Country houses with Fireplace

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Rural properties with Fireplace

Rural properties with Fireplace

Rustic, modern, or traditional, are some of the different types of fireplace that you will encounter in a rural accommodation.

There is no question that a rural house is way more charming with a fireplace rather than without one and, although it might not be everyone's case, it is a perfect addition for any time of the year, as it always improve any kind of room, and gives it a certain unique character.

If you are looking for a house where you will be able to sit in front of a fire and enjoy listening to its crackling sound as much as its warmth, we have a very large list of accommodations that have one, as it is one of the most popular features that people ask for when looking for a rural house.

Nevertheless, some precautions need to be taken in order to enjoy of a nice fireplace, without any risks.



This is something that is sometimes overlooked but, booking a house with a fireplace is, in most cases, a synonym of spending some extra money in it.

So that this doesn't come as a surprise, do not hesitate to ask if firewood is included or not in the total amount you pay for renting the accommodation. In most cases, owners include a first bag of firewood in the price for the accommodation and charge you for the rest but, if you have any doubts or are not sure about it, we always recommend you discuss any issues about it with the owner of each accommodation.



Spending your holidays in a house with a fireplace is the perfect chance to find shelter from the cold outside in the welcoming warmth of the burning firewood, isn't it? Surely you have already pictured yourself sitting down by the fireplace, watching a movie and sharing blanket. And, no wonder, it is the perfect plan.

Nevertheless, you must be always careful when starting a fire, since being too close to the flames can be slightly dangerous, especially if you are traveling with children. Nonetheless, most rural houses now come with a a protective screen that will prevent anyone from touching the fire unless whenever necessary. And then, the only thing left to do will be to enjoy!


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