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Rural properties with Barbecue

Rural properties with Barbecue

Holidays and enjoying some large amounts of great food usually come hand in hand, especially if the rural accommodation we have booked comes with a barbecue, right?

Having a barbecue in the house is a synonym of enjoying some great meals in group and having tons of fun, where everyone can be part of the experience by helping prepare a delicious homemade meal.

A barbecue will be, no doubt, part of a unique experience since, very often, some of the best memories of your holidays and the best anecdotes, are shared, or happen near a barbecue. If you are thinking about booking a house, take into account whether or not it has a barbecue but remember that if you do, you will need to use it well and with great care.



When it comes to preparing a barbecue at home, we always associate it with laughter, family or friends, and with enjoying the warm temperatures outdoors.

But barbecues are not only great in summer, which means that if you are planning to stay in a rural house during winter or when it rains the most, we recommend you choose a rural accommodation where the barbecue are is under a roof or shelter of some kind and, if possible, next to the eating area that is also roofed, so that you can all enjoy of your barbecue time without needing to worry about the weather.



Not everyone can cook a decent barbecue and, the thing is, that although it might seem very easy, cooking in a barbecue requires its own technique.

Okay, maybe it's not that difficult, but you need to be very patient and choose amongst your group the most patient of all, and who can take things slow and easy. It also needs to be someone that is organized and who can plan very well what will be needed to prepare the barbecue.

If you have someone that fits our description, look no further, that person will be your cook.


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