Stone and brick outside  With stone walls
La Busta
 Under wooden beams  With Jacuzzi and aromatic candles
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La Busta

Calle La Gesa, 45 39591 La Busta (Cantabria)
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  • Stone and brick outside
  •  With stone walls
  •  Under wooden beams
  •  With Jacuzzi and aromatic candles
  •  With balcony
  •  Toilet with jacuzzi
  •  Modern design
  •  With Jacuzzi in bedroom
  •  Bathroom in bedroom
  •  Design lamp
  •  Wooden flooring
  •  Four-poster bed
  •  With night tables
  •  With clothes from bed
  •  with bath in toilet
  •  with mat
  •  pink bedroom
  •  with red furniture
  •  with television
  •  with bathroom
  •  with wooden door
  •  With heating
  •  Circular bedside tables
  •  Wooden terrace
  •  With bedding
  •  With candle lamps
  •  With television and balcony
  •  With shower tray
  •  Covered bed
  •  Black-and-white furniture
  •  With terrace
  •  With hydromassage cabin
  •  With turquoise blue wall
  •  With night tables
  •  With small table and chairs
  •  Shackled and exterior
  •  Wardrobe and nightstand
  •  Parquet floors
  •  With bedside tables night
  •  bedroom with double bed
  •  with television
  •  bathroom with sloping ceilings
  •  living area
  •  with terrace
  •  surrounded by nature
  •  exterior view of the inn
  •  Picos de Europa
  •  Sardinero Beach
  •  San Vicente de la Barquera
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Description of La Busta
In La Busta , a romantic town of Cantabria , is this rural inn.

With a total of 11 bedrooms , this accommodation is presented with a typical exterior of a large house in the north, whose exterior façade coexist brick, stone and reinforcements of wood . Built in building building is embraced at the top by a large balcony SX
To stay with us is to enjoy endless landscapes, green meadows and aromas of saltpeter , because we are very close to the coast . With all imaginable comforts, our accommodation combines Rustic with the modern elements, all of them designed in the functionality and comfort.

Let's now know in more detail the interior of the inn:
  • 11 bedrooms : double, broad , with exquisite design and very complete, with own bathroom, jacuzzi , balconies and television . A delight!
  • Dining : where a delicate period furniture awaits you to taste the best local gastronomy.
  • Living area : wicker furniture, low tables , large windows with views, television , internet access ... In short, a space created for relaxation and fun or simply reading a good title.
  • Reception : where you will have our full attention.
And in the outside :

  • Porch : with its corresponding furniture.
  • Parking area.
What are you waiting for to know the paradise Cantabrian ?
The Alicorn
from 55 €
person and night

These rooms are the t emplo of pleasure, relaxation and rest . With capacity for 2 people , with double bed , the bedroom stands out for its breadth and its design. Design with predominance for the wood , with presence in furniture and parquet floors.

Located at the top of the inn, it has balcony , with unbeatable views and ideal to welcome the sun every morning.

In terms of its features, to highlight:
  • Bathroom: with jacuzzi.
  • Television , so you can watch your favorite movies.
  • Heating , to avoid the possible winter cold.
The Ramidreju
from 45 €
person and night

Bedroom for 2 people , with double bed with canopy. With porch, terrace or mansard , its design is marked by the intense colors that bathe the walls and furniture, with asymmetrical shapes.

Its benefits are focused on your comfort, with television for your fun and heating , for your heat.

In addition, it has its own bathroom with hydromassage column.
The Queen Mora
from 45 €
person and night

This bedroom is one of the most romantic of the house, with capacity for 2 people, and the best features.

It has capacity for a couple, with double bed and mosquito net. Its design is defined by the contrast, the one created between candle lamps, with plasma television.

They have heating y also own bathroom, with bathtub .

In the outside , a small summer terrace.
from 55 €
person and night

It is a very nice suite, which has references to the sea thanks to the box that decorates the wall on which the bed rests.

We have capacity for 2 people in the interior.

Account inside with:
  • A double bed muge wide, and with nice bedding.
  • A bath, in which you are going to be able to relax without problems, counting on a jacuzzi.
  • In addition, there is a television .
The Roblón
from 45 €
person and night

This bedroom is perfect to share a couple's rest, with capacity for a maximum of 2 people.

Structure as follows:

  • A double bed in which bedding in white, contrasts with the red on its walls.
  • A full bathroom, equipped with a shower and several sets of towels.
  • A plasma television , to distract yourself.
The Ijana
from 45 €
person and night

This room has, thanks to its furniture, everything you need to make you enjoy of an optimal rest.

It has capacity for 2 people, and has the following elements:

  • A double bed with romantic air thanks to its mosquito net .
  • Un full bathroom, with shower dish .
  • A terrace with the best views, to be distracted.
The Goblin Zahorí
from 45 €
person and night

This room decorated in chocolate tones, has all the necessary comforts so that you rest placidly.

Prepared for 2 people , found inside:

  • A double bed wide, with details in white and brown, in front of which is the television de plasma.
  • A full bathroom, con shower .
  • A terrace de summer, totally private.
The Nuberos
from 45 €
person and night

This bedroom is spread over a total of 16 square meters, which are prepared to accommodate up to a maximum of 2 people.

It has:

  • Una double bed in a blue space.
  • A bathroom , equipped with shower and several sets of towels.

The Ventolines
from 45 €
person and night

This room has a very nice and romantic , in which they will be able to rest up to a maximum of 2 people.

It has a attic space en which is:

  • A double bed, of 1.50 y with nice bedding.
  • Un bathroom equipped with your shower tray, and several towel sets.
  • A television .
The Clusters
from 45 €
person and night

It is another of the rooms that are inside the the highest floor of the building, creating through its attic ceilings, a romantic atmosphere.

Account with capacity for 2 people, and the following features:

  • Una double bed wide.
  • Un full bathroom , with shower.
  • Una sitting area, with armchairs.
The sirens
from 45 €
person and night

this room has everything you need to enjoy the tranquility, in a lofted area and very agradable.

It has capacity for 2 people, and it has:
  • Una wide bed, double and clothing cam a.
  • A full bathroom, with shower dish .
  • Television .
Sourroundings of La Busta
The Busta is waiting for you to give you one of the most relaxing and comfortable experiences that there may be. His 114 inhabitants make the place a corner very homelike and tradition , ideal to live the rural tourism . In addition to photo landscapes and silences broken by the waves , the town has an important heritage, with outstanding mention for the Hermitage of Santa Eulalia or Casa Rivero y Bustamante.

On the other hand, the community has other points XX
  • Playa del Sardinero : one of the most important coast of the north.
  • Picos de Europa : stamp formed by dense green mountains.
  • San Vicente de la Barquera : one of the most popular and romantic towns. Also known by the singer David Bustamante.
About Beatriz miranda, Owner of La Busta
Beatriz miranda
Published the since Enero of 2016 Updated the calendar on 24 of Julio of 2019
You will find a quiet hotel where you can enjoy the surroundings.

Both my partner and I, we will try to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

In addition, we inform you about customized routes so that you can enjoy your stay knowing the most typical and atypical places in the area and everything you need to make your holidays, a few moments to remember throughout the year.
Characteristics of La Busta (Boutique Hotel)
from 45€ person and night
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