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Apartamento Espliego

Calle Cerrada, 5 19119 Hueva (Guadalajara)
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Description of Apartamento Espliego
Undoubtedly the best time of the year is the one in which we can go with the whole family to rest y to spend some special moments to remember for a lifetime. If you decide to come to Guadalajara , in the town of Rodeo we provide the perfect option.

The apartment has the possibility of accommodating a maximum of 6 people . The idea that comes to your mind when you are looking for a vacation accommodation is always the qualities and the different comforts. You want the site to be nice y not to lose features ni functions.

That is why we believe that we are an ideal option, we have achieved this and much more:

  • We have a awesome living room. We would love to be in it, of course. It consists of a chimney from which the different pieces of furniture have been distributed to create the ideal atmosphere. The couch is perfect for resting and a privilege to sleep because it becomes bed de marriage. The television is huge and we have taken advantage of it by placing a DVD.
  • The kitchen is very large and has different possibilities. We loves to cook y in all groups of friends and in all families there is always a person who likes to make coclets . That is why here you will have fantastic elements, you will not know what to cook because you will be willing to use each and every one of the parts that make up the room. Other of the items that have are great for perform the different housework .
  • The service that will excite you. It has a bathtub but, not any kind of bathtub . It is a jacuzzi , there will be queues to use it.
  • The master bedroom is a wonderful room with a bed of decoration country due to its head en fence with motives natural . If you come as a family, this bedroom is for parents, it is very clear.
  • The other room is double , with twin beds. This is something simpler because it is more designed for children , as we know that they are junk and that they will not stop running and playing we have given space for it and we did not want to place much unnecessary furniture .
Sourroundings of Apartamento Espliego
Guadalajara contains in its center a historical center that will be difficult to forget. If you go through it all you can discover a lot of curious places that seem taken from another era.
  • Between swamps and reservoirs is Alocén , a wonderful village at the foot of the Entrepeñas reservoir. Within the town itself there are several possibilities but, outside, in the environment, if you like nature, you will be in glory.
  • Marsh Buendía also has many beautiful sites but one of the curiosities is the sculpture that is carved in stone in the shape of a skull.
  • You are a few kilometers from Madrid and one of the closest and most emblematic districts or cities is Alacalá de Henares. Its University has a lot of history and is the cradle of the great Spanish literature. In it you will find multiple options related to Quixote and Cervantes.
Characteristics of Apartamento Espliego
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