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Rural properties with Spa

Rural properties with Spa

There aren't many rural houses that offer this unique gem to your senses, but there are several rural hotels that will offer you the option of booking accommodation as well as enjoying of several spa treatments.

If you have chosen one of these accommodations, then we are very jealous of you! Because, apart from going on holidays, you will be able to enjoy a unique and peaceful experience with the help of very different treatments, saunas, and water streams.

If this is your first time in a place like this, we have a few tips for you that can help you enjoy the most of this experience, and leave your holidays with a very pleasant taste.

A few tips for booking your with Spa



A spa is a quiet place where there is no room for or stress nor clocks, so make yourself a favour, and forget about both things, since you won't need worry about them, nor about the time here.

This places usually have a quiet and serene atmosphere about them that is perfect for you to take a break from everything and think about nothing else but you. So allow yourself to be embraced by it, and forget about looking at the clock. Just relax and enjoy.

Of course, your mobile phone isn't an allie in a place like this, which means that you should keep it off and as far away from you as possible so that no one disturbs you, and you don't disturb anyone else either.



A spa usually offers many options for relaxation offers, from standard water and health treatments where you can enjoy the benefits of the different swimming pools, and of much more specific features that will allow you to relax in a more intimate and unique way.

Read all the information about each of the different options you would like to consider, and choose the one that best suits your skin and your preferences.

There are relaxation massages, massages to relieve muscular contractions, moisturizing massages... You won't get enough of it.



These are places to take a break and enjoy silence, which means that you should respect your own, as well as that of others who are also spending their time at the spa.

If you are going to share this experience with someone else, remember that this is a unique and special moment where peace and tranquility are very precious. There will be time to talk afterwards although, if you can't wait, you can always do so in a very low voice.

If you are traveling alone, these are the kind of rules that you will find in most spas that guarantee the tranquility and peaceful atmosphere that usually resides in these kind of places.



If this is going to be your first time in a spa, you might be little confused surrounded by so many swimming pools, and different kinds of cabins, water streams, and facilities in general.

If there is something new to you or that you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask the staff, since they will be able to help and guide you through the whole process and through all the available options that might benefit you best, and the properties each treatment has.

Nevertheless, you will usually find a map with all the spa facilities so that you don't waste a second deciphering what each thing is.


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