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El Moral. Casas Rurales

Ctra. de Cuenca, s/n 16843 Valdecañas (Cuenca)
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Description of El Moral. Casas Rurales
Welcome to our rural complex.

We are located in Cuenca, specifically, in Valdecañas.

Our complex has 6 rural houses , which are rented from in full form each.

We have capacity for a maximum of 8 seats in each of them.

Therefore, we recommend it for a group of friends, for families, family reunions, etc. Although, anyone who wants to get out of the fuss of the big city, is welcome.

Each house has 3 bedrooms and a sofa bed .

In the external zone r you have:
  • A parking. It is exclusive for our guests.
  • A barbeque area , where you can roast meat, fish and spend great times in the company of yours while you enjoy a good feast.
  • We have different terraces, more private, where you can sunbathe, or chat.
  • The pool, which is only 100m. You can go and give them a refreshing dip.
  • We also have, for sports lovers, a sports area.
  • In the outdoors you can enjoy a large garden area , where children can run without problems and, above all, without dangers.
We also have a common building for our entire complex. In it, you will find:
  • A social lounge. In this room you can have coffee, while you play cards or chat with your friends.
  • A conference room. It is perfect to celebrate different meetings.
  • We also have a cafeteria. You can have a drink, a coffee or try our sandwiches. We have a television and wifi.
Home 1
from 27 €
person and night

The cottages are perfect for friends, for several families , for couples, etc.

We have capacity for 8 people.

We have 3 bedrooms , each with 2 single beds.

In addition, each room has a full bathroom , with shower tray.

We also have a sofa bed in the dining room, which can fit another 2 people.

The area of ​​the dining room can be divided into 2 parts:
  • A type dining room , with a table with wooden chairs.
  • An area of ​​the room , where you have the different sofas and a television.
The kitchen is fully equipped. The furniture is made of wood and you can use the following appliances during your stay: washing machine, oven , microwave, ceramic hob, smoke extractor and a coffee maker.

You can also use the kitchenware and the different utensils that we put at your disposal.
House 2
from 27 €
person and night

It is one of our spacious homes, where you will be able to rest without problems, and with all the amenities.

We have space for 6 guests, y has:

  • 3 double rooms complete.
  • 3 bathrooms full of amenities.
  • Un living room dining room amplia.
  • A kitchen completa.
House 3
from 27 €
person and night

It is one of our spacious homes, where you will be able to rest without problems, and having at your fingertips all the comforts.

We have space for 6 people , and consists of:

  • A living room ample, next to the kitchen area .
  • Un total of 3 full bathrooms.
  • 3 double rooms with very pleasant functional furniture.
House 4
from 27 €
person and night

It is another of the family homes where you will be able to rest without problems, and with all the comforts.

We have space for 6 people inside, and it has:

  • 3 double bedrooms ample, with beds dressed perfectly.
  • 3 full bathrooms, with towel sets.
  • A room that is both dining room .
  • A kitchen completa.
House 5
from 27 €
person and night

Inside this space you will feel at home, and meanwhile, you will enjoy the best tourism experience.

Has capacity for 6 people , and consists of:

  • The 3 double rooms ample, with a bathroom inside of each of them.
  • A spacious dining room , with all the armchairs.
  • A kitchen completa,
House 6
from 27 €
person and night

It is a lodging in which you will be able to feel comfortable and be at home, with all the comforts.

We have space for 6 people inside, and consists of:

  • 3 double bedrooms, perfectly equipped.
  • 3 bathrooms completos.
  • A living room amplio.
  • Una cooks with all the kitchenware.
Sourroundings of El Moral. Casas Rurales
If you come to our accommodation, we want to recommend some places that you can visit. Among them, we highlight:

The Enchanted City . It is located on the outskirts of the city of Cuenca. She is known for the strange shapes that stones have and, in addition, several movies have been shot.

In the city of Cuenca , you can enjoy:
  • The Hanging Houses , the best known.
  • His cathedral, which has Gothic style, which was built between the SXII and SXIII.
  • The Bridge of San Pablo . A huge iron bridge, with impressive height, which is very close to the Casas Colgadas.
In Buendía , another town, you can enjoy the Route of the Faces . Stones carved in different shapes: faces, skulls, etc. A very picturesque place to go.

Characteristics of El Moral. Casas Rurales

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