Apartamentos San Martín- Ramón de María
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Apartamentos San Martín- Ramón de María

San Martín de Villanueva 33780 Trevias (Asturias)
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  • Access to the indoor pool area
  •  Access to the house with table
  •  Large living room with fireplace and wooden beams
  •  Living room with fireplace in the corner
  •  Living room with pictures and table
  •  Living room with fireplace in front and cushions
  •  Living room with dining table next to fireplace
  •  Living room with armchairs and window in front of table
  •  Kitchen with views of the living room and dining room
  •  House kitchen with wooden furniture
  •  House kitchen with window
  •  Distributor of rooms
  •  Distributor and views of the bedroom and toilet
  •  Double bedroom with wooden ceilings
  •  Double bedroom with ceilings and wooden floors
  •  Double bedroom with single beds
  •  Double bedroom with joined beds and bedside tables
  •  Double bedroom with wardrobes
  •  Dealer hall with the rooms
  •  Halls and views of the rooms
  •  A toilet with the mirror and light
  •  A toilet with mirror and window on the radiator
  •  Views of the estate with green areas
  •  Views of the indoor pool with windows
  •  Views of the indoor pool with Games
  •  Views of the indoor pool with hammocks next door
  •  Views of the indoor pool from outside
  •  Views of the indoor pool outside
  •  Views of the indoor pool inside
  •  Views of the indoor pool and the green surroundings
  •  Views of the pool from outside to the entrance
  •  Views of the barbecue area with table and benches
  •  Views of the barbecue area
  •  Views of the outdoor areas with chairs and planters
  •  Views of the green areas with furniture
  •  Views of the exteriors of the estate
  •  Views of the gardens of the house
  •  Views of the porch with planters and planters
  •  Natural areas of the surroundings

Description of Apartamentos San Martín- Ramón de María

Our accommodation is located within the area of ​​Asturias, where you will be able to enjoy the best views in the area of ​​ Valdés , which is a quiet town full of charm.

It is an estate in which we have several accommodations, all of them with the best comforts, and with unique spaces in which to disconnect.

In addition to having the private facilities , we have common spaces , where we have thought about the leisure and relaxation of our guests, which in the case of this accommodation, are up to a maximum of 6 people, who will enjoy:

  • A spectacular dining room in which the set of armchairs are located on one side to rest, looking towards the front where the wood burning fireplace is located, which is cornering and is made of stone. On one side, the dining table j near the window, in wood and with plenty of chairs, where you can also enjoy the plasma TV .
  • Una full kitchen , in which all the necessary elements are distributed so that you get rich and flavorful dishes, like at home. It has a set of appliances and utensils to spare.
  • 2 full bathrooms and very bright, both equipped with shower and with different sets of towels.
  • 3 large double bedrooms , of which 2 of them have a pair of single beds, while the remaining room has a double bed amplia.

Already in the outer zones , we have:
  • A private porch with outdoor furniture.
  • Common areas in which the gardens, the barbecue and an indoor pool are located to enjoy at any time of the year.

Sourroundings of Apartamentos San Martín- Ramón de María

Our accommodation is located in one of the most beautiful corners of our country such as the province of Asturias , where you will discover a quiet town that is Valdés.

It is a quiet and pleasant area, in which you have the option to rest, disconnect, and enjoy both natural and cultural rural tourism.

If you want to take advantage of the trip to discover unique places, then do not hesitate to do some hiking and get to know each part of the natural terrain in depth.
In the urban area, we have:
  • The church .
  • The square .

Characteristics of Apartamentos San Martín- Ramón de María (Full Rental Rural House)

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