
      from 44 person and night
      These hotel rooms include a higher level of comfort than those of the non-sloped suite ; therefore, it is necessary to name them first: the Room Currant, the Room Boletus and the Room Campanula that are distributed in:
      • Bedroom: all rooms except la Room Currant include 2 single beds with a spacious balcony .
      • Bathroom: the toilet has the most basic elements for proper hygiene of our users, together with a bathtub or shower, depending on the stay.
      Laguna Suite
      Maximum 2 guests
      1 rooms
      1 bathrooms
      from 63 person and night
      This bedroom is ideal for you to enjoy all the luxury you need, and so that you can rest without problems.
      We have space for 2 people, and it consists of:

      • A double bed in a bright space.
      • A seating area with balcony.
      • Full bathroom.
      Currant Family
      Maximum 4 guests
      1 rooms
      1 bathrooms
      from 33 person and night
      This space is spacious and has the best comforts so that you can rest as a family, and in a double-height space.

      It has capacity for 4 people, and consists of:

      • A double bed and a bathroom on the ground floor.
      • A loft sleeping area with single beds.
      Double Boletus
      Maximum 2 guests
      1 rooms
      1 bathrooms
      from 44 person and night
      This bedroom is located on one of the upper floors of the accommodation, and has one of the best views.

      We have space for 2 people, and it consists of:

      • A pair of individual beds.
      • A full bathroom.
      • A balcony.
      Double Campanula
      Maximum 2 guests
      1 rooms
      1 bathrooms
      from 59 person and night
      This bedroom is very bright and offers you the best comforts you can imagine in a very quiet environment.

      We have space for 2 people, and it consists of:

      • A pair of single beds next to a balcony.
      • A full bathroom with towels.
      Double Milano
      Maximum 2 guests
      1 rooms
      1 bathrooms
      from 44 person and night
      This bedroom is especially quiet for those who want to disconnect in a charming environment.
      We have capacity for 2 people, and consists of:

      • A pair of single beds.
      • A complete bathroom, with the j sets of towels.
      Double Attic Holly
      Maximum 2 guests
      1 rooms
      1 bathrooms
      from 40 person and night
      This bedroom has a unique and very pleasant environment in which you will be able to disconnect without problems.
      We have capacity for 2 people, and consists of:

      • A pair of single beds, with a gabled roof
      • A full bathroom with towel sets.

    Characteristics of Hotel La Casa del Río (Boutique Hotel)

    Pet friendly Bar
    Asphalted Access
    Meeting room
    Fireplace in room
    TV in room
    Fireplace in Living Room
    Bathroom in room
    Living room
    Dinning room
    Washing clothes
    Open on New Year's Eve
    Guided walks
    Close restaurant
    Game collection
    WiFi free
    Optional Lunch
    Information about the area
    Optional Breakfast
    Pets allowed
    Cradle for babies
    Outskirts of the Center
    Access Signaling
    In the country
    Close to Ski Slopes
    Host Type
    For Groups
    For Two People
    See calendar
    Date of last update: 20-07-2021
    Cancellation policy
    Cancellation 7 days
    Check in
    Of 17:30 to 21:00
    Check out
    Of 10:00 to 12:00
    Official registration no.

    Sourroundings of Hotel La Casa del Río

    Located in the village of Villanova, in the province of the ancient city of Osca, contains 2 classic religious monuments that were built for the 2 neighborhoods that make up the own locality:

    Cult monuments: the Church of St. Mary data of XII century y is dedicated to Holy Mary ; her plant in origin era cross latina, although due to some reforms she suffered in the XVI century, her structure se modified with the passage of years. The Parochial Church of San Pedro, located in the other zone of the town, is dedicated to Apostle San Pedro that is the patron of this population. Finally, it is worth mentioning its other extensive mention, a composite altarpiece por until 13 tables, distributed in different floors, 5 streets and in it are represented Apostle Saint Peter y to Saint Paul.

    Finally, if you want to enjoy one of the languages ​​that were considered lost en the Peninsula; that is, , the Aragonese, you can enjoy in the town of one of his dialects, the one called patués ; in fact, Villanova in patués is said Bilanoba.

    Carretera Benasque, Km. 49,9 22467 Villanova (Huesca)
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    Frequent asked questions about Hotel La Casa del Río

    • Accommodation prices vary depending on the number of nights, people and season, but it is priced from 40€ per person and night.
    • In this accommodation can sleep a maximun of 20 people.
    • You can check-in from 17:30 to 21:00 and check-out of 10:00 to 12:00
    • The options of rooms or stays are:
      • Suite type room
      • Non-penthouse Double Room
      • Dormer Double Room
      • Laguna Suite
      • Currant Family
      • Double Boletus
      • Double Campanula
      • Double Milano
      • Double Attic Holly
    • This accommodation does not have a swimming pool. Here you can see all its features.
    • Yes, pets are normally allowed, but it is always best to call ahead to confirm.

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