Can Dispès
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Can Dispès

Carretera de Figueres 11 17137 Viladamat (Girona)
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  • Access to the hotel pool
  •  Access to accommodation with gardens
  •  Dining room
  •  Shared living room with armchairs
  •  Living room
  •  Accommodation rooms
  •  Amo spacious with white details
  •  Master with wooden headboard
  •  Master and his toilet
  •  Dali spacious with green details
  •  Dali with green cabinets and toilet
  •  Dali and his full toilet
  •  Dali and your toilet
  •  Wide Garnatxa with golden details
  •  Garnatxa with golden headboard
  •  Garnatxa with living room
  •  Garnatxa with your toilet
  •  Wide Sureda with wooden details
  •  Sureda with headboard detail
  •  Sureda with living room
  •  Sureda bright
  •  Sureda and toilet
  •  Large Tamariua with double bed
  •  Tamariua with wooden headboard
  •  Tamariua and toilet
  •  Wide zipper with bed marriage
  •  Tavallera with plasma TV
  •  Tavallera and toilet
  •  Wide Tramuntana with detail
  •  Tramuntana with living room -99 9- Tramuntana with living room and armchairs
  •  Tramuntana distant view
  •  Tramuntana and its toilet
  •  Views of the accommodation pool
  •  Views of the equipped terraces
  •  Views of the porch in front of the gardens
  •  Views from the hammock area

Description of Can Dispès

Our accommodation is located within the province of Girona , where you will be able to enjoy the best comforts, and spectacular views within the area of ​​ Viladamat .

It is a perfect little village to disconnect in which you will have all the options for a perfect rural tourism experience.

It has capacity for 14 people , and is rented by rooms in which the decoration and charm they have, are spectacular, enjoying private stays, and also common .

The 7 rooms which has the accommodation, are distributed in:

  • 4 double bedrooms amplios, with lots of light and all of them, equipped with a double bed and wooden headboards. They have space between 17 and 23 square meters. There are 2 bedrooms that can be rented together for families.
  • 2 spacious suites de between 36 and 37 square meters in which all the comforts are found.
  • A Junior Suite of 29 meters in which you will feel at home.
  • All rooms have a private bathroom , which in the case of the suites has a hot tub in which to relax. In addition, plasma television and large seating area.

Among the spaces that are common , we have:
  • A spacious lounge in which to relax in your armchairs , enjoying the warmth of the fireplace . There is another living room where you will find the television .
  • A gym for those who do not want to lose the line on vacation.
  • A spectacular garden of 3,000 square meters , where you can walk, and in which in addition to the good views, you will see the pool , next to which there is a pergola to relax outdoors.


from 26 €
person and night

This bedroom has all kinds of comforts in a spacious and bright space in which to rest and disconnect.

We have space for 2 people, and consists of:

  • A double bed amplia, with sheets and blankets.
  • A full bathroom .
  • Balcony with good views.
from 26 €
person and night

This bedroom has more than 20 square meters in which you will be able to enjoy the rest and the best comforts.

It consists of space for 2 people, and has:

  • A double bed amplia, with traditional wooden headboard.
  • A full bathroom.
  • Views of the landscaped areas.
This bedroom can be rented together with Tavallera.
from 39 €
person and night

This bedroom is the most luxurious of all our accommodation, with an extension of more than 37 square meters where the white color is predominant.

We have space for 2 people, and consists of the following elements:

  • A spectacular double bed with headboard in wood and gold.
  • A bathroom ample and equipped with your hot tub.
  • Una seating area with armchairs and television.
from 28 €
person and night

This bedroom is spacious and comfortable, equipped with all kinds of elements to make you feel at home and rest.

has more than 21 meters in which everything is prepared for 2 people, who will enjoy:

  • A large double bed , with sheets and blankets.
  • A full bathroom , with all kinds of hygiene items.
  • Good vistas.
from 28 €
person and night

This bedroom is one of the most colorful in our entire hotel. A lovely space where you will feel at home.

We have space for 2 people , and consists of:

  • A large double bed , with sheets and blankets.
  • Un full bathroom , with towel sets.
  • Window with spectacular views to the exteriors.
from 35 €
person and night

Our suite opens the doors to the best vacations you can imagine in a space where nothing will disturb your rest.

There are more than 36 square meters which has the room, in which will stay 2 people with these elements:

  • A rest area with double bed amplia.
  • Large living room with its armchairs.
  • Un large bathroom with a large shower.
from 31 €
person and night

The Junior Suite of our hotel will bring you peace of mind and all kinds of elements to make you feel at home.

We have space for 2 people, and consists of 29 meters where these spaces are built that we detail:

  • Rest area with large bed presented with the wooden headboard , and from where you can see the plasma television.
  • Un full bathroom.
  • Living area with sofa and television.

Sourroundings of Can Dispès

Our accommodation is located within the area of ​​ Viladamat , which is a space full of charm where you can disconnect and enjoy the essence of the Catalan province of Girona.

Among the green areas, you can find that haven of peace that you need on your days off, and where you will have all kinds of options to get to know them in depth.

We encourage you to do some activity to get into nature, such as hiking or any of the bike routes there are.

In the urban area , we have:
  • The church .
  • The square .
Places of interest
Landmarks that may be useful in your getaway:

    Nearest places of interest

  • Palau Solterra Museum (7 miles)
  • Castle of Púbol (9.2 miles)
  • Museum of the Mediterranean (7 miles)
  • Aiguamolls de l'Empordà (7.8 miles)
  • Medes Islands Marine Reserve (8.7 miles)
  • Pitch & Putt Gualta (7.3 miles)
  • Golf de Ibiza S. A. (6.1 miles)
  • Emporda Golf Club (8.4 miles)
  • Castello d'Empuries Parish Museum (8.6 miles)
  • Windoor Realfly (8.7 miles)
  • Places to eat or buy food

  • L'Escala (3.1 miles)
  • Anxoves de l'EscalaSupermarket/Shopping (3.7 miles)
  • Verges (6.1 miles)
  • Natural interest aereas nearby

  • Ventalló - Veïnat de Valveralla (3.7 miles)
  • Montgrí (6.8 miles)

Characteristics of Can Dispès (Boutique Hotel)

15:00 20:00
Of 15:00 to 20:00
from 25.5€ person and night
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