Casa Rural Betania
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Casa Rural Betania

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Calle Zamorana, 2 24172 Villacalabuey (Leon)
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  • Access with windows on the facade
  •  Access to the house from the town center
  •  Bright main living room
  •  Main living room with armchairs
  •  Main living room and dining room
  •  Living room with upholstered furniture and armchairs
  •  Main living room with rocking chair
  •  Main living room with tables
  •  Large and bright L-shaped kitchen
  •  Kitchen with details and tableware
  •  Kitchen with details
  •  Dining room
  •  Double bedroom with black forged headboard
  •  Double bedroom with headboard
  •  Double bedroom with embroidered curtains
  •  Double bedroom with embroidered bedspread
  •  Double bedroom of marimonio with its wardrobe
  •  Double bedroom and adapted toilet
  •  Double bedroom with pillow
  •  Double bedroom and its equipped bathroom
  •  View of the facade with windows and flowers
  •  Views of the patio with wooden logs
  •  Zon center with the church
  •  Access zone to the pu eblo
  •  Suburban area

Description of Casa Rural Betania

Our accommodation is within the province of Leon , and specifically in the space that is created in the town of Villacalabuey .

It is a house located in the urban area, y at the same time, very close to the natural areas that are distributed by kis surroundings of the population.

The house has X
In its 2 floors the following stays are found:

  • 11 double rooms that are divided between those with a bed d and marriage , and those with a pair of single beds. All of them have sheets and blankets.
  • 11 bathrooms that are part of each of the bedrooms. They have several toilets among which is the shower , and also the towel sets.
  • 2 rooms of which one of them is the main one, and integrates a rest area that is composed of several chairs that are oriented towards the area where is the fireplace, y next to the television . Behind we have a wide wooden table with several chairs.
  • A tools museum where you can discover elements of history.
  • A complete kitchen , equipped in light colors and with appliances and household suficiente.

In the outdoor areas:
  • 2 porches with table and chairs.
  • A garden area.


Double bedroom 1
from 23 €
person and night

Our double bedroom has everything you need to rest.

It has space for 2 people , although previous notice can be included an extra bed. And ​​it consists of the following elements:

  • Una double bed or, 2 single beds.
  • A room of full bathroom, with shower and towel sets. In 2 of the bedrooms, the bathroom is adapted.
Double bedroom 2
from 23 €
person and night

This bedroom is perfect for you to enjoy the best comforts, and you can rest quietly.

Has space for 2 people , and has:
  • Una double bed amplia.
  • A bathroom completo with towel sets.
Double bedroom 3
from 23 €
person and night

It is a space in which to rest and enjoy with the best comforts, and conditions for you to feel at home.

Has space for 2 people, and consists of:

  • Una double bed.
  • A bathroom completo.
Double bedroom 4
from 20 €
person and night

This bedroom has everything you can imagine to enjoy the most of the holidays in this area.

We have capacity for 2 people , and consists of:

  • Una double bed.
  • A full bathroom with its towel sets.
Double bedroom 5
from 23 €
person and night

This bedroom has a special charm, and has all kinds of amenities inside for you to enjoy.

Has space for 2 people , and consists of:
  • La bedroom area with the best amenities.
  • A bathroom completo.
Double bedroom 6
from 23 €
person and night

This bedroom will enchant you, and you will be able to enjoy it, counting on the best elements for your rest.

Has space for 2 people , and consists of:

  • A rest area with very comfortable beds.
  • A bathroom completo.
Double bedroom 7
from 23 €
person and night

It is the last one of the bedrooms of this type, in which you will be able to rest, and enjoy a good vacation.

Has space for 2 people, and consists of:

  • A pair of beds individual.
  • A bathroom .
Single bedroom 1
from 30 €
person and night

This bedroom is perfect if you are traveling alone, or if you want to enjoy a vacation with the best comforts.

Has space for a person y has:

  • Una single bed although wide.
  • A bathroom completo.
Single bedroom 2
from 300 €
person and night

It is the last of all the rooms of our lodging, where you will be able to enjoy the best rest. XX
Account with capacity for one person , and deals:
  • Una single bed.
  • A bathroom complete.

Sourroundings of Casa Rural Betania

Our accommodation is located within the XX
It is a space in which nature is one of the main actors , indisputably present in the panorama of each of its corners.

We also have the routes of sednerism and mountain to know the space thoroughly and enjoy it, being full of endemic vegetation.

The urban helmet has:
  • A parish church.
  • The plaza.

About María del Rosario, Owner of Casa Rural Betania

María del Rosario
Published the since Noviembre of 2016 Updated the calendar on 29 of Abril of 2019
I am an enterprising woman.

I designed my house as a place where people could rest, meet, meet and even approach the transcendent dimension of the human being.

As the owner, I like the client to spend a few days different from the daily routine. I like to see in the client confidence.
What the owner pinpoints on the property
My house is big, wide. It has a lot of light. It has a garden with good dimensions.

Outside we find a beautiful park that we can contemplate even from the bedrooms of the house.

There is enough room to park. It has seven bicycles, for adults and children. Toys, fireplace in winter, exercise bike and a small table football and billiards.
What to do in its surroundings?
The Villa de Sahagún is 15 kilometers from the house, and is one of the areas of interest.

On the way to Sahagún is the hamlet of Sta María de Trianos, former possession of the Dominicans.

A few kilometers from the house is La Dehesa Valdellán with bulls Lidia bravo and production of delicious cecina.

Other places of interest can be Grajal de Campos, Special mention deserves La Olmeda in Saldaña Palencia, a little more withdrawn than the rest of the places quoted.

We could also mention the town of Cea with its simple castle and its Roman bridge over the river of the same name.

Characteristics of Casa Rural Betania (Rural House with Room Renting)

Reviews of Casa Rural Betania

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Stayed on 27/09/2019
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We have been a group of 19 people. The house is very cozy and has everything. In addition, we have coincided with the village festivities and this has welcomed us with another group of the same, with what we have become Villaoflabuey fans! Definitely a place to repeat.
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Review translated from Spanish
Thanks, Camino. I will be delighted to receive you again, because the satisfaction has been on both sides. Greetings and see you again. Mary
from 15.9€ person and night
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If you cancel or modify the reservation at least 7 days before the date of arrival in the rural and before 12 noon CET (European Central Time), you will receive a refund of the total of your reservation, minus a 5% cancellation fee. In the case of cancellations made in the 7 days before arrival, you will be reimbursed 5% of the total reservation, minus the cancellation fee.